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Fremantle Dockers
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  Fremantle Dockers Season 2023 Players Dockers Past Players  
No Name Games Age Date of Birth Height Weight Origin Position
11 Aish, James 154 27yr 6mth8 Nov 1995183cm 83kg Norwood Midfield
24 Amiss, Jye 13 19yr 9mth31 Jul 2003196cm 83kg East Perth Forward
41 Banfield, Bailey R 71 25yr 3mth26 Feb 1998190cm 88kg Claremont Forward
38 Benning, Eric 0 19yr 11mth14 Jun 2003195cm 83kg Claremont Ruck
8 Brayshaw, Andrew 111 23yr 6mth8 Nov 1999185cm 86kg Sandringham Dragons Midfield
17 Brodie, Will 54 24yr 9mth23 Aug 1998190cm 88kg Murray Bushrangers Midfield
27 Chapman, Heath 26 21yr 3mth31 Jan 2002193cm 85kg West Perth Defender
6 Clark, Jordan 67 22yr 7mth16 Oct 2000185cm 84kg Claremont Defender
33 Colyer, Travis 146 31yr 9mth24 Aug 1991173cm 74kg Claremont Forward
19 Corbett, Josh 37 27yr 1mth23 Apr 1996190cm 90kg Werribee Forward
36 Cox, Brennan 93 24yr 9mth13 Aug 1998195cm 100kg Woodville-West Torrens Defender
4 Darcy, Sean 94 24yr 11mth12 Jun 1998203cm 110kg Geelong Falcons Ruck
12 Davies, Hugh 0 18yr 8mth28 Sep 2004196cm 90kg Claremont Defender
37 Draper, Josh R 0 19yr 3mth8 Feb 2004197cm 93kg Peel Thunder Forward
18 Emmett, Tom 0 21yr 6mth30 Nov 2001186cm 88kg Sturt Forward
28 Erasmus, Neil 8 19yr 5mth2 Dec 2003190cm 83kg Subiaco Midfield
32 Frederick, Michael 48 23yr 17 May 2000183cm 79kg Eagles Forward
7 Fyfe, Nathan 214 31yr 8mth18 Sep 1991191cm 94kg Claremont Midfield
21 Hamling, Joel 87 30yr 1mth9 Apr 1993194cm 92kg Claremont Defender
23 Henry, Liam 31 21yr 9mth28 Aug 2001180cm 75kg Claremont Midfield
15 Hughes, Ethan 92 28yr 5mth7 Dec 1994188cm 88kg Swan Districts Defender
9 Jackson, Luke 63 21yr 8mth29 Sep 2001199cm 100kg East Fremantle Forward
44 Johnson, Matt 7 20yr 2mth16 Mar 2003192cm 78kg Subiaco Midfield
22 Knobel, Max 0 18yr 11mth27 Jun 2004206cm 91kg Gippsland Power Ruck
43 Kuek, Sebit R 0 22yr 6mth11 Nov 2000199cm 83kg East Perth Forward
30 O'Driscoll, Nathan 19 21yr 17 May 2002188cm 82kg Perth Midfield
2 O'Meara, Jaeger 154 29yr 3mth23 Feb 1994184cm 83kg Perth Demons Midfield
25 Pearce, Alex 95 27yr 11mth9 Jun 1995201cm 99kg Devonport Defender
42 Reidy, Liam R 0 22yr 11mth14 Jun 2000204cm 102kg Frankston Dolphins Ruck
13 Ryan, Luke 120 27yr 3mth6 Feb 1996186cm 92kg Coburg Defender
5 Schultz, Lachlan 78 25yr 6mth30 Nov 1997178cm 84kg Williamstown Forward
3 Serong, Caleb 69 22yr 3mth9 Feb 2001179cm 83kg Gippsland Power Midfield
1 Sturt, Sam 8 23yr 12 May 2000190cm 81kg Dandenong Stingrays Forward
39 Switkowski, Sam 56 26yr 6mth20 Nov 1996179cm 74kg Box Hill Hawks Forward
20 Taberner, Matthew 120 29yr 11mth17 Jun 1993198cm 99kg Murray Bushrangers Forward
35 Treacy, Josh R 24 20yr 9mth4 Aug 2002195cm 98kg Bendigo Pioneers Forward
34 Wagner, Corey 21 26yr 2mth23 Mar 1997181cm 75kg Aspley Defender
31 Walker, Brandon 39 20yr 7mth17 Oct 2002186cm 80kg East Fremantle Defender
10 Walters, Michael 211 32yr 4mth7 Jan 1991176cm 79kg Swan Districts Forward
45 Williams, Conrad R 0 18yr 6mth30 Nov 2004185cm 63kg Claremont Midfield
14 Wilson, Nathan 155 30yr 4mth7 Jan 1993185cm 83kg WA Defender
40 Worner, Karl R 0 20yr 11mth16 Jun 2002188cm 79kg Oakleigh Chargers Defender
26 Young, Hayden 46 22yr 1mth11 Apr 2001189cm 88kg Dandenong Stingrays Defender
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