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Melbourne Demons
While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating, please let us know using our contract submission form.
* Years service at end of contract.
  Melbourne Demons Player Contracts Out of Contract AFL Players  
 Name Final Year Years Service* Status
 Adam Tomlinson 2024 5 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Alex Neal-Bullen 2026 12 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Andy Moniz-Wakefield 2024 3 Non-Free Agent
 Angus Brayshaw 2028 14 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Bailey Laurie 2026 6 Non-Free Agent
 Bayley Fritsch 2026 9 Restricted Free Agent
 Ben Brown 2024 4 Non-Free Agent
 Blake Howes 2025 4 Non-Free Agent
 Caleb Windsor 2026 3 Non-Free Agent
 Charlie Spargo 2025 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Christian Petracca 2029 15 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Christian Salem 2026 13 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Clayton Oliver 2030 15 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Daniel Turner 2024 4 Non-Free Agent
 Ed Langdon 2024 5 Non-Free Agent
 Harrison Petty 2025 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Jack Billings 2025 12 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Jack Viney 2025 13 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Jacob Van Rooyen 2029 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Jake Bowey 2026 6 Non-Free Agent
 Jake Lever 2028 11 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Jake Melksham 2024 9 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Jed Adams 2026 4 Non-Free Agent
 Joel Smith 2024 9 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Josh Schache 2024 2 Non-Free Agent
 Judd McVee 2025 4 Non-Free Agent
 Kade Chandler 2026 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Koltyn Tholstrup 2026 3 Non-Free Agent
 Kyah Farris-White 2024 2 Non-Free Agent
 Kynan Brown 2024 1 Unknown
 Kysaiah Pickett 2027 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Lachlan Hunter 2024 2 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Marty Hore 2024 6 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Matthew Jefferson 2026 4 Non-Free Agent
 Max Gawn 2025 16 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Oliver Sestan 2024 2 Non-Free Agent
 Shane McAdam 2026 3 Non-Free Agent
 Steven May 2025 7 Non-Free Agent
 Taj Woewodin 2025 4 Non-Free Agent
 Tom Fullarton 2025 2 Non-Free Agent
 Tom McDonald 2024 14 Unrestricted Free Agent
 Tom Sparrow 2026 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Trent Rivers 2027 8 Restricted Free Agent
 Will Verrall 2024 2 Non-Free Agent
* Years service at end of contract.
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