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Matthew Lloyd

Last played for Essendon Bombers in 2009
Games: 270     Born: April 16, 1978     Origin: Western Jets
Playing Height: 192cm     Playing Weight: 93kg     Position: Forward
Last Drafted: Round 8, Pick #49 1994 Pre-Draft Selections Draft by Essendon Bombers
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Matthew Lloyd Biography

Friday, 14 November 2014
Matthew Lloyd will return to Essendon in 2015 after agreeing to become the club's goalkicking coach.

"It is great to be back at Essendon, it's obviously a place where I spent a large portion of my life," Lloyd said.

"Goal kicking is clearly a crucial part of the game and a skill that is constantly under the spotlight, and the specialist coaching role is an opportunity that I hope will benefit the club's young forwards."

Monday, 25 July 2011
Matthew Lloyd responds to attacks by Matthew Knights regarding his autobiography saying he is unaffected by them.

''You know yourself what your career was like, I was always for the team and I always put myself on the line, whether it was in a team meeting or on the football field, I always put my team first,'' Lloyd said.

''That's why it's water of a ducks' back. 'Anyone who knows me or knows enough about the game understands that, too, and I don't need to defend that.''

Saturday, 3 April 2010
Talks continue between Essendon and Collingwood as both sides seek to reach a compromise on naming a stand at Etihad Stadium after Bomber champion Matthew Lloyd.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says he will support Essendon's decision to rename a stand after Lloyd as long as it does not affect the current Coventry stand.

"In promoting a current-day player, let's not denigrate anyone else. There is a reason why the Coventry name is there and that is to look back and remember how football actually got to where it is today," McGuire said.

Thursday, 1 April 2010
Essendon's proposed plans to rename the Coventry End of Etihad Stadium the Lloyd End in honour of Matthew Lloyd angers Collingwood president Eddie McGuire.

"We don't go to the MCG on the weekend and pull down the Jim Stynes Room and call it the Eddie McGuire Room, we don't cover the Ponsford Stand and call it the Peter Daicos Stand," McGuire said.

"I'm not having a hissy fit for the sake of it. What I'm saying is there are ways of doing everything. Why do we have to upset people?"

Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd has announced his retirement from football.

"Mentally I've gone to the well and haven't been thriving in the game as I have in the past," Lloyd said.

"I'd rather go a year too early than a year too late.

"99 per cent of people said to play on but I felt it was the right time from a mental and physical point of view."

Matthew Lloyd says the five-man leadership group will be able to cover the his departure as captain of Essendon.

"We've got a leadership group this year that I've loved working with, and they've all got strong qualities," Lloyd said.

"I think it will come from the playing group voting for who they best feel should captain the club, along with the board and the coaches."

Thursday, 17 September 2009
Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd has told the club he needs more time to consider the latest one-year contract offer.

"Matthew said he needs more time to decide if he will sign a new contract and play in 2010, and we are respecting his wishes," Essendon general manager of football operations Paul Hamilton said.

"Naturally the football club, our supporters, sponsors and the wider football public are very interested in his decision but we will not be pressuring Matthew."

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
Bomber captain Matthew Lloyd has told the club that he needs more time to decide to play on or retire.

"I wanted to find out where he's at and if there was anything we can to do to help him in terms of what he wants to do," Bombers football manager Paul Hamilton said.

"He's still undecided at this stage and that's basically where it's at.

"From his point of view, we've told him we want him to play next year.

"But of late, he's had a busy time. He's had the Hawthorn issue, had a baby, and if he needs time to make a decision we should be able to afford him that time, for he is an Essendon champion, and we're more than happy to do that."

Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Mark Robinson from the Herald Sun reports that could offer Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd a player contract for 2010 should he not be required at Essendon.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire would neither confirm nor deny this rumour.

"Don't bring this up days out from a big final, but this is a decision for our football department. Any decision on trading will be made at the end of the season," McGuire said.

Essendon coach Matthew Knights will meet with Matthew Lloyd later this week to discuss the captain's future at the club amidst unconfirmed reports that the Bomber captain is being strongly considered by Collingwood in 2010.

"Despite significant public interest and media comment surrounding the captain's decision, the club and Lloyd agreed mid-year to meet post-season as part of the player review and list management process and nothing has changed," general manager of football operations Paul Hamilton said.

Thursday, 3 September 2009
Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson has been given a suspended $5000 fine by the AFL after verbally abusing Matthew Lloyd following Hawthorn's loss to Essendon.

"The AFL is concerned about the potential for such situations to escalate on the ground and also the need for AFL coaches to set a positive example for coaches at all levels," AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson said.

Clarkson said he was sorry for his actions.

"I apologise for my actions after Saturday's match and any embarrassment caused to the AFL," Clarkson said.

"I believe senior coaches should model appropriate behaviour and I fully intend to set a positive example for coaches and others involved across all levels of football."

A security guard assigned to the boundary line reveals what Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson said to Bomber captain Matthew Lloyd after the Hawks' loss to Essendon.

Clarkson is heard to have said, "You had better f**king retire you f**king weak c***."

Wednesday, 2 September 2009
Jobe Watson will captain the Bombers in their elimination final against Adelaide after Matthew Lloyd was suspended for four matches.

His father, Essendon great Tim Watson, says he is proud of his son.

"Yes, I am, but no more proud of him because he's captaining the side than I am any other time," he said.

"It's always a big honour to captain your club. It's a great achievement for him, I think."

Tuesday, 1 September 2009
Essendon champion James Hird says that Bombers captain Matthew Lloyd should play again in 2010.

"Matthew Lloyd should play on at Essendon next year and the Bombers should be doing everything they can to convince him to do so," Hird wrote in his column for the Herald Sun.

"Those that say his best football is past him are right, but those that say he should retire are way off the mark."

Hird also defends Lloyd against accusations of being a sniper made by Hawk Campbell Brown.

"Every game I played in, except the past couple of years, our goal was to physically intimidate the Hawks, but on the other hand Essendon has every right to complain about the way Hawthorn has beaten up the Bombers in the past three years," Hird wrote.

"Calling people snipers and protesting through the media is off the mark and if Campbell Brown had an issue he should have dealt with it in the remaining 50 minutes of the game or the next time the two clubs played."

Essendon will not challenge suspensions for Matthew Lloyd, Patrick Ryder and Samuel Lonergan.

"We put the facts - including advice from our QC - in front of Matthew and on balance he did not wish to appeal and we respect that decision," general manager of football operations Paul Hamilton said.

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says Bomber captain Matthew Lloyd is not a sniper following an outburst by Hawk Campbell Brown after a spiteful match between Essendon and Hawthorn.

"No I don't, I think Matthew Lloyd's one of the great players we've had to have played our game, one of the greatest full-forwards who have ever played the game," Demetriou said.

"I think Matthew Lloyd has been a wonderful player, a wonderful servant to the game, one of the greatest full-forwards that we've ever seen.

"I think he regrets what happened and you could even tell by his post match interview - I don't think he thought that was a good thing to see at all.".

Monday, 31 August 2009
Essendon's Andrew Welsh returns fire at Campbell Brown after the Hawk labeled Bomber captain Matthew Lloyd as being a "sniper" following his collision with Brad Sewell that left Sewell with a fractured cheekbone and eye socket.

"Hawthorn is a strong, aggressive side, they're no angels. So you've got to be careful that your own back yard is clean before you come out and question other people's attack on the ball," Welsh said.

Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd is offered a four week suspension for his hit on Hawthorn's Brad Sewell.

Bombers Samuel Lonergan and Paddy Ryder have also been offered one-week each for striking after a melee ensued in the match following Lloyd's bump.

Sunday, 30 August 2009
Hawthorn enforcer Campbell Brown calls Essendon skipper Matthew Lloyd "one of the biggest snipers in the game" says that Lloyd's "his time is coming".

Brown's comments come in the wake of a head-high hit by Lloyd on Brad Sewell that left the Hawk with severe facial injuries.

'We're not going to forget in a hurry what Matty Lloyd did, and we hope he plays on next year ... he's done that a fair few times to us,'' Brown said.

''I think he is one of the biggest snipers in the game, and his time is coming.''

Essendon defends Matthew Lloyd after their captain is accused by Hawthorn's Campbell Brown as being a "sniper" following Lloyd's head-high bump on Hawk Brad Sewell.

"We are very disappointed in the comments from the Hawthorn camp," Essendon football operations manager Paul Hamilton said.

"One, we are not happy with the attack on the character and integrity of our captain, two the veiled threats made again Matthew, three the comments that are prejudicial to a potential tribunal hearing this week and four, the appalling set of double standards on display by Campbell Brown.

"Matthew Lloyd has had such a long and wonderful career and a strong reputation as a ball player."

Friday, 28 August 2009
Essendon ruckman Paddy Ryder says he is desperate to play finals football this year after being urged on by captain Matthew Lloyd.

The Bombers will secure eigth spot if they beat Hawthorn in round 22.

"We haven't played finals for a while, and Lloydy's been harping on it at training, and we just want to play finals to reward those guys, and reward ourselves with a win and play in a few finals," he said

Monday, 24 August 2009
Essendon offers Matthew Lloyd a one-year deal with teammate Mark McVeigh believing his captain should accept the deal.

"At the moment Lloydy's feeling great, apart from his injury, body-wise and mentally," McVeigh said.

"He just wants to be assured that he's required and he wants to fulfil the goals that he's going to set."

"I'm sure Lloydy will play on next year and we're all hoping that he does."

Thursday, 20 August 2009
Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd says if he plays on next year it will definitely be his final season.

"I am enjoying my football, however, I have a number of things to weigh up - and people to talk to - before deciding whether it's best to play on in 2010," he said.

"I haven't come to a decision and I understand my career could have only a matter of weeks or another year to run. "

Tuesday, 4 August 2009
Essendon coach Matthew Knights says he has tough decisions to make over the future of veterans Matthew Lloyd, Scott Lucas and Dustin Fletcher.

"I am going to sit down with all of the three veterans at the end of the year. They are all pretty professional mature guys. We will leave it to them," Knights said.

"Those guys will have a big say, and virtually all the say, as to what they want to do. They have earned that right because they are champions of the Essendon footy club."

Monday, 27 July 2009
Matthew Lloyd could miss up to a month of action with a bruised heel.
Sunday, 26 July 2009
Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd is likely to miss at least one game with a bruised heel.

"We can certainly see some rawness, and it's bled quite heavily initially," Essendon coach Matthew Knights said of Lloyd's injury.

"I would have thought he'd be in great doubt for next week, and I wouldn't like to predict any further than that."

Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Essendon great James Hird has doused talk of a rift with Dons skipper Matthew Lloyd.

"I saw a lot of things creep in over time in the early 2000s, where we probably just dropped the baton a bit," Lloyd was quoted as saying in the Herald Sun.

"You want guys to walk in and know immediately how to behave, carry yourself and prepare for footy."

Hird did not believe there were any pressing issues during his last years at the club.

"This is a club that finished in the finals seven of the eight years when I was captain, did not have one incident in the paper in that whole time, and enjoyed their wins and celebrations, so I'm not sure what he is referring to," Hird said.

Friday, 17 July 2009
Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd remains hell-bent on demanding extreme professionalism at Windy Hill.

Lloyd led the charge late last month in suspending Mark McVeigh, a member of his bridal party, and has warned the entire list that every sacrifice possible must be made in the run to the finals.

"We've got an in-house pact we've made with each other that we've all agreed upon," Lloyd said.

"I wouldn't like to go into it outside the playing group, but it's happened in the last week or two. You look at St Kilda and they are on an absolute mission at the moment.

"To compete with these sides, we've got to be doing everything possible."

Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Matthew Lloyd last night said that Kevin Sheedy lost his magic touch in his final years at Essendon, claimed that he struggled to cope with the demands of the modern game, and said that his former mentor would not fit as a senior coach of any Melbourne side.

"Maybe for the older players he did, but I wouldn't say for the younger players, they basically didn't know any different," Lloyd said when asked if Sheedy had lost his touch as coach in his final years at Essendon.

"There were a few technical type of things, maybe numbers behind the ball and flooding and all those type of things that we probably struggled to deal with."

Tuesday, 28 April 2009
As Dustin Fletcher prepares to play his 300th AFL game, teammate Matthew Lloyd pays tribute to an Essendon great.

"I think that what I love about him is he's as humble a person as I've ever met," Lloyd said.

"He's low-key, a genuine person - just the person Dustin Fletcher, you wouldn't meet a nicer bloke, and he's a great family man."

Friday, 17 April 2009
After four years without a finals appearance and no flag since 2000, to Matthew Lloyd, simply winning has become a lot more important than reaching 900 goals, which is in within reach against North Melbourne on Sunday at Etihad Stadium.

"Early in my career it was all about those kinds of things but now, after four lean years of win-loss, that's what it's all about now," Lloyd said.

"To win three in a row, if we were to win Sunday, it will be a real feather in our cap early in the season to get our season going."

Sunday, 12 April 2009
Essendon coach Matthew Knights has praised veteran full-forward Matthew Lloyd's courage after the 30-year-old kicked five majors to lead his team to a four-point win over arch-rivals Carlton at the MCG on Saturday night.
Sunday, 5 April 2009
Essendon coach Matthew Knights has thrown his support behind Matthew Lloyd and Scott Lucas, saying their return to form is imminent.

The pair have had a limited impact two rounds into season 2009 but Knights backed them to bounce back sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009
Essendon coach Matthew Knights will resist the temptation to return Matthew Lloyd to the goalsquare permanently after a poor start to the AFL season.

Playing deep in attack and also further up the ground, the Essendon captain only had nine touches and kicked no goals on Sunday in a 41-point loss to Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium.

Knights has backed the goalkicking star to regain his form quickly and added the Bombers must keep developing their attacking options.

Monday, 30 March 2009
Not content with merely beating Matthew Lloyd, Port fullback Alipate Carlile accomplished the rare feat of outscoring the ageing Bomber.

Carlile ventured forward early on to nail his first career goal with surprising assurance.

Saturday, 21 March 2009
Essendon veteran Matthew Lloyd hopes to emulate the feats of evergreen Shane Crawford, who retired after winning the premiership with Hawthorn last year.
Tuesday, 10 February 2009
Essendon's Matthew Lloyd says a desire to support bushfire victims has persuaded him to play Friday night against the Western Bulldogs.
Tuesday, 6 May 2008
Essendon is fined $5,000 after Bombers coach Matthew Knights instructed captain Matthew Lloyd to approach the umpires at quarter-time during their loss to Port Adelaide.

Knights was, at the time, perplexed at tackles being laid by his players for no reward by the umpires.

There doesn't seem to be a holding-the-ball rule any more," Knights said after the game.

"You make tackles and even if there is prior opportunity, there's just a restart. I spoke to Matthew just to go and ask on a clarification, but the umpires sent Matthew away."

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