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1993 AFL Pre-Draft Selections 1994 National Draft1994 Pre-Season Draft 1995 AFL Pre-Draft Selections
  1994 AFL Pre-Draft Selections Summary  
Drafted By Player Current Team Games Since
Fremantle Daniel Bandy Z   150
Fremantle Shane Parker Z   238
Fremantle Luke Toia Z   63
Fremantle Jay Burton Z   2
Fremantle Brad Cassidy Z   16
Fremantle Antony Ljubic Z   0
Fremantle Neil Mildenhall Z   7
Fremantle Peter Miller Z   16
Fremantle Nathan Mourish Z   0
Fremantle David Muir Z   20
Fremantle Craig Nettelbeck Z   33
Fremantle Andrew McGovern Z   63
Fremantle Scott Edwards Z   15
Fremantle Brendon Retzlaff Z   6
Fremantle Darren Capewell Z   0
Fremantle Leigh Wardell-Johnson Z   11
Fremantle Matthew Burton Z   147
Fremantle Quenton Leach Z   56
Fremantle Jamie Merillo Z   15
Fremantle Scott Chisholm Z   81
Fremantle Craig Burrows Z   20
Fremantle Gary Dhurrkay Z   72
Fremantle Anthony Jones Z   82
Fremantle Scott Gooch Z   0
Fremantle Shaun McManus Z   228
Fremantle Craig Callaghan Z   124
Fremantle Mark Gale Z   84
Fremantle Peter Bell Z   286
Fremantle Brad Wira Z   96
Fremantle John Hutton Z   13
Fremantle Todd Menegola Z   0
Fremantle Clinton Wolf Z   4
Fremantle Travis Edmonds Z   1
Fremantle Ben Allan U   47
Fremantle Andrew Wills U   89
Fremantle Jason Norrish U   128
Fremantle Brendan Krummel U   65
Fremantle Peter Mann U   77
Fremantle Stephen O'Reilly U   110
Fremantle Todd Ridley U   23
Melbourne Jeff Farmer T   249
Adelaide Andrew McLeod T   340
St Kilda Darryl Wakelin T   261
Richmond David Bourke F   86
Brisbane Jason Akermanis Z   325
Sydney Leo Barry Z   237
Sydney Justin Crawford Z   46
Sydney Tim Scott Z   1
Essendon Matthew Lloyd C   270
Geelong Adam Houlihan C   94
Geelong Steven King C   240
Hawthorn David McEwan C   0
Melbourne David Cockatoo-Collins C   2
North Melbourne Stuart Cochrane C   104
West Coast Chad Morrison C   169
Carlton Mathew Blagrove S   0
Collingwood Chris Curran S   34
Essendon Danny Morgan S   16
Fitzroy Brett Chandler S   72
Western Bulldogs Trent Churchill S   0
Geelong James McLure S   3
Hawthorn Adam Hilton S   0
St Kilda Matthew Jackson S   4
1993 AFL Pre-Draft Selections 1994 National Draft1994 Pre-Season Draft 1995 AFL Pre-Draft Selections
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