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Barry Hall

Last played for Western Bulldogs in 2011
Games: 289     Born: February 8, 1977     Origin: Murray Bushrangers
Playing Height: 194cm     Playing Weight: 104kg     Position: Forward
Drafted: Pick #19 1995 National Draft by St Kilda Saints
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Barry Hall Biography

Friday, 29 June 2018
Barry Hall is sacked by Triple M radio after an inappropriate comment on air.

Towards the end of a jovial pre-game discussion about the impending birth of co-commentator Leigh Montagna's child, Hall made an inappropriate remark.

Montagna's wife Erin is due with the couple’s first child in the coming week.

"Tonight on Triple M Football there were unacceptable and inappropriate comments made by a member of the commentary team," Triple M head of content Mike Fitzpatrick said in a statement.

"The commentator was removed immediately from the broadcast and an apology was issued on air afterwards."

Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Barry hall has admitted he could have killed Brent Staker with a violent blow to the head in round four, 2008.

Nine-and-a-half years after the incident, the pair have come face-to-face for the first time for a television interview.

"There's the one punch thing getting around now in society, and it happens every weekend and it has to stop 'cause it's dangerous," Hall said.

"It was a low act and something that he shouldn't have to live through now."

Staker revealed he is regularly reminded of the incident.

"It just somehow finds you every now and then," Staker said.

"I've come to terms with it, I know that it's going to be one incident that they remember me for."

Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Barry Hall is inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Legend Tony Lockett helped convince Hall to leave the Saints after six seasons and head north to Sydney.

"I just had too much baggage at St Kilda, but I started to pull my head in," Hall said at the ceremony.

"I needed a fresh start, Sydney needed a key forward [although] in my eyes, no-one can fill Tony Lockett's shoes.

"It was very much off a gut feel and it was the best footy move I ever made."

Barry Hall says he has lasting regret for the infamous 2008 punch that knocked out West Coast defender Brent Staker.

Speaking at the Australian Football Hall of Fame induction dinner at Adelaide Oval, Hall said he remains ashamed of the incident.

"I do a lot of speaking stuff and guys like to be guys and say, 'Ah, that was great'. It's just a load of crap, it wasn't great," Hall said.

"I'm a father now and I don't want my boy seeing his dad do that.

"Brent Staker has to live with that. I'm sure if his mates are like mine, they remind him every day about it.

"Maybe in a light-hearted way, but he has to live through that.

"People he doesn't know will be reminding him of it, so that does bother me.

"I've apologised, but Brent Staker has to live through that."

Barry Hall admits he should have been suspended for the 2005 grand final that saw the Swans defeat the Eagles.

Hall was cited for striking St Kilda's Matt Maguire in the preliminary final, but successfully argued the incident took place "in play" rather than "behind play".

"There was a bit of a clause and we had a good QC," Hall said.

"The number one ticketholder at that stage got us a private jet.

"We had a limo at Essendon airport, got off the charge at the tribunal, got back on the private jet, went back home, it was quite enjoyable.

"It was a tense week.

"There was a little glitch in the rules and we knew that.

"I shouldn't have played.

"If rules are rules, I shouldn't have played in the grand final. I hit a guy."

Monday, 5 December 2016
Barry Hall says he can help Tom Lynch become an even more dangerous forward than he already is.

"As a leader you have to try and change stuff, and he has got that," he said.

"I'm excited and that's why I love watching him. He is considered one of the best key forwards in the game and he's got so much improvement still in his game."

Sunday, 4 December 2016
Barry Hall will join Gold Coast as a specialist coach and will mentor and coach the club's key-position players in a part-time capacity.

"We are thrilled Barry Hall has agreed to join the club as a specialist coach," Suns coach Rodney Eade said.

"As a former premiership captain, Barry brings a wealth of experience to the role and we believe our key-position players will learn plenty under Barry's guidance."

Wednesday, 26 August 2015
Brent Staker gives a special mention to Barry Hall while announcing his retirement to his teammates.

Staker was quick to laugh at the most famous incident of his career, when Hall punched him and knocked him out during his days at West Coast.

Hall was suspended for seven games for the punch.

"Quick thank-yous, the first one without any hesitation is to Barry Hall," Staker laughed.

"Bazza's reassured me I've got a very strong right jaw, it's still intact. I appreciate it Barry for putting me on the map."

Friday, 21 February 2014
Barry Hall takes a significant step in mending bridges with Sydney after being inducted into the Swans' Hall of Fame.

"I'm a little bit emotional at the moment and I'm rapt to be here," Hall said on stage after receiving a standing ovation.

"It's great to be back (at the Swans). There's a lot of stuff I did that I regret at this football club, but there's also a lot of stuff that I'm very proud of.

"I just hope, well this does confirm in my mind, that the good stuff I did outweighs the bad."

Joining Hall in the Swans' Hall of Fame is Craig Bolton.

"This is an accolade I never would've dreamed of," Bolton said.

"To be recognised among these people is incredible."

Monday, 1 July 2013
Barry Hall has moved closer to a lifetime ban from football after being reported in a country match.

The four-time All-Australian forward, now playing for his home club Broadford, was sent off and reported for striking Romsey's Blake Henderson on Friday night, The Weekly Times reports.

A league spokesman said Broadford would contest the charge at a Riddell District Football League tribunal hearing on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013
In a discussion with Mike Sheahan, Barry Hall says his aggressive behaviour on the field was fueled by mantras instilled into him by his father, which included:
1) The only way to stop violence is more violence;
2) Never give a mug an even break;
3) Never let anyone have anything over you.

Hall also says he is grateful to the Bulldogs for giving him a second chance after he was ostracised from Sydney.

"I think everyone cares about what people think of them. I care about what people think about me," Hall said.

"If I didn't play again [after Sydney], I would be remembered in a totally different light to what I am now. I will be forever indebted to the Bulldogs.

"There weren't a lot of clubs that put up their hand to put me on their books. They were probably the only one."

Friday, 17 August 2012
Former Sydney Swans spearhead Barry Hall says he has a strong dislike for Eagles supporters.

"I hate West Coast fans and I'll put that out there," Hall said.

"They're very different ... they're very passionate, they're very one-eyed, very brutal. Most clubs have got these pockets (of unruly fans), but they're all like that (at Eagles home games)."

Friday, 29 June 2012
Mick Malthouse suggests that Barry Hall's stint at the Bulldogs may have stunted the development of the club's forward line.

"The choice of having Barry Hall may well have set the Dogs back a couple of years in trying to set up a forward-line structure that wasn't and isn't based on one person," Malthouse told 3AW radio.

Barry Hall responds by saying the Dogs were in a position to contend for a premiership during his time there.

"I reckon they thought they had two years where they were a premiership chance," he said.

"I'm quite comfortable in saying that they're better for me being at the club. Key position is a hard position to play. It just takes time. I certainly didn't get the hang of it until I was 24."

Sunday, 11 March 2012
Boxing promoter Joe Cursio tells the Herald Sun of his meeting with Barry Hall when the former key forward told him he did not want to proceed with his fight against Ben Wrotniak despite the $500,000 on offer.

"I am shattered," he said.

"But I am also shattered for Barry ... The bogeyman comes to boxers in the middle of the night when there is self doubt. I have had 80-odd guys in the last two years have their first fight with me, so I have seen all different scenarios and doubts.

"Barry was no different, but the difference is he didn't allow himself the chance for those feelings to subside and the hunger to come back."

Friday, 9 March 2012
Former Bulldogs forward Barry Hall has abandoned his planned boxing bout, saying he may not be fit to take on Ben "The Overcomer" Wrotniak.

"I think mentally and physically … I've played 16 years of footy and I think I've gone to the well too many times, in terms of competitive juices," Hall said.

"To be fair to me and to be fair to the people paying to come and watch me fight, I certainly wouldn't want to rob them of their money. The decision is final and I think it's certainly the right one for me."

Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Former Western Bulldog Barry Hall is back at Whitten Oval in an official capacity.

"It's like the first day at school. First day of official work, I guess," Hall said.

"It's great to be back. I'd like to thank the club for the opportunity. It's good to be involved in the footy club and pay them back a little bit for what they gave me late in my career."

Sunday, 11 December 2011
Former AFL hardman Barry Hall has turned his attention to boxing, with his sights set on a heavyweight title fight.

"I've always wanted a belt," Hall said.

"I used to run around with a cardboard title belt around my waist when I was a kid. But I am under no illusions that I can just walk in and make it happen straight away. I know how much work is going to have to go into this just to get to that stage."

Tuesday, 23 August 2011
Barry Hall has revealed in a new book that the manner of his departure from the Swans midway through 2009 caused him to lose respect for then Sydney coach Paul Roos.

"Look, I stuffed up - no arguments, no complaints - but I did lose a bit of respect for [Paul Roos] for not having the decency to call me personally," Hall says.

"And look, I don't blame anyone for the outcome which did occur, either - I think it was inevitable after the Rutten incident - but the way it was done did leave a sour taste in my mouth."

Sunday, 24 July 2011
Retiring Western Bulldogs forward played his final match at the SCG, kicking five goals against the Swans.

"It was just good to play my last game here and not end it in the back of a ute so it was satisfying for me that way," Hall said.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011
Barry Hall announces his retirement at the end of the 2011 season and says he'll always consider himself a Western Bulldog after the club gave him a chance at redemption.

"It didn't sit well when I resigned in Sydney. There's no doubt about that," Hall said.

"But I didn't [play on] for selfish reasons. I thought I had a lot to offer football still, and I wasn't blasé about, 'I just want to play for any club'.

"The fit had to be right, the Bulldogs fit was good and it just felt right. I think walking away from it, it's been a good partnership and I've ticked off what I needed to, I think the club have got their value out of it, and in terms of partnership, it probably couldn't have been better."

Friday, 29 April 2011
Bulldogs spearhead Barry Hall has undergone minor keyhole surgery to clean up his damaged ankle.
Tuesday, 31 August 2010
The Western Bulldogs are drawing on Barry Hall's extensive finals experience as they head into September.

"He's passed on his thoughts and it's been good to hear from someone who has experienced it and gone all the way and what sorts of things they did leading up to the grand final," teammate Matthew Boyd said.

"It's good to hear a different perspective from a guy who's played a different club, just to get a guide as to what they did."

Wednesday, 26 May 2010
North Melbourne defender Scott Thompson talks to the Herald Sun about his confrontation with Barry Hall during the Kangaroos-Bulldogs clash when the burly forward had him in a stranglehold.

"I thought I was all right, but it soon became a pretty tight grip and I got a little scared, but he knew to let go," Thompson said.

"He had me across the neck and I was struggling to breathe, but I think Barry felt that as well and that's why he let go."

Thompson admits to deliberately trying to niggle Hall and says he will try to temper his penchant for getting under his opponents skin after the incident.

"The weekend's incident has brought home that I don't want to be seen as that sort of (dirty) player," he said.

"Some people can see that I may have taken it too far, but I just want to be hard at the ball and I think I can definitely learn from the weekend."

Monday, 24 May 2010
Carlton coach Brett Ratten has joined the Barry Hall debate, questioning the tactics used by Kangaroo Scott Thompson to rile the reported Bulldog.

Thompson was seen to niggle Hall as the forward doing up his shoelaces.

"I wouldn't like to to see my son doing it or being the one that's being hit - that's my answer," Ratten said.

"I think we have a responsibility as AFL clubs and the AFL to make sure nothing goes down through the grades. We're the role models for society on the field and off the field, and I think we have a responsibility there."

Barry Hall can accept a $3000 fine for misconduct after match review panel throws out rough conduct charge against him for wrestling with North Melbourne defender Scott Thompson.
Sunday, 23 May 2010
Daniel Giansiracusa says he and his teammates need to give forward Barry Hall more protection from niggling opponents after the key forward was reported for wrestling with Kangaroo Scott Thompson while Hall was doing up his shoelaces.

"I was up the other end of the ground but we probably have to do a bit better to help Barry out because there were a few coming at him," Giansiracusa said.

"We knew it was going to happen when we recruited Baz and we probably knew it was going to happen with Scott Thompson because that's his thing. He starts to get into players and stuff like that."

Saturday, 22 May 2010
Rodney Eade has called on umpires to protect star recruit Barry Hall after his star forward was reported twice while tussling with Kangaroo Scott Thompson during a big win by the Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium.

"I just wish he'd get some protection," Eade said.

"It's going to get blown up because it's him, but if it was anybody else ... he's got kneed while he was doing his lace up.

"Then he gets besieged, then he gets attacked while he was coming off the ground. [There's] no protection."

Saturday, 15 May 2010
Barry Hall kicks five goals against his old club, Sydney.

"I think Barry's game, if you're going to measure it in goals, it's probably an eight-goal game," Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade said after the game.

"But we don't measure in goals. If Barry had kicked two and done the same thing we would have been extremely pleased because he was able to lay off at times and his pressure skills were good and he provides a target."

Monday, 10 May 2010
Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos says he is keen for the focus to be on the football ahead of Barry Hall's first game against his former club rather than trying to bait and niggle the former Swan.

"We don't adopt those tactics. You can't change your own game because you don't want to put yourself off your game, either," Roos said.

"Whoever gets Barry will play him fair and square and if [Hall] beats him, he'll be beaten fair and square. If our guys beat him, it'll be the same. There will be none of that from our point of view."

Sunday, 4 April 2010
Barry Hall kicks only a single goal against Richmond and Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade says the forward will need time to become more familiar with his teammates.

"I would think it'll take a good six to eight weeks into the season to be able to have that symmetry. We've got some tough games ahead with good defences, so that's going be difficult to get it right as well," Eade said.

"But as I've said all along with Barry, if he plays his role and he works hard defensively - some of his tackles were terrific - and he provides a target for us and provides a contest, that's all we can ask."

Thursday, 18 March 2010
Barry Hall says he is surprised by his own form and the jubilation it has set off at his new club the Western Bulldogs.

"I never expected things to go so well so early, especially at the ripe old age of 33. It's a bit of a shock as I was just hoping to cruise in, go under the radar and swan into Round 1, but it hasn't gone that way," Hall said.

Sunday, 14 March 2010
Western Bulldogs forward Barry Hall wins the Michael Tuck medal for being best on ground in the 2010 NAB Cup Grand Final against St Kilda and says he is enjoying his footy again.

"In Sydney I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform. I had a lot of good years there but towards the end, it was unhealthy, the high expectations," he said after the game.

"I got older and I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and it really weighed heavily on me.

"The Bulldogs have given me a chance and I just want to enjoy it and not put too much pressure on myself. I've slotted in nicely and there's no pressure on me internally."

Friday, 12 March 2010
Kevin Sheedy says the Swans made a mistake by trading Barry Hall and should have just asked the forward to take some time off instead.

"It might have been better if Roosy just told Barry to take half a year off: `We're probably not going to make the finals, go away on a holiday, and come back next year all refreshed to start again'," Sheedy said.

"It takes a huge lot of character to do that, but sometimes you have to do that."

Friday, 26 February 2010
Bulldogs skipper Brad Johnson says the recruitment of Barry Hall has attracted more of their supporters to the club.

"He has been fantastic for us," Johnson said.

"You just have to look at our intraclub as evidence of the momentum that he has brought to the club in regards to membership.

"It was a huge turnout and every time he went near the ball the excitement of the supporters was right up there."

New Dog Barry Hall lived up to the hype in his side's 57-point NAB Cup win against Hawthorn after kicking six goals on debut for his new club.
Wednesday, 10 February 2010
Western Bulldog recruit Barry Hall says it felt good to finally play a game of football again in the club's intraclub match.

"Just being in the game, in among it again was weird because I hadn't done it for so long," Hall said.

"You do get that when you have eight weeks off, but I had about six months off. I got a few touches, nothing too flash, but it was good to do it again because I had missed it."

Saturday, 6 February 2010
Former Swans spearhead Barry Hall booted two goals in an encouraging effort at the Bulldogs' intraclub game on Saturday.

"It was his first real run. He's been steadily building up and he's still got a bit to go," Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade said.

"I thought he moved pretty well. If he'd kicked straight, he would have had four or five [goals] but his attack on the ball was pleasing and you could see he's a real competitor."

Saturday, 12 December 2009
New Western Bulldogs recruit Barry Hall says he is fit and ready to go in round one of 2010.

"I'm a bit lighter. I actually have to put on some weight. I've got three of four kilos to put on.," he said.

"But the skin folds are good. My upper body strength is little bit off what I usually am, which is good, because there is obviously going to be some improvement ahead."

Saturday, 5 December 2009
Barry Hall says the move back to Melbourne and the Bulldogs has invigorated him personally and professionally.

"You try and impress everyone again - I'm feeling 18 at the moment," Hall said.

"Melbourne's good, the weather's been alright and it's good to get home. You can escape a bit of the footy up in Sydney so I'm back in the swing of it here and it's like I never left."

Monday, 30 November 2009
Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade says he is happy with Barry Hall's recovery from post-season ankle surgery.

"He's not running yet. He'll be able to run in about a week," Eade said.

"He's been walking pain free from the start and he wants to run, but the doctors are holding him back at the moment."

Sunday, 8 November 2009
Barry Hall will undergo minor ankle surgery prior to training with his new Western Bulldogs teammates.
Monday, 26 October 2009
Sydney coach Paul Roos believes Daniel Bradshaw will fit in perfectly at the Swans next to young forward Jesse White after the departures of Barry Hall and Michael O'Loughlin.

"Bradshaw is just the perfect player who can play out of full-forward with Jesse White next to him, so being able to emulate what Mick's been able to do and kick goals and help Jesse and tackle and set up things," Roos said.

"In terms of the number of goals, who knows? But in terms of the amount of experience, we know he can be a quality player and person who can provide some experience that we've lost."

Sunday, 18 October 2009
Daniel Cross says Western Bulldogs players threw their support behind recruiting Barry Hall just two days after bowing out of the AFL finals.

"I think looking forward, having big Barry down there is going to give the forward line more help," Cross said.

''Hopefully, he's going to open more options for the team and for the coaches going forward."

Tuesday, 6 October 2009
Barry Hall will play with the Western Bulldogs in 2010 after the club agreed to terms with the Sydney Swans.

"It was a tense couple of days. I thought it would get done with a couple of minutes to go on Friday," Hall said.

"The uncertainty is out of the way now, which is great, and we can look forward to setting up down here and crack into training. The hard work begins now, and I'm really excited."

Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade was pleased with his new acquisition.

"He's such a team-orientated person. I think he can mentor our young forwards as well so there's a dual role there for him. It's certainly pleasing to get it done early in the week," Eade said.

New Bulldog Barry Hall says he has a great deal to offer his new team and says he will do his best to rectify his on-field issues.

"I guess there's always going to be question marks, and I'm certainly not going to shy away from that. I'm going to do my very best to repay the Bulldogs for showing faith in me," Hall said.

"I can't promise anything. I'm not going to beat around the bush or anything like that, but I think I can get on top of it.

"It can end pretty badly if it does happen, and I'm very aware of that."

Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Barry Hall's path south is not as clear as it seemed, with the Bulldogs reluctant to meet the Swans' initial demands and saying they are prepared to pick Hall up in the pre-season draft if necessary.

"The big issue for us is Barry is prepared to go to the draft. I'm not sure how much interest there is from other clubs, and he's made it very clear that he wants to play at the Western Bulldogs," Bulldogs football manager James Fantasia said.

"We are the club of his choice and we'd love to get him, there's not issue about that, but it might need to be a pre-season draft situation."

Saturday, 26 September 2009
As St Kilda prepare to face Geelong in the 2009 grand final, Barry Hall recalls the pain of being a part of the St Kilda side that lost in the 1997 grand final to Adelaide.

''When we (the Swans) lost the 2006 grand final, it was different because we were in that game until the final siren, but in 1997, running around with five or 10 minutes to go, knowing the game is out of your reach, it was such an empty feeling, and you just wanted it over,'' Hall said.

Hall says his heart wants St Kilda to win for those who have stuck by the club.

''There's a lot of trainers who have stuck it out and done the hard yards, it would be reward for them, and of course the fans,'' he said.

Thursday, 24 September 2009
The Western Bulldogs' search for a key forward appears to be over with Barry Hall almost certain to join the club for the 2010 season .

"There remain a number of issues the parties involved need to work through, however the Western Bulldogs remain hopeful an agreement can be reached," Bulldogs football manager James Fantasia said.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Scott Welsh retires from football after giving two years of service to the Western Bulldogs since moving over from Adelaide.

Welsh's retirement provides salary cap room for the Bulldogs to pursue former Swan Barry Hall.

Friday, 28 August 2009
Barry Hall says he is unhappy with the way his career finished at the Swans and wants to make amends for it at another club.

''Once I finished playing with the Swans, I honestly thought that would be it,'' Hall wrote in his column in The Sydney Morning Herald.

''I'd be moving on, doing other things, but the reality is, the way I walked away from the game left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, and it's that feeling which is fuelling me to play again.

''In one way, because I did make the call to resign from the club, I walked away on my own terms. But in another way I didn't, because - and I've thought about it quite a bit over the last couple of months - I really don't want my football career to end the way it has. It is unfinished business for me.''

Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Barry Hall says he is keen to play football again next year.

"The steps from now are: Do clubs want a 32-year-old who has got a few issues on-field? That is yet to be seen. The most important thing was to step away from football. I haven't really watched football and it might sound bad, but I wanted to see if I missed it, which I haven't at this stage," he said.

"I haven't really missed it at all which is a bit concerning, but I think I have a desire to play still."

Friday, 31 July 2009
Bulldogs legend Doug Hawkins says his former team should recruit Barry Hall.

"If I was the coach, if I was Rocket Eade, I'd be going after Barry Hall for next year," Hawkins said on radio station SEN.

"Here's a bloke on his last chance, stack his salary so he has to play games to get paid."

Wednesday, 22 July 2009
Western Bulldogs will speak to Barry Hall before season's end to ascertain whether he is interested in playing football next year.

"We'd certainly at some point speak with him and ask about his intentions," Bulldogs football operations manager James Fantasia said.

Western Bulldog Ben Hudson says Barry Hall would add something to the Western Bulldog's attack.

"He is a great player and a big body," Hudson said.

"I think Murph (Robert Murphy) said during the week it would make people stand taller if he was on your side."

Monday, 13 July 2009
Former Sydney Swan Barry Hall is tipped to make his professional boxing debut against Sonny Bill Williams on Australia Day next year.

"Barry Hall is close with Danny Green's camp and Sonny Bill is close with Mundine, so we're looking at an AFL-NRL showdown to say the least," SportFM commentator and boxing writer commentator Chris Korner said.

"It's going to have a massive build up and will be fantastic for the sport."

Sunday, 12 July 2009
Barry Hall met with boxing champion Danny Green on Friday to discuss a possible pugilistic career.

"I outlined what I imagine Barry would think was a well structured and well thought-out blueprint," Green said.

"It is basically a plan to proceed carefully and to get Barry experience under his belt before he looked at things like national titles. He wouldn't fight for an Australian belt until he was ready."

Saturday, 11 July 2009
Barry Hall said his final goodbyes to the Sydney Swans at the SCG today, ending a sometimes-turbulent, often-brilliant career with the AFL club.

"I"m a bit emotional today. I guess this is why you play footy, for the supporters," he said.

"I'm really proud of what I've achieved at this footy club. I genuinely believe I've left the footy club a better person.

"I'm forever in debt to the Sydney Swans."

Friday, 10 July 2009
Barry Hall remains unsure if he will try to continue playing, but has conceded his AFL career might be over.

"I've thought about it, but I've been retired for three days," Hall said.

"A holiday is probably on the cards, to clear my mind a bit and get away from speculation.

"There's a few issues in terms of do football clubs want you?

"If I was a coach, I wouldn't want a 33-year-old with anger management issues."

Thursday, 9 July 2009
Jonathan Brown says Barry Hall should play on, and that not only the Bulldogs will chase him.

"If he wants to keep playing, you would think there would be interest at the end of the season," Brown said.

"I am sure he still has some good football left in him and who knows after he has time now to walk away and clear his head, get over his niggles."

Rodney Eade says his club has moved on from last year's effort to lure Barry Hall but won't rule him out completely.

"If push came to shove, you'd say highly unlikely," Eade said.

"We'll talk about these sorts of things later on. We haven't even thought about it right now. It's a list management issue for us to discuss down the track."

Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse says he will not chase Barry Hall next year.

"If Paul Roos and Brett Kirk can't the get the best out of a bloke, and he's prepared to move with those blokes - who I have the highest admiration for - then I am not about to take that on," Malthouse said.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009
Barry Hall decided to quit the Sydney Swans, effective immediately.

"The decision I have made is not just about me. It is about this football club, my teammates, my family, my partner and my close friends," Hall said.

"Ultimately they have suffered grief over some of my wrongdoings and I have to take them into consideration."

Sydney coach Paul Roos paid tribute to the full forward for his ability to turn a game.

"It is definitely a sad day for the Sydney Swans Football Club - one of our greatest ever players has decided to retire - but I also think it must be a time of celebration, to reflect on what has been an outstanding career," Roos said.

"As his coach for the last six years, I will remember Hally as one of the genuine superstars of the game; his ability to be a match winner enabled him to take us to the level of the 2005 Premiership.

"His consistent performance over those six years has allowed him to be not only a premiership captain, but a club best and fairest, an All-Australian, a life member and a multiple leading goalkicker at this footy club."

Barry Hall says his inability to prevent himself snapping on-field prompted his retirement from the Sydney Swans on Tuesday.

"I've done a lot of good stuff with this football club and I'm really proud of that but I think if I play on, I can't promise whether there's going to be another indiscretion again. I can't explain the last indiscretion," Hall said.

"I think it's a real risk for me and for the football club that if I do go on, that things will turn ugly and I won't be able to walk away with my head held high."

Barry Hall says he's unsure what his future will hold after ending his career with the Sydney Swans on Tuesday.

"Football for now is not a priority, as is talking about boxing or any other career," Hall said.

"My initial thoughts are to go away and have a good think about what I want to do, what my heart's in."

Sydney Swans forward Michael O'Loughlin says departing teammate Barry Hall should be remembered for his achievements rather than his indiscretions after Hall announced his retirement from the Swans in the midst of a two-game suspension for striking.

"With what he's been able to do - switch from another club, come up here and pretty much be the face of the footy club and to captain the premiership side, he's been an outstanding player," he said.

"He's obviously thought it through for a fair bit and I'm just going to miss the guy. He's a great friend of mine, we've obviously played a lot of footy together and we've had some great times."

Sunday, 5 July 2009
Western Bulldogs president David Smorgon throws his support behind snaring a "top-line tall" such as Barry Hall.
The Swans win a gritty match against North Melbourne by 15 points without suspended forward Barry Hall.

"Everyone knows, including Barry, what he has done, but he's very popular and he's very affable and he's easy to like," Sydney coach Paul Roos said.

"He comes in, he does the training. So really for the players it wasn't that big an issue."

Saturday, 4 July 2009
The Western Bulldogs have again emerged as a possible saviour for Barry Hall, with the club leaving the door ajar next season for the Sydney bad boy.

"You can never say never, especially a player of his quality," Bulldogs football manager James Fantasia said.

"With ageing players, they'd need a strong medical and make sure all the boxes are ticked.

"He played pretty well the other day and most opposition sides still have a healthy respect for him. We wouldn't rule it out, but that also doesn't mean we'll be overly aggressive either."

Friday, 3 July 2009
Barry Hall is contemplating leaving the Swans immediately, but wants to continue playing AFL football next year.

Writing in his regular column in Fairfax newspapers, Hall said he seriously considered retiring in the aftermath of the incident.

But after talking to teammate Leo Barry and his family, he came to the conclusion that he didn't want his career to end on that note.

"The easy thing to do would be to walk away and take up boxing. But what would I be? Barry Hall the boxer, but also Barry Hall the disgraced ex-footballer. The perception of me might not change drastically between now and when I do finish up, but I want to go out with some good games under my belt and prove my worth as a footy player," he wrote.

Paul Roos says he doesn't have to make too many adjustments to deal with the absence of Barry Hall after the key forward was suspended for striking.

"We might have to put one of our key defenders forward, which is okay, and Mick has obviously played up there a lot as well. It won't be a huge adjustment," Roos said.

"Hally basically plays as a centre half-forward so we've just got to find a centre half-forward that plays a similar role."

Swans coach Paul Roos says the club won't be rushed into a decision on the future of suspended forward Barry Hall as it strives to reach a positive outcome for all parties.

"We love him and whatever happens, we'll certainly take into consideration Barry Hall as well as the footy club," Roos said.

"What we don't want to happen is for either party to walk away bitter or for something happen and that's why we're going to take our time with the process."

Wednesday, 1 July 2009
Rodney Eade says he is not considering pursuing Barry Hall should the Swans forward become available at the end of the season.

"I haven't thought about it. I don't think he's on our radar. We've got a couple of good young lads up forward," Eade said.

"We've got a campaign of 10 weeks ahead so that is what we're looking at. We've got a couple of good young forwards; how they can develop only time will tell."

Brett Kirk has told Barry Hall his actions in striking Adelaide's Ben Rutten are unacceptable and says the Swans are undecided on the troubled forward's playing future.

"The club as a whole, we care about Barry, we support him," Kirk said today.

"But we're saying it's unacceptable. What has happened is unacceptable and he needs to take personal responsibility for the behaviour.

"It's something that we've got to work through with him.

"All we have at heart is Barry's best interest but also the best interest of the football club, our reputation and the culture that we've been able to instil in the last seven years.

"His actions have shown a lot of difference to what he has spoken about. So that's something he needs to take responsibility for.

"He is ultimately who has to change his pattern of behaviour and he needs to do something about it."

The deliberations over the future of Barry Hall have been the toughest of Swan skipper Brett Kirk's career.
Swans co-captain Brett Kirk would trust Barry Hall with his children - but he has no faith the forward will never erupt again on the footy field.

"I'd trust him with my own kids, but I don't know if he was put in the same situation (as the weekend) I could say he wouldn't do it again," Kirk said.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Barry Hall is set to discuss his future with coach Paul Roos this week after accepting a two-match ban from the AFL's match review panel for striking Adelaide's Ben Rutten.
Barry Hall will almost certainly be pushed into boxing as Sydney and rival AFL clubs prepare to shut the door on the fiery forward next year.

A day after a Sydney coach Paul Roos said he was "sick and tired" of talking about Hall's on-field meltdowns, 11 clubs contacted by the Herald Sun were not keen to snap up the volatile sharp-shooter.

Monday, 29 June 2009
Barry Hall's future at Sydney could be decided later this week when the club is expected to hold a crisis meeting with its star forward.

Hall did not wish to speak about the incident yesterday, saying "It's a matter which could go to the tribunal, so therefore I can't say anything about it, nor do I want to say anything about what will or won't happen next."

Paul Roos has raised the possibility of Barry Hall retiring following his striking incident on the weekend.

"I'm probably sick of standing here talking about it," Roos said.

"At some point, always the club is bigger than the individual.

"We're all frustrated. We're all disappointed and we all had hoped it would stop.

"But clearly, it hadn't.

"The first part of the process is obviously the tribunal so we'll let that take its course. His actions clearly don't display that he does want to play.

"So that will be part of the discussion that we'll have with him."

Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos is 'confused' by the behaviour of Barry Hall during Adelaide clash after Hall threw a punch at Adelaide's Ben Rutten.

"Where we're more confused this year is that everything seems to be going really well," he said.

"Everyone comments about how well he's going off the field, and anyone that saw him before the game on Saturday felt that he was in really good spirits.

"Nothing I've heard this year has led me to believe that things like this would happen or the Hawthorn game would happen."

Sunday, 28 June 2009
Barry Hall's career hangs by a thread after he was reported for another striking incident against Adelaide, taking the gloss off what would have been a fine four-goal effort against the Crows.

Hall delivered a short, sharp, left jab to Ben Rutten's chin as the pair tangled after the three-quarter-time siren at AAMI Stadium.

"There's definitely still some issues there with Barry Hall," Foxtel commentator Dwayne Russell said.

"I don't know too many leopards that can instantly change their spots - and Barry Hall is still a leopard."

Barry Hall's anger management program appears to fail him as he was reported for the 15th time in his 13-year career and in his 250th AFL game.

In what appeared a moment of madness, just seconds before three-quarter-time Hall threw a punch at Adelaide defender Ben Rutten " an action that could result in him suspended for up to four matches, given the intent of the action, carry-over points and his record.

Rutten appeared more surprised than hurt by the blow, which was clearly caught on television.

Thursday, 25 June 2009
Sydney Swans forward Barry Hall says he will try to control his frustration for the rest of the year.

"It's no secret that I do get frustrated and if things don't go your way, if you take more of a light-hearted view, it might help you out a little bit," he said.

"It's something I've thought about. As you know, I'm a genius so we'll see how it goes.

"I don't want to be running around blowing up at umpires or being frustrated. I want to have a bit of fun as well so I'll try and take it into some other games but I can't promise anything."

Sydney Swans forward Barry Hall feels like he is physically ready to play again next year.

"I've got an old body. It's getting through at this stage but things can happen quickly as you get a bit older. If you get an injury, it's harder to get over. Touch wood it doesn't happen," Hall said.

"At this stage the body's good, I'm mentally fresh and I'm enjoying my footy."

Tuesday, 9 June 2009
Sydney Swan Barry Hall says that despite his on-field brain fades, he is more likely than not to play on in 2010, so long as his club wants him.

"That's drawing me a bit more to keep on playing and try to change the image that I've got," he said on One HD's One Week at a Time.

"The weekend probably doesn't help me any but I think I can do it towards the end of my career if I keep playing some good footy and stay controlled."

The AFL says Barry Hall was correctly punished in receiving three consecutive 50m penalties, and denied he was victimised by umpires.

"I heard Barry say there was no language used, but I think the tape shows there was," AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson said.

"The manner in which he showed dissent, with demonstrative abuse like that, is something which for good reasons we don't tolerate.

"We need to be strong about protecting umpires from that sort of stuff, because if we don't we won't have good umpires."

Monday, 8 June 2009
Sydney coach Paul Roos says volatile forward Barry Hall's three consecutive 50-metre penalties was the turning point in the Swans' narrow loss to Hawthorn.

"I think clearly that's the turning point in the game," Roos said after the game.

"You could sit here and we could dream up fictional reasons or you could get to the source of the problem and that was clearly a massive turning point in the game."

Hawthorn midfielder Brad Sewell plays down the incident with Swans power forward Barry Hall which turned Sunday's game for the premiers after Hall gave away three 50-metre penalties.

"It certainly did us no harm. It was a massive play for us to potentially go from a scoring opportunity they had to kick a goal ourselves," Sewell said.

"We had momentum throughout most of the game and they got back on top early in the last quarter. We were slow-building and it certainly didn't hurt our chances but I'm not sure it was the turning point."

Ryan O'Keefe says Barry Hall has accepted responsibility for his "stupid" brain snap during the Swans' loss to Hawthorn.

"Look the man he is, he took it on the chin and he said it was stupid and he accepted responsibility," O'Keefe said.

"I think you get a hell of a lot more good from Barry than bad ... and the opposition does try and provoke him.

"But he's been in brilliant form and great touch this year and we wouldn't have him any other way."

Monday, 18 May 2009
Paul Roos praises defensive and tackling work of spearhead Barry Hall after a five-goal haul against West Coast.

"With 'Hally', what he's probably got to keep focusing on is that physical stuff," Roos said.

"When guys are closer to the end than the start, sometimes they do tend to focus on things like marks, kicks and handballs.

"I think if he just keeps focusing on that chase and the tackle, he will be an impact player for us.

"We're not too worried about how many goals he kicks. Provided he puts that pressure on every single week, he's going to be a good player for us."

Monday, 11 May 2009
Sydney players, shocked by the backlash against Barry Hall after the loss to premiership favourite Geelong, say he is the victim of his high profile.

Hall has received heavy criticism for failing to register a kick after halftime.

"There is an easy story there to say, 'Well, Hally didn't touch the footy in the second half, so it must be his fault'," teammate Adam Goodes said yesterday.

"I certainly didn't look at Barry's performance and think, 'Oh, what was he doing?'. Our service to Barry and our forward line was very, very poor . . . it was deplorable."

Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos unconcerned about 'obsession' with the lack of output from spearhead Barry Hall.

"I haven't analysed Barry's game because I don't think I need to analyse Barry's game," Roos said.

"He's an easy media target. I think we just understand that. Last week he had four shots at goal and everyone was raving about how well Barry Hall was going.

"If it becomes a weekly obsession, it can be a weekly obsession outside the club but internally, it's really not an issue for us at all."

Friday, 10 April 2009
Sydney Swans full forward Barry Hall will have to pass a final fitness test before being selected to take on the Brisbane Lions.
Thursday, 9 April 2009
Sydney spearhead Barry Hall "quietly confident" he will be fit to play Brisbane, despite a groin problem.
Wednesday, 25 March 2009
Boxer Danny Green says he would be staggered if Barry Hall threw another knockout punch on the field like the one that felled Brent Staker.

Green yesterday described the lengths Hall is going to contain his aggression on the field, including being "cracked in the head" by the Australian boxing champion.

Sunday, 8 March 2009
Barry Hall announces his arrival for season 2009 in front of 3500 people at a suburban Sydney ground.
Friday, 27 February 2009
Sydney Swans forward Barry Hall has backed Ben Cousins' return to AFL football, saying everyone deserves a second chance.
Thursday, 24 July 2008
Barry Hall is cleared to make his return to football against the Crows after a suspension imposed by the Swans for his attempt to strike Collingwood's Shane Wakelin.

"It's totally undisciplined what I did," Hall said.

"The important thing for me now going forward is if it happens again, they are not big, they are huge. I'm aware of that.

"I wouldn't run out there and risk that if I wasn't right mentally. I'm thinking about the team rather than myself and I'm in a good headspace for that now.

"The expectations I put on myself were maybe unrealistic. I was being a bit selfish in that if the team is not going so well, I'd try and beat my man instead of thinking about what I can do for other blokes."

Monday, 7 July 2008
Barry Hall is under scrutiny for after appearing to attempt to strike Magpie Shane Wakelin during the second quarter of the Swans' loss to Collingwood.

Wakelin was asked if Hall had made contact to his chin which he denied before saying that he had gone to ground to get a free kick.

"Not with my chin, no. Some of the boys told me they saw it on the scoreboard afterwards, but I didn't even see it, so I'm not sure what happened. We'll have to see what happens on Monday night," Wakelin said.

Hall accepts a one-match ban for attempted striking but is suspended indefinitely by the Swans following a recommendation by club psychologist Grant Brecht.

"I'm not sure how long before he'll play again," Swans coach Paul Roos said.

"He put it on the agenda that he was working on some personal issues during that first seven or eight weeks. The unfortunate side of it is that he hasn't beeen able to overcome those issues."

Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Barry Hall stays in the Swans leadership group despite being suspended for eight weeks after striking Eagle Brent Staker.

"The leadership group are keen for him to stay. They have made that very clear to him," Swans coach Paul Roos said.

"They still see him as very much a leader and they have also shown that they support him and the fact they believe this incident was out of character."

Tuesday, 15 April 2008
Barry Hall is suspended for seven weeks by the AFL Tribunal for his strike on Eagle Brent Staker and will return playing in Round 12.

Following the hearing, Hall accepted the seven-week ban as fair and again apologised for delivering the punch to Staker, attributing his mistake to a "mind snap".

"I think through frustration, a mind-snap, a bit of a lapse, something came out that looked really bad that I didn't intend in terms of the impact," Hall said.

"I think it happens, to everyone at stages of their lives; you do things which are out of character and you cannot explain. I certainly can't explain it.

"I just want to take this opportunity to once again apologise to Brent Staker for the incident.

"It's unacceptable and I will try and better myself so it doesn't happen again."

Sydney coach Paul Roos gave character evidence for Hall, pointing out that the forward had not missed a match through suspension during his time as coach of the Swans.

"I think Barry is shocked," Roos said. "He is very, very remorseful. I think you can tell when people genuinely feel they have done something wrong."

Counsel assisting the tribunal, Jeff Gleeson, commented that Hall had thrown a punch "that would make Rocky Balboa blush" but took into account Hall's guilty plea, his remorse, the fact that Staker had not suffered a more serious injury as well as Hall having made improvements on his undisciplined record from earlier in his career.

"I love the way Barry Hall plays football, but I feel gutted about this decision because what he did was thuggery, which the game should not tolerate," McHenry said.

"People don't understand that this kid could have been killed or put down for life and the game is very shallow if the AFL don't at least come out and run an inquiry to change the rules."

Hall later visits a psychologist hoping to find a solution to his "mind explosions".

"The most important thing for me now is to try and find out why it happened," Hall said.

"The situation I was in, there was no real reason to do it. That's probably the most worrying thing for me and the footy club. We've got to find out why it's happened."

Sunday, 13 April 2008
Barry Hall stuns the football world after landing a savage left hook to Eagle Brent Staker's jaw that left Staker on the ground for almost three minutes.

After recovering from the hit, Staker spent the rest of the game on the bench in obvious distress and discomfort.

Hall will have to answer a charge of striking that is expected to keep him sidelined for an extended period of time given the severity of the report.

Sydney coach Paul Roos says the incident is out of character for Hall and admits that Hall will have to serve time for his on-field indisgression.

"It's pretty hard to justify anything like that. It'll go to the tribunal and he'll accept whatever penalty he's given," Roos said.

A remorseful Hall later says he regrets the incident.

"It was a spur-of-the-moment, split-second thing and it shouldn't have happened. It was a mind explosion. It looked really ordinary in the replay," Hall said.

"I'll cop that on the chin and whatever the tribunal comes up with, I've just got to cop.

"I'll take my medicine. Whatever they think is fair. It's pretty hard to defend my actions. It's there in black and white."

Hall's actions draws widespread criticism, most notably from Staker's parents who label Hall as a "weak mongrel" while former North Melbourne player Sam McFarlane, who was struck by Hall in a similar fashion 11 years ago, says that Hall has not learnt from his mistakes.

Rosemary Staker, Brent's mother, has urged the AFL to impose a season-long ban on Hall.

However, Amanda Hall, Barry's sister, defended her brother, saying, "He's a better role model for the kids than Ben Cousins. At least he's not a druggie."

Staker has ruled out pressing criminal charges or taking legal action against Hall.

Swans co-captain Leo Barry says that Hall let the team down.

"Everyone feels like he has let us down," Barry said.

"It is going to be something where he is going to have to earn the respect back from the playing group."

Monday, 19 November 2007
Barry Hall steps down as co-captain of Sydney after meeting with the Swans leadership group citing a need to focus on returning to form after a disappointing season as the reason for his decision.

"It would have been the easy decision and a cop out to stay captain," said Hall. "I still want to perform to my maximum and this is the first step towards being able to do that. I need to put a lot of time into myself to get myself right. I'm getting on now and the body's not as resilient and easily able to do things like it used to."

Following Halls resignation, skipper Leo Barry declares his endorsement of dual Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes as the ideal replacement for Hall in the Swans' three captain policy. "The way he conducts himself on and off the ground is really good. And he's definitely one of the guys that's improved in all areas over the last few seasons," Barry said of Goodes.

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