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Gavin Brown

Last played for Collingwood Magpies in 2000
Born: September 25, 1967    
Playing Height: 184cm     Playing Weight: 86kg    
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Gavin Brown Biography

Monday, 11 September 2023
John Blakey and Gavin Brown will depart North Melbourne, leaving their role as assistant coaches of the club.

"After conversations with 'Blakes' and 'Browny', we have agreed to mutually part ways," North Melbourne's general manager of football Todd Viney said in a statement.

"These decisions are never taken lightly, but the time is right for all parties to move forward in new directions.

"Blakes and Browny have been outstanding contributors to our club and they leave as highly respected individuals. We wish them well as they look to take on new opportunities within the industry."

Saturday, 14 October 2017
Tyler Brown, son of Gavin Brown, is set to join Collingwood as a father-son pick where his brother, Callum Brown, is already listed as a player.

"It would be great to play with Callum," Tyler said.

"He's has been a pretty big influence on me by showing me what it takes to play league footy.

"He's told to enjoy my draft year because it's my last year of junior football.

"He motivated me to go down the same path."

Sunday, 20 November 2016
Collingwood father-son prospect Callum Brown says he would be delighted to hear his name called out alongside that of Josh Daicos in Friday night's NAB AFL Draft.

The Magpies have formally nominated Brown, the son of three-time best and fairest winner Gavin Brown, and Daicos, the son of five-time leading goalkicker Peter Daicos, as potential father-son recruits.

"I've known Josh for a while now so we've become pretty close," Brown said.

"It would be extra special if we did end up there together. To go to an AFL club would be awesome, but to go with one of your close mates would be even better."

Brown admits the romantic notion of he and Daicos ending up at the club where their fathers are team of the century members often enters his thinking.

"I supported Collingwood as a kid. I probably didn't have a lot of choice growing up with Dad there and nor did Josh," Brown said.

"I'd love to go there. But there's no guarantees for Josh or I."

Saturday, 8 October 2016
Collingwood is likely to nominate Josh Daicos and Callum Brown as father-son picks and then wait until draft night to decide if they will join the club, according to Magpies list boss Derek Hine.

The Pies have first rights over the father-son pair and have closely monitored the duo across this season and previous years in the lead up to their under-18 season.

However, they haven't given any guarantees to the sons of club legends Peter Daicos and Gavin Brown, who are attending this week's NAB AFL Draft Combine.

"We've been really open and transparent to both of those boys and obviously Josh and Cal's parents and families. It's a little bit different to previous years," Hine said.

"In previous years you'd have to make that decision prior to the trading period but now it's a draft-type format so we're able to put them in a line and call them out where we rate them.

"They know the process and they know how it works, so we'll just continue with that process."

Monday, 14 October 2013
After serving three years as an assistant coach at Carlton, Gavin Brown moves to North Melbourne.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the last three years at Carlton and made some fantastic friends there and built some strong relationships with the players," Brown said.

"As disappointed as I am to be leaving, it's also a great opportunity to go across to North who are also on the way up.

"I'm really excited because I see North as being another club on the move. They have fantastic talent there and are really exciting to watch, so I really can't wait to join the players and coaches in a few weeks."

Wednesday, 15 April 2009
Nick Maxwell has received strong endorsement for his physical brand of football and fledgling leadership from former skipper and assistant coach Gavin Brown.

"It is always a possibility that can happen, but he is beyond his years in maturity and, to be honest, he has always played that brand of footy, he has always been hard and tough," Brown said.

"I just think he has been a bit unfortunate, really, a bit stiff, but that is the way it goes and he knows that. He has been exceptional. He realises his limitations and he is not trying to be someone he is not. I have been pretty impressed."

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