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Tarkyn Lockyer

Last played for Collingwood Magpies in 2010
Games: 227     Born: October 30, 1979     Origin: East Fremantle
Playing Height: 178cm     Playing Weight: 78kg     Position: Forward
Drafted: Round 3, Pick #39 1997 Rookie Draft by Collingwood Magpies
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Tarkyn Lockyer Biography

Monday, 11 November 2019
Tarkyn Lockyer is appointed as the NAB AFL Academy's head coach, leaving his current role at Collingwood to take on the job at AFL headquarters.

Lockyer will oversee the national Academy program, which includes the revamped state 'hubs' system, which was in its first iteration in 2019 and saw state Academy programs boosted.

He will also coach in the Australian under-18 and under-17s sides in their representative games at the beginning of next season.

Thursday, 14 October 2010
Newly retired veteran Tarkyn Lockyer has been appointed as Collingwood's VFL coach.

"To coach within a structure I'm familiar with, and alongside some great people, is extremely exciting," Lockyer said.

"I'm very thankful that the club I love and have a great history with has given me this opportunity to make the transition from playing to coaching. I can't wait to start this new phase of my life."

Tuesday, 5 October 2010
Tarkyn Lockyer announces his retirement from AFL football.

"Tarkyn will be remembered as a 200-game player who gave his all for the Magpies, and was one of the most professional and committed players to pull on the black and white guernsey," Collingwood general manager of football operations Geoff Walsh.

Monday, 15 March 2010
Josh Fraser and Tarkyn Lockyer are replaced by Heath Shaw and new recruit Darren Jolly in Collingwood's leadership group.

"He's only 23, 24 years old now, so it takes time to mature and time to mature into an AFL footballer, so that's something that he's worked on, and we're rapt that he's in there. He's done a lot of good things already," Magpies skipper said of Shaw.

"He's really taking on young guys now. He's not just playing his own game - he's really trying to help the team and develop the young guys."

Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Collingwood's Tarkyn Lockyer says Mick Malthouse has the full support of all players.

"Mick's coaching probably as well as I've ever seen him coach," he said.

"These are very difficult times but you know Mick's one of those people that gets the best out of what he's got available."

Tuesday, 14 April 2009
Collingwood midfielder Tarkyn Lockyer doesn'tlike teammate Heath Shaw's chances of escaping suspension for intentional umpire contact.

"I think the umpires and the AFL and the tribunal make it pretty clear that you’re not supposed to touch the umpires," he said.

"I think every player throughout the league should know that you don't touch the umpire."

Tarkyn Lockyer fears the Tribunal will make an example of Heath Shaw for touching an umpire.
Collingwood's Tarkyn Lockyer says he doesn't want Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell to change the way he approaches football.

Maxwell has accepted a two-match penalty for engaging in rough conduct against Geelong's Steve Johnson their clash on Easter Thursday.

Friday, 8 February 2008
Tarkyn Lockyer is named as Magpies captain for their NAB Cup match against the Crows.

Collingwood coach Malthouse, however, suggested that this was not an indication that Lockyer would be captain of the side for the 2008 season.

"This is no way an indicator that if Tarkyn plays well and we win the game of football that he will be captain," Malthouse said.

"Obviously we rate Tarkyn very highly, he has been one of the club's leaders in the past, and we will make that decision later on."

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