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Blaine Boekhorst

Last played for Carlton Blues in 2017
Games: 25     Born: September 2, 1993     Origin: Swan Districts
Playing Height: 187cm     Playing Weight: 78kg     Position: Midfield, Forward
Drafted: Round 1, Pick #19 2014 National Draft by Carlton Blues
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Blaine Boekhorst Biography

Tuesday, 31 October 2017
Carlton delist Blaine Boekhorst, Billie Smedts and Simon White.
Wednesday, 6 April 2016
Carlton coach Brendon Bolton has cautioned his players against staging in the wake of an incident involving Blaine Boekhorst in the Blues' loss to the Sydney Swans.

Boekhorst was awarded a free kick for high contact after Swan Dane Rampe tried to tackle him, converting the resultant set shot for goal from about 40m.

Boekhorst threw his head back at the time of the tackle despite the fact Rampe only made contact with his chest.

"It hasn't been a trend in our game. It's not going to be a trend because we don't want to be a team that goes into that area," Bolton said.

"It's been spoken about, a brief comment. I wouldn't think you'll see it from Carlton players."

Monday, 27 July 2015
Josh Gibson is hit with a $1,500 fine for striking Carlton's Blaine Boekhorst.
Saturday, 25 April 2015
Blaine Boekhorst makes his AFL debut for Carlton with 13 disposals (10 kicks and 3 handballs), 5 marks and 2 tackles in a 40-point win over St Kilda.
Monday, 1 December 2014
Carlton draftee Blaine Boekhorst has cleared the air with his new coach Mick Malthouse in regards to his infamous tweet earlier in the year slamming the club and Malthouse following the Blues' round seven loss to Collingwood.

"He's got a new nickname and it's called 'Tweet,'" Malthouse said.

"He (Boekhorst) said to me, 'Now, I want to talk to you. Can I talk to you pre-training?'

"And I thought, no, I'll let him cook for a little while longer."

Boekhorst says he and Malthouse were now on good terms.

"He's taken it pretty well. We'll just put it behind us, make a little laugh out of it," Boekhorst said.

"It's not the best thing to go into a club, but I guess it's a good little ice-breaker for the boys.

"I think 'Tweeter' might stick for a while."

Thursday, 27 November 2014
Blaine Boekhorst is drafted by Carlton with pick 19 just six months after he slammed the club via Twitter.

"How can Carlton kick 1 goal 5 in a half, disgusting play of footy! The whole Carlton team need to go or Mick does," Boekhorst tweeted on the 2nd of May 2014.

However, shortly after being selected by the Blues, Boekhorst expressed, again via Twitter, his delight at joining his new club.

"Ecstatic to be joining the [Carlton Football Club]. Love seeing them succeed and hate seeing the downside! Always followed them closely!" Boekhorst's more recent tweet said.

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