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Mason Cox

Age: 33yr 4mth    Games: 124     Born: March 14, 1991     Origin: Oklahoma State
Height: 211cm     Weight: 110kg     Position: Forward, Ruck
Drafted: Round 4, Pick #60 2014 Rookie Draft by Collingwood Magpies
Supercoach Price: $271,100   Supercoach Profile
AFL Fantasy Price: $425,000   AFL Fantasy Profile
Contract Status: UFA at the end of 2025   AFL Player Contracts
Status: Knee injury, Expected return: 1-2 weeks   AFL Injury List
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Mason Cox Biography

Monday, 11 March 2024
Collingwood officials have backed Mason Cox after a pre-game interaction with GWS officials and players earned a 'please explain' from the AFL.

Cox apologised for the incident on Monday, with the club saying it came during a transition period between the Pies rucks completing centre-bounce practice in their prescribed window before the Giants' group arrived to begin their prescribed window.

"I apologise for the incident in our pre-game where I made contact with a GWS official. In the moment, I was solely focussed on getting one more bounce in – in hindsight, I should have stopped my run-up rather than completing the drill," Cox said.

In a statement, the AFL said it "should have been plainly apparent" to Cox that he should have halted his drill once the opposition players and coach were in the vicinity.

"Whilst the umpire did agree to another bounce as requested by Cox, it nevertheless should have been plainly apparent to Cox that GWS coach Mumford and multiple GWS players had congregated in the centre circle by the time the relevant bounce occurred," the statement read.

Sunday, 10 March 2024
Collingwood ruckman Mason Cox has been issued a 'please explain' by the AFL for making contact with an opposition coach and running through a Greater Western Sydney drill before Saturday night's defeat at Engie Stadium.

Cox drew headlines after he interrupted a Giants midfield drill in the moments before the match started, tangling with their ruck coach Shane Mumford as the opposition side attempted to practice their centre bounce routine.

Cox also appeared to collide with Giants midfielder Josh Kelly as part of the incident.

Cox had contributed to the pre-game buzz around the game, labelling the Giants' home ground Engie Stadium as "a showground for livestock" when the Opening Round clash was announced back in November last year.

Giants chief executive Dave Matthews hit back at the comment, calling it "D-grade comedy" with the club poking further fun at the American ruckman by setting up a 'Mason Cox Petting Zoo' outside the ground before its season opener.

Thursday, 4 August 2022
After playing in 12 games in 2022, Mason Cox triggers a games clause in his contract and will play on at the Magpies in 2023.
Thursday, 3 March 2022
New Collingwood coach Craig McRae reveals his plans for Mason Cox in 2022.

"I think this year we are going to kick to a lot more contests, and we will be asking Mason to get to those contests, and work hard to get the ball to ground, and if he can do that for us, he will have a role to play in our team," Craig said.

Saturday, 22 January 2022
Mason Cox is planning to wear prescription sunglasses in games in 2022 after several career-threatening eye injuries.

The American has endured a horror run with career-threatening eye injuries, requiring six different surgeries – three on his left eye, two on his right, plus cataract surgery – in the past three years.

Thursday, 28 October 2021
After months of speculation, Mason Cox signs a contract extension that will keep him at the Magpies in 2021.

Cox is hoping to return to his best form after falling out of favour in 2021 and being held to just seven games.

"We know Mason can play a number of roles for us. Players capable in the ruck and up forward offer great versatility to a team. We believe he has a lot to offer our group," Collingwood football manager Graham Wright said.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021
The future of Mason Cox remains in limbo as he remains without a deal for 2022 despite Collingwood stating their interest in keeping him on their list.

"We'd like Mason to stay but that's certainly up to him and he may have some options around that as well. We're mindful there could be others who have interest," Collingwood football manager Graham Wright said.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021
Mason Cox is taken to hospital after copping a nasty blow to the throat at training.

The 211cm ruck-forward hasn't played at senior level for the past five matches, having been dropped after round four despite kicking multiple goals in three of his first four games in 2021.

Saturday, 4 July 2020
Collingwood condemns a post on social media with racial vilification of Travis Varcoe and abuse of Mason Cox.

"The football community willingly accepts that we have an obligation to put a stop to abuse of our people. I do not understand how such comments continue to be made," Magpies chief executive Mark Anderson said.

"We stand with Travis and Mason and against vilification of this or any other variety and will do whatever we can to call these individuals to account."

Monday, 13 April 2020
Mason Cox recounts the day he arrived in Melbourne as a college basketballer to meet with five AFL clubs.

"I came to Australia for the first time with my brother (Nolan) for a try-out. I'd gone to see five different clubs but it was more about getting my head wrapped around how big AFL was in Melbourne. The first day we landed, we went to AFL House and did an interview, and it was on the back page of the newspapers. We swiped about 10 of those from the 7-Eleven downstairs, because we couldn't believe we'd made it into the newspaper.

"We were just kids who went to college and were fortunate enough to play a bit of basketball here and there, and had our jobs that were going to be 9-5. So we were going down the Yellow Brick Road of graduating from college and working for 30 years, then retiring. This was such a left-field thing. We were just like, 'This is ridiculous, man'.

"Something I'll never forget is a chat I had with my brother on the beach in St Kilda, overlooking the bay. He gave me advice that a degree doesn't expire but opportunities like this do. In my mind, I probably made the decision then to take a completely different path in life. That was a massive moment in my life."

Friday, 18 October 2019
Mason Cox has revealed he was effectively legally blind in recent months as he recovered from three bouts of eye surgery.

Cox didn't play beyond round 20 this year after copping a poke to his left eye against Gold Coast and suffering a torn retina. Further testing found he also had a detached retina in his right eye.

"It was tough going for about a month and a half. I was pretty much legally blind for a while," Cox told SEN radio.

"We've gotten to the point now where I'm almost back to 20-20 (vision). I'm still on a lot of medication, but fortunate enough now to get back to my family, travel, get on a plane and be able to drive.

"To get a bit of independence is nice. For a long time I was sitting in a dark room staring at the ceiling and not much was going on in my life.

"About 45 minutes of every hour I had to spend on my back, so I couldn't really get out and about or do much.

"It is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel and we're getting to the point now where I can start working out."

Monday, 5 August 2019
Mason Cox will miss the remainder of the 2019 season after needing surgery on a tear in the retina in his left eye.

The Pies big man was poked in the eye late in the second quarter against Gold Coast, sat out the rest of the match and was taken to hospital, suffering blurred vision.

"Mason has been advised that after the surgery he will need a number of weeks rest, which means that he will not play again this season," Collingwood general manager of football Geoff Walsh said.

"You don't take risks with situations like this. A second appointment with a specialist this morning confirmed that Mason suffered a tear to his retina that needs surgical repair."

Sunday, 4 August 2019
Collingwood expects forward Mason Cox to have dodged serious injury, despite the giant Magpie needing to visit an eye specialist after suffering blurred vision.

The 28-year-old missed the second half of the Magpies' 69-point win over Gold Coast after receiving a finger to the eye late in the second quarter.

Friday, 28 September 2018
Mason Cox's performances during the 2018 finals begins to draw some attention from the American media.

Deadspin, a widely read blog that offers left-field sports takes, described Cox's involvement in the game.

"Cox runs, times leaps that leave him breathing thinner air than anyone else on the field, then escorts the ball down to earth while normally jacked and competent athletes paw helplessly at him from all sides," Giri Nathan wrote.

"It's like watching Chewbacca play a game of 500 (cards) with a clique of Ewoks who have not yet learned to cooperate. Even coming into the sport with fresh eyes, it's an absurd spectacle."

Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Mason Cox says he drew inspiration from motor neurone disease sufferer Murray Swinton in his match-turning effort in Collingwood's preliminary final win over Richmond.

Cox, who kicked three goals in a starring second quarter to help the Pies overcome last year's premiers and make the Grand Final, was spotted with 'Murray' written on his forearm tape.

"He's been a bit of an inspiration for me this year chatting to him, and he kind of reminds me how fortunate we are," Cox said.

"You miss a mark or you're having a bad game, you can always look down and think you could be in worse circumstances. I always make a conscious effort to think of him before every game just to get an idea and give a little bit of perspective."

Friday, 21 September 2018
Mason Cox plays a significant role for the Magpies in their preliminary final win over reigning premiers Richmond at the MCG.

Cox kicked 3 goals while taking 8 contested marks in a dominant display that had the Magpie supporters chanting "U-S-A".

"Every time I hear it, I kind of laugh. I enjoy it, but it's quite funny at the same time," Cox said after the game.

"Like, c'mon, four years ago, would you ever have pictured someone chanting U-S-A and holding flags up like that?"

Cox's parents, Phil and Jay, were in the crowd to witness his performance.

"It's something we never pictured in my life and never knew existed. But we're just enjoying it and taking in every single aspect of it. My family's been so supportive … whether it be basketball, soccer or now football," Cox said.

"They stay up at 4am for games every single time we play and they throw parties with all their friends … so it's awesome to see them enjoy it so much and be a part of it."

Monday, 17 September 2018
Mason Cox says he made the right decision to re-sign with Collingwood in 2017.

"After the first round where I played the terrible game against Hawthorn and got suspended for the second game, I came back in the third round and was put straight into the team. It was massive for my confidence and the club's confidence in me to show me they're going to play me every week, especially from the coaching staff," Cox said.

"That was massive for me. I made the right decision to stay and I've got some amazing people around me who I consider family who have helped me throughout the years. I'm excited for where we're at and what we're doing."

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Mason Cox delivers on his social media promise to visit sick Magpies fan Connor Camilleri, who is recovering from a badly bruised kidney at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.

Connor's father Greg had used Twitter to reach out to his son's favourite team to which Cox then responded with a visit and some free gear.

Monday, 9 July 2018
Phil Cox normally watches Collingwood games in the middle of the night from his home in Dallas, Texas, pots of coffee on standby.

So it was a novelty for the father of Magpie forward Mason Cox to be at the MCG for their match against the Bombers.

The Pies then hooked Phil up with a media pass and handed him the keys to their Twitter account, allowing the Texan to live-tweet during the game.

Sunday, 6 May 2018
Mason Cox says the AFL should increase its efforts in identifying talent in America.

"I do think there's a lot of talent there and maybe when my career's finished I can maybe take advantage of it," Cox said.

"I think people coming out of college at 22 years old are still in their prime athletically and still have plenty of talent to give."

Monday, 19 March 2018
Brodie Grundy says he will be playing predominantly in the ruck in 2018, while ruck partner Mason Cox will spend more time up forward.

"I trained a little bit more forward, but my 'one wood' is still my ruck work and I'll be looking to continuing to add strings to my bow this year in that position and really help drive the midfield going forward," Grundy said.

"I suppose the ruck percentage will be horses for courses, Mason has been showing some really good signs forward … I suppose it will be whoever is playing and suited each week, it will chop and change.

"He's going really well there and presenting strongly in the air - that's something that is a real strength for the team."

Wednesday, 8 November 2017
Mason Cox admits he had thought long and hard about the opportunities available to him at Collingwood before signing a three-year deal in September with the club.

"Opportunity always plays into it – obviously you want to play AFL every single week," Cox said.

"I had quite a few chats and I feel confident with what they're doing with me and where the future is going to lead.

"I'm happy with where I'm at and the decision I made."

Monday, 11 September 2017
Mason Cox signs a new deal with Collingwood that will keep him at the club until the end of 2020.

Collingwood list manager Derek Hine said he believes Cox and Brodie Grundy can form a strong ruck combination for many years to come.

"We're thrilled that we have two outstanding ruckman in our future," Hine said.

"The combination of Brodie and Mason is something that we are all looking forward to seeing develop."

Sunday, 10 September 2017
North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says the club is keen on securing the services of Mason Cox.

"We were very keen to acquire Mason. I remember that trial very well and he performed really well. I still think Mason would have found a niche in our team," Scott said.

"There's a lot talked about our rucks, but really we have only three of them."

Sunday, 27 August 2017
Mason Cox says he is undecided on whether to commit to another season with Collingwood after 20 games with the club.

"I can't really answer (whether I'm staying at Collingwood) and I don't want to talk about it," Cox said.

"It's up in the air. I've got no idea. I'll talk to my agent and see where it goes. I've got some decisions for myself in the next few weeks."

Wednesday, 15 March 2017
Collingwood promotes rookies Henry Schade and Mason Cox to its senior list ahead of its opening round clash against the Western Bulldogs.
Tuesday, 27 September 2016
Mason Cox claims the first Brownlow vote for an American.

The ruckman was awarded one vote from the umpires in Collingwood's round eight win over the Brisbane Lions.

In just his fourth game, he kicked four goals, had 11 hit-outs and took two contested marks in the 78-point belting at the Gabba.

"Apparently I just got a Brownlow vote. From what I hear that's a good thing," Cox tweeted on learning the news.

Monday, 25 April 2016
Mason Cox makes his AFL debut for Collingwood at the MCG with 10 disposals (6 kicks and 4 handballs), 3 marks, 3 tackles, 11 hitouts and a goal in a 69-point win over Essendon.
Former Oklahoma State basketballer Mason Cox kicks a goal on debut for Collingwood while also having a hand in a few others during the Anzac Day clash at the MCG in front of a crowd of 85,082.

"I was petrified," he said of lining up for the opening goal of the match.

"80,000 people there in a game I've only been playing for two years. Cool, let's try this out.

"Luckily it went through."

Cox finished the game with 10 disposals, three marks and a goal.

"It's amazing what's happened the over the last few years of my life," Cox said.

"It's been a crazy rollercoaster and I wouldn't change it for the world."

Cox's parents, two older brothers and their partners had been tipped off early last week that he was a chance to get picked and they bought their plane tickets just in case. Like every other Collingwood supporter, they waited for the team to be announced and once he was in the squad (and Travis Cloke was out) they packed their bags and travelled across the world.

Friday, 6 November 2015
Carlton's American rookie Matt Korcheck says countrymen Jason Holmes and Mason Cox inspired him to come to Australia and try to forge an AFL career.

"Jason Holmes, another American that came over was a big motivation and Mason Cox … those guys motivated me to get out here and try something new and really push myself," Korcheck told SEN radio.

Korcheck said his family was shocked when he told them he wanted to move to the other side of the world to play Australian rules football.

"I think when I brought it up with them at first they were like ‘what do you mean you want to move to Australia?’, and I said ‘I really want to do this’," he said.

"They’re really excited about it and know it’s a good opportunity for them to visit Australia now – they’re really happy about it."

Monday, 16 March 2015
Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley says American recruit Mason Cox will benefit from his first taste of competitive football in the Magpies' NAB Challenge clash against Carlton.

"He will enjoy that experience and he will benefit from it. He has really only played for four quarters in an intra-club and he has come in and played in a NAB (Challenge) two," Buckley said.

"It has been a steep learning curve and he will keep learning, but he is showing signs.

"We would've loved him to take a pluck today and to feel that, but it is a long journey. From where he has started he has come a fair way along and his attitude is going to give him the chance to get the best out of himself."

Friday, 13 March 2015
American college basketball convert Mason Cox is a chance to make his Collingwood debut in the club's NAB Challenge clash against Carlton in Bendigo.

Cox, who was recruited from US college Oklahoma State, has been added to the 29-man squad in place of backman Jack Frost.

The Magpies have also included rebounding defender Adam Oxley with Jesse White pulling out ahead of the game.

Cox has impressed the Magpies with how quickly he has been able to transition to such a foreign game and his sheer want to keep improving.

The 211cm ruckman joins Fremantle's Aaron Sandilands as the tallest player in the League this year and the Pies hope his height, coupled with his excellent vertical jump, can cause some match-up problems this year.
Wednesday, 3 December 2014
Collingwood selects Mason Cox with pick No.60 in the 2014 NAB AFL Rookie Draft.

"He is exceeding expectations every time he hits the track," Magpies recruiting manager Derek Hine said.

"He has had a seamless transition into our playing group as a developing ruck."

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
211cm Mason Cox has been training with Collingwood after the Magpies won a bidding war between AFL clubs for the the chance to recruit the American when he impressed at the AFL's US International Combine in Los Angeles.

"He's kicking the ball OK – there's a lot more to work on, but he's picked up everything very quickly," Magpies specialist coach Anthony Rocca said.

"His marking and his timing of jumping and body contesting is very good, and only will get better."

Cox is using Fremantle ruckman Aaron Sandilands as his development template in his first AFL pre-season.

"He's no Aaron Sandilands at the moment but he's someone that we're going to model on, as Sandilands is such a good player and a dominant ruckman," Rocca said.

"When he goes forward he's pretty dominant as well, so he's someone we're going to have a look at.

"We'll watch his vision and see things that he does as well, and what we can implement with Mason."

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