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Cameron McCarthy

Age: 24yr 11mth    Games: 70     Born: April 1, 1995     Origin: South Fremantle
Height: 192cm     Weight: 92kg     Position: Forward
Last Drafted: Round 1, Pick #14 2013 National Draft by GWS Giants
Supercoach Price: $289,200   Supercoach Profile
AFL Fantasy Price: $418,000   AFL Fantasy Profile
Contract Status: Out of contract at the end of 2020   AFL Player Contracts
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Cameron McCarthy Biography

Saturday, 20 January 2018
Fremantle assistant coach Anthony Rock says a year out of the game caught up with Cam McCarthy last season.

"To have a year off and not be involved in AFL club or environment or (have) that access to the strength and conditioning program and nutrition program and a whole lot of things that are available for AFL players these days, he did a remarkable job," Rock said.

"We think he's going to be a player of the future. He's a young player still developing his craft and we look forward to 2018 with Cam McCarthy."

Saturday, 10 June 2017
It has been a smooth transition back into the AFL for Cam McCarthy after a year out of the game, but the wide-roaming Fremantle spearhead admits he's nearly ready for a rest.

"The body's been pretty good. It's been a pretty smooth transition," McCarthy said.

"I had a good pre-season, I didn't miss many sessions, but obviously the game's gotten quicker and it changes all the time, so my body's getting tired and I'm looking forward to the break."

Wednesday, 12 October 2016
Fremantle recruit Cam McCarthy says he is ready for the challenge of getting back to playing AFL football after taking a whole year off in 2016.

"It's like starting again when you are first drafted. I can't wait to earn respect from everyone and give everything," he said.

"It has been a long year watching footy every week. But I couldn't be more excited to get back on the list and ... give it a real crack next year."

Cam McCarthy says he shed a tear when the news came through that he would finally return to AFL football after he was traded from Greater Western Sydney to Fremantle.

"It's overwhelming to tell you the truth," McCarthy said.

"I was sitting at home yesterday and I got a call from Lloydy, Brad Lloyd, and the feeling was pretty numbing. I was just sitting back in my chair and I had a bit of a tear and it's just been a long, long year and I am so excited now."

Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Cam McCarthy is officially a Fremantle Docker after the club used pick No.3 to reach a deal with Greater Western Sydney.

The Dockers have handed over pick No.3 in return for McCarthy and picks seven, 34 and 72 in the 2016 NAB AFL Draft.

McCarthy, 21, has signed a three-year contract with the Dockers.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016
Talks between the Dockers and the Giants are underway to get Cam McCarthy to Fremantle.

"We are having good faith discussions with Fremantle on him, but we haven't reached an undertaking that that's where he'll land," Giants list manager Craig Cameron said.

"We have a value on him and we're discussing it with Fremantle.

"He's still got a year to run on his contract … so a trade has to be done for him to land where he wants to land."

Wednesday, 7 September 2016
Cam McCarthy is happy and in good shape for a return to AFL football in 2017.

McCarthy has been training twice a week with WAFL club South Fremantle throughout 2016 having been on leave from Greater Western Sydney after walking out the club to work through some mental health issues at home in Perth.

The 21-year-old is believed to be a target for both WA clubs.

"He runs well, uses the ball well, I think he'd be pretty suited to playing here at Subi (Domain Stadium)," South Fremantle coach Todd Curley said.

"He's been really good for us. He's helped coach some of the young guys. He's been really invested and involved. He's a good kid. He's happy. It would be good to see him get another crack at it."

Friday, 19 August 2016
Cam McCarthy might have given up on Greater Western Sydney, but coach Leon Cameron still hasn't lost all hope of getting the troubled forward back to his club.

"I've always held onto a one per cent chance that we could hold onto him," Cameron said.

"I'll continue to hold onto that until a deal is done, but it's really good that he's enjoying life again, and he's got a little bit of passion back to play the game again one day.

"Whether that’s at our footy club or one of the WA clubs, we'll determine that half way through October."

Monday, 13 June 2016
Greater Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron admits it is "unlikely" homesick key forward Cam McCarthy will return to the club, but has refused to give up hope.

"It looks more and more unlikely. We're halfway through the year," Cameron told Fox Footy.

"What is really pleasing though is that he's healthy within himself … (and) he's doing a fair bit of work with South Fremantle, which I think was a great choice for Cam and also the footy club to come up with that idea."

Sunday, 8 May 2016
Greater Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron meets homesick forward Cam McCarthy and his father in Perth.

"He's just too good of a person, and too good of a player to be out of AFL footy and where that leads to at the end of the year, no one knows," Cameron said of McCarthy.

"I can't tell you. And nor should I now because the most important thing is that he's starting to get a little bit of an urge about footy again."

Thursday, 7 April 2016
Greater Western Sydney is open to Cam McCarthy resuming training with his former WAFL club South Fremantle as new Giants football manager Wayne Campbell prepares to meet with the troubled forward in Perth next week.

"Everything in terms of his future is a long way down the track, but we'd support him training with a WAFL club as long as there are certain assurances in place about him getting injured and as long as we get approval from the Players' Association," Campbell said.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016
GWS is seeking to reintroduce troubled forward Cam McCarthy to a structured fitness program in a move that could lead to him training with an amateur club in the coming months.

Giants coach Leon Cameron told 3AW the Giants would consider allowing McCarthy to train with a local club if it helped him in his return to football.

"If that is the best thing for Cam to re-engage in his passion to play the game, then we will look at it," Cameron said.

"The main thing we have said all along is if Cam's healthy and he's starting to regain that passion to play footy again.

"I've always said he's too good a person and too good a player not to be playing AFL footy."

Thursday, 25 February 2016
GWS coach Leon Cameron says Cam McCarthy is welcome back at the club whenever he decides to return to AFL football.

"I'd love to see him come back to our footy club, but his health and his wellbeing are absolutely the most important thing," Cameron said.

"Cam is too good a person and too good a player to be out of AFL footy.

"Our welfare guys, led by Brett Hand and Dylan Addison, will continue just to keep checking in on him.

"I'll continue to text him or ring him, just to make sure he's going OK."

Friday, 12 February 2016
Two weeks after he went on indefinite leave to return to Western Australia, there's still no word on Greater Western Sydney forward Cam McCarthy's future.

"It's been an awkward situation," GWS coach Leon Cameron said on SEN radio.

"No one wants to see Cam lose that passion to play AFL footy. The best thing for Cam is to be with his family.

"He's a terrific young kid. We just want him to feel good about himself, (to) feel good about being a professional athlete again.

"Where that takes him no one knows, but the best choice for Cam and also the footy club is just to give him a little bit of breathing space."

Friday, 29 January 2016
Cam McCarthy has taken indefinite personal leave to head back to Western Australia as he continues to battle homesickness.

"Cam has most recently been struggling to deal with the day-to-day demands of being an AFL footballer and as a result we have agreed that the best course of action is for him to step away from the game," Giants' chief executive Dave Matthews said.

"Following last year's trade period we agreed to implement a range of measures to ensure Cam was able to spend more time in Western Australia with his family. This included augmenting his training schedule as well as bolstering what was already a comprehensive welfare framework.

"Despite initially making strong progress after returning from the Christmas break it has been apparent that Cam cannot currently meet the demands of being an AFL footballer.

"We will obviously continue to support Cam during this time and assist him in every way possible. His welfare is our priority. We ask that Cam's privacy be respected at this time."

Despite strong and persistent interest from the Dockers during last year's trade period – where it was rumoured the Giants knocked back an offer of two first round draft picks for McCarthy – the club stood firm and kept their prized young talent.

"We didn't contemplate trading a player with the potential and talent that he's shown," Matthews said.

"He had an outstanding year last year, particularly the first half of the year, (he won) a NAB Rising Star (nomination), so we had no problem at all saying that he's a valued part of the club and a required player."

GWS coach Leon Cameron says he is still hopeful that Cameron will play a part in the Giants' 2016 campaign.

"He's a highly talented, respected player of the competition, he kicked nearly 40 goals in his second year of AFL football as a young key forward," Cameron said.

"That sort of talent is hard to come by.

"It's been a difficult set of circumstances over the last couple of months, but it's come to this, and we feel as though it's a good outcome for everyone, and Cam's health and wellbeing is the most important thing."

Tuesday, 22 December 2015
GWS coach Leon Cameron says the club is working hard to keep homesick Cam McCarthy a long-term Giant.

"He's had his good weeks, he's had his bad weeks. He's very close with his mum and dad and sisters and his mates back home," Cameron said.

"I've also seen the other side of him as well; that excitement, the camaraderie and the experience I've seen with the other kids that have been through it.

"He's got a fantastic family and we've got to find the right balance of giving him time at home, but also the professionalism of being an AFL footballer."

Friday, 4 December 2015
Michael Barlow has rubbished suggestions that he was on the trade table as Fremantle searched for a deal to secure Greater Western Sydney forward Cam McCarthy during the NAB AFL Trade Period.

"I only go off the discussions I have with the people that make the decisions. That's who is really close to me, Ross (Lyon) and Bondy (Chris Bond)," Barlow said.

"Nothing was ever mentioned to me in regards to that. So I don't get caught up in the innuendo of rumours and speculation, because I trust those guys with my life and my career.

"I never ever thought about giving up the mortgage in Melville and moving anywhere else because I'm a contracted player and have loved what this football club has provided to me and I just can't give it enough back."

Thursday, 5 November 2015
Giants co-captain Phil Davis says homesick forward Cam McCarthy will quickly rediscover his love for the club when he returns for pre-season training.

"If you listen to what he had to say I think the whole time he said how much he loves the club and loves the boys, but obviously he felt like trying to get back to Perth and being with his family was a priority for him," Davis said.

"And the one thing about Cam is the boys love him and he trains hard. I'm sure once he gets back in amongst the boys he'll remember how much he loves it and we'll just go with that.

"He's a much-loved player and everyone can understand that you can miss your family at times, but we know for a fact (that over) the last few years when he's up in Sydney and with the boys he really enjoys it."

Thursday, 22 October 2015
Cam McCarthy's hopes of getting to Fremantle have been dashed, with his manager Colin Young admitting a trade in 2015 would not happen.

"They've dug the heels in and I don't think they're going to move him on, so unfortunately it's (not) going to happen," Young said.

"I'm sure they're (Fremantle) still pitching and batting hard for him, they've left no stone unturned, we've done all we could."

Fremantle has not discussed a possible 2016 trade with Greater Western Sydney for forward Cam McCarthy after failing to secure him this year.

Lloyd, coach Ross Lyon and football manager Chris Bond all met with Giants football manager Graeme Allan at Etihad Stadium on Thursday to try and make a last-ditch effort to do a deal with the Giants.

But despite McCarthy's desire to move home to Western Australia the Giants refused to budge on their contracted forward.

"They (GWS) had no interest in trading him at all," Dockers list manager Brad Lloyd said.

"We put a fair bit of effort in trying to get a trade done. It was always going to be difficult because he's a contracted player."

Tuesday, 20 October 2015
With less than two days remaining on the NAB AFL Trade Period, Fremantle CEO Steve Rosich says the Dockers' interest in contracted Greater Western Sydney forward Cam McCarthy will not disappear.

"Our interest as a club is ongoing and we feel as though he is a player that would fit into our list," Rosich said.

"Cam and his management have been very direct with us that they want Cam to return to Western Australia for personal reasons, and has also advised us that he does not want to continue his career at GWS."

The Giants have so far resisted all attempts to enter into trade negotiations in relation to the West Australian during this trade period and have pledged to throw their resources towards ensuring McCarthy can settle comfortably in Sydney.

Friday, 16 October 2015
Cam McCarthy has ramped up his bid for a trade to Fremantle, pleading with the Giants to consider dealing him before next Thursday's deadline.

"I love all the boys at GWS and they’ve been great and stuff like that, but living in western Sydney I don’t think is for me," McCarthy said.

"I don’t really get to come home much - all the Melbourne boys get to fly back every time there’s a weekend off, but I haven’t really had the opportunity because Perth is so far away.

"I’ve got two younger sisters and you don’t really see them grow up as much in a way.

"I don’t want to miss too much of that because they’re pretty important to me."

However, Giants coach Leon Cameron, while empathetic to McCarthy's homesickness, said the talented 20-year-old would not be traded.

"It's not going to happen. We really rate Cam – he's an important part of our footy club," Cameron said.

"I've seen this happen before. Once they get back into the fray of pre-season, they can produce some outstanding footy. We're really confident we can get Cam back in with the boys and playing some really good footy next year."

Friday, 9 October 2015
Cam McCarthy's manager Colin Young says the Dockers are prepared to offer its first-round picks in the next two NAB AFL Drafts to secure his client.

"Fremantle will come out in the next few days and they're going to give GWS their first-round (selection) this year and their first-round next year … 100 per cent," Young said on SEN radio.

"If GWS need those first-round picks and players at the end of the trade period, they may well do it."

Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Giants coach Leon Cameron is adamant Cam McCarthy will staying at the club despite the homesick forward expressing his desire to be traded to his home state of Western Australia.

"He's a required player and he's going to be staying at our club," Cameron said.

"All of our dealings throughout the year were really good, Cam and I had some great chats, and I knew he was homesick but not to the extent of wanting to go home.

"I understand that young kids go through that, a lot of the young kids on our list that have re-signed are fourth-year players, and their first and second years are the toughest because they've moved away from home.

"But when they get over that hump and realise that the culture (at the club) is great, they're playing some good footy, they love being here and away they go."

Tuesday, 22 September 2015
Departing Giants assistant coach Chad Cornes says he understands why Cam McCarthy might be feeling homesick.

"You could sort of see in the back half of the year he was homesick and things weren't going quite as well for him," Cornes said.

"I'm sure if he can just get over this little hump he's going through at the moment he'll have a great future.

"It's hard for young kids, they always want to get home to their family and he's got a girlfriend back in Perth too.

"So you can see both sides, but I would be playing hardball with him if I was the Giants, that's for sure."

Sunday, 20 September 2015
Cam McCarthy's manager, Colin Young, says his client is determined to leave the Giants.

Young was quoted as saying McCarthy "does not want to represent Greater Western Sydney going forward".

Giants coach Leon Cameron had said on the ABC they were confident McCarthy would stay despite being homesick.

He also said he had no indication from McCarthy that he wanted to leave when they spoke at the end of the season.

However Young claimed the club did not try to have a lengthy discussion with McCarthy to hear his reasons for requesting a trade back to Western Australia where he grew up.

"I'm not sure a five-to-10-minute exit meeting could clearly allow Cam to press his personal reasons for a trade to Leon," Young said.

Friday, 11 September 2015
Greater Western Sydney rejects Cameron McCarthy's request for a trade.

The club initially denied McCarthy had requested a trade before releasing a statement, saying: "The Giants have categorically rejected this request."

Thursday, 10 September 2015
Cam McCarthy requests a trade from the Giants with Fremantle understood to be leading the race to secure the forward.

McCarthy was instrumental in the Giants' 7-3 start to 2015. In his second AFL season, McCarthy finished with 35 goals from 20 games, including 29 from his first 12

Monday, 25 May 2015
Cam McCarthy earns the round eight NAB AFL Rising Star nomination after booting four goals against Adelaide.

McCarthy has played every game in 2015 so far and has booted 21 majors to see him sitting in seventh spot in the race for the Coleman Medal.

"It's been a bit of a surprise so far. I wasn't looking to play too many footy games this year in the ones; I was just looking to have a solid year in the twos," McCarthy admitted to

"But I had a pretty good pre-season – not only myself, all the boys had a really good pre-season.

"David Joyce, head of the athletic (performance) department, he's the new guy in town and he's really pushed us to our limits in pre-season and that's set us up for the year."

Monday, 16 March 2015
Cam McCarthy has emerged as a serious contender for a round one berth in GWS' forward line after kicking three goals in both NAB Challenge games so far.

"He's an exciting young talent and it's fantastic that he's on our list," GWS coach Leon Cameron said.

"He's one of those dynamic players and he's going to go up and down in the next year or two because he's just a young tall who's only been playing footy for so many years. But what he's shown the last two weeks has been particularly pleasing in backing up the pre-season he's had.

"He's thrown a spanner in the works, which is really good to have. He's put his hand up and we've got to look to reward that effort."

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