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Brent Staker

Last played for Brisbane Lions in 2015
Games: 160     Born: May 23, 1984     Origin: NSW
Playing Height: 196cm     Playing Weight: 98kg     Position: Forward
Drafted: Round 3, Pick #37 2002 National Draft by West Coast Eagles
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Brent Staker Biography

Wednesday, 13 December 2017
After rupturing his ACL at training last month, Sam Docherty is determined to turn his wrecked 2018 into a year of positive personal development.

"There's plenty of positives to come out of having nine to 12 months off the field, and it's the opportunity to do things I've never done before and develop as a person," Docherty said.

"A former teammate of mine at the Lions, Brent Staker, who has been through a few of these, told me this will be the best year of my career in terms of developing as a person and as a player.

"He said I'll get more out of this 12 months than I would've thought."

Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Barry hall has admitted he could have killed Brent Staker with a violent blow to the head in round four, 2008.

Nine-and-a-half years after the incident, the pair have come face-to-face for the first time for a television interview.

"There's the one punch thing getting around now in society, and it happens every weekend and it has to stop 'cause it's dangerous," Hall said.

"It was a low act and something that he shouldn't have to live through now."

Staker revealed he is regularly reminded of the incident.

"It just somehow finds you every now and then," Staker said.

"I've come to terms with it, I know that it's going to be one incident that they remember me for."

Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Barry Hall says he has lasting regret for the infamous 2008 punch that knocked out West Coast defender Brent Staker.

Speaking at the Australian Football Hall of Fame induction dinner at Adelaide Oval, Hall said he remains ashamed of the incident.

"I do a lot of speaking stuff and guys like to be guys and say, 'Ah, that was great'. It's just a load of crap, it wasn't great," Hall said.

"I'm a father now and I don't want my boy seeing his dad do that.

"Brent Staker has to live with that. I'm sure if his mates are like mine, they remind him every day about it.

"Maybe in a light-hearted way, but he has to live through that.

"People he doesn't know will be reminding him of it, so that does bother me.

"I've apologised, but Brent Staker has to live through that."

Saturday, 5 September 2015
Brent Staker will not get a farewell match after being injured in the warm-up of the Lions' final round game against the Western Bulldogs.

Staker hurt his hamstring in the warm-up and has been replaced by Zac O'Brien, who will start as the sub.

Sadly it typifies the injury-riddled career of the popular 31-year-old.

Staker was due to play the final game of his career after recently announcing his retirement.

He finishes with 160 games and 119 goals for both the Lions and West Coast.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015
Brent Staker announces his retirement.

After an excellent first season in Brisbane in 2011, he endured two knee reconstructions and a litany of injury problems that restricted him to just 28 games over his final five seasons.

"I felt to get 160 games in 13 years was more than I'd ever get out of myself, considering the last six years has been a real challenge," Staker said in his announcement to the playing group.

"I wouldn't change it for the world."

Brent Staker gives a special mention to Barry Hall while announcing his retirement to his teammates.

Staker was quick to laugh at the most famous incident of his career, when Hall punched him and knocked him out during his days at West Coast.

Hall was suspended for seven games for the punch.

"Quick thank-yous, the first one without any hesitation is to Barry Hall," Staker laughed.

"Bazza's reassured me I've got a very strong right jaw, it's still intact. I appreciate it Barry for putting me on the map."

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Brent Staker has been able to run for the first time since suffering a rare calf tendon problem just behind his knee in February.

"It's something that has never happened before, a calf tear in this particular position and how it tore and the other parts around the calf that were involved," Staker said.

"This is the injury that has tested me the most. I've had two knee reconstructions, cartlilage, bone graft, broken thumb and out of all the injuries, this is the one that has really tested my patience.

"It was the not knowing of how it happened then the not knowing of how to repair it, timeframes, waiting for your body to react and heal as well."
Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Brent Staker is facing another extended stint on the sidelines due to a problem with the tendon in his left calf that inserts into the back of his knee.

Lions football manager Dean Warren told the club had tried everything to solve the latest injury riddle.

"We had Jill Cook - who we've used in the past and is one of the world leading experts on tendons and the treatments of tendons and tendinopathy - here, and her colleagues were up last week for a conference," Warren said.

"They looked at it and were confident we couldn't have done any more in relation to the treatment. It's basically not healing as quickly as we would have hoped.

"No doubt it's frustrating for 'Stakes' and it's also a little frustrating for our medical team."

Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Brent Staker is taking a carefree approach to the 2014 season.

"Last year was all about having fun because I'd had a few setbacks," Staker said.

"I think I'll take that same approach, make every post a winner and try and learn and give back to these young guys.

"As you get older you don't stress about little things that happen on the footy field, you just take it in your stride and move on.

"You don't go home with your head in your hands worried about things. You just enjoy it and live every moment."

Monday, 4 November 2013
Brisbane re-sign Brent Staker until the end of 2015.

"Brent provides a wealth of experience to our young group and is a fantastic character to have around the club," Lions general manager of football operations Dean Warren said.

"He was particularly important this year in his ability to play a role both up forward and down back when required.

"He has had a tough time with injury over the past few years but his resilience and determination has paid off."

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
In his return match after undergoing two knee reconstructions, Brent Staker kicks the match-sealing goal against Essendon.

Teammate and Lion veteran Ashley McGrath said Staker's return was an inspiration to the rest of the team.

"It's a massive lift. It's a lonely place being in the rehab group when you have two recos in a row," McGrath said.

"I know 'Browny' spoke about it before the game and at half-time and even three quarter-time, just the fight to get back and play another AFL game.

"Just to see him kick the goal, you saw the boys get around him.

"To have all the emotions of that one game and to have the ball in your hands to seal the win for the boys is a big thing. If anyone could have done it, it was 'Stakes'."

Sunday, 21 April 2013
Simon Black plays his first match of football after eight months in the Lions' reserves.

"It's been the longest break between games I've had my whole career. I know how the young kids feel when they play their first game," Black said.

"There's no substitute for time in the middle playing. It'll take me a few weeks to get my feel back and my legs back.

"It's great to get a run in the legs and hopefully in three or four weeks time I can find my match fitness and start to play some good footy."

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
Brent Staker suffers another setback after undergoing minor knee surgery on his left knee which will sideline him for six weeks.

"It's only a minor setback compared to what I've been through," Staker said referring to serious injuries he has had to endure on his right knee.

Monday, 10 December 2012
Brent Staker says he is revelling in being able to participate in pre-season training again since recovering from a horror run with injuries to his right knee.

"It was a surreal feeling because 12 months ago I was starting pre-season on a new bike and riding around Brisbane non-stop, so it's been terrific to be able to be part of the training sessions," Staker said.

"The shackles are off and I've been released back into the wild."

Thursday, 29 March 2012
Brent Staker reveals the frustration of coping with injuries in a behind-the-scenes documentary produced by the Brisbane Lions on their pre-season.

"Once you're not playing footy you do realise how much you love playing," Staker says.

"Sitting on the sidelines most of last year and all of this year is going to be a good test of character. The hardest thing about not playing footy is not achieving your goals."

Thursday, 8 September 2011
Brent Staker has been ruled out for the entire 2012 season due to knee surgery.

"The writing was on the wall that I had to get traditional (surgery), but missing another season is devastating," Staker told the Lions website.

"That joy of playing footy you can't replace in day-to-day life, that thrill of running out on the field in that team environment, I'm going to miss it.

"It's not the end of the world but that's 22 games I'll miss out on. I just have to get on with it and get bigger and stronger for 2013."

Monday, 29 August 2011
After a super-quick recovery from his last knee injury, Lion Brent Staker will require the same knee to be reconstructed again.

"Not good news today. Scans look like that I will need another reco. Thanks again for everyone's support. Will keep u all in the loop," Staker tweeted on Twitter.

Thursday, 4 August 2011
Brent Staker says the challenge of having to deal with persistent injuries in 2011 has been a new experience for him.

"It's been a long year, an interesting year, I haven't had to deal with things like this (injury) in my career," he said.

"It's definitely been a challenge. I want to finish the season off with consistent football and play a role for the team."

Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Brisbane Lions utility Brent Staker is hoping to play again this year after undergoing a successful LARS procedure to repair his ruptured ACL.

"I was shattered when it first happened and was pretty much resigned to missing 12 months of football," Staker said.

"Now I'm eager to get out of hospital in the next 24 hours and begin the rehabilitation process. Having LARS has certainly given me some renewed hope of playing football this year."

Monday, 28 March 2011
Brent Staker will undergo a full knee reconstruction after damaging his arterior cruciate ligament against Fremantle in Brisbane's 2011 season opener.

"It's obviously devastating news for Brent," Brisbane Lions football operations manager Dean Warren said.

"Brent has had an outstanding pre-season and he was ready to demonstrate that fitness on the field. I'm sure that while he is bitterly disappointed he will recover strongly from this setback."

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Brisbane Lions recruit Brent Staker is looking forward to facing his old club, West Coast, in round one and says he chose to move north to better his career as a footballer.

"It's one of those tough decisions in life that have to be made in a career you want to cherish," Staker said.

"To make my career the best I can I had to make a tough decision. I thought the best move was to move interstate and play some more football."

Monday, 5 October 2009
West Coast, the Sydney Swans and the Lions look to have arranged for four players to change clubs.

Amon Buchanan and Brent Staker will head to Brisbane, Sydney will acquire Mark Seaby while the Eagles are set to gain Brad Dalziell.

"It's a good opportunity for him (Buchanan). We had some discussion with him at the end of the year - both us and Amon were undecided - should he stay at Sydney or should he go," Sydney coach Paul Roos said.

"He's a premiership player and a fantastic player, but probably his past couple of years he's been battling a little bit.

"Brisbane was interested, so we were happy to facilitate that, which means we can get Seaby in."

Thursday, 3 September 2009
West Coast coach John Worsfold says the Eagles will try and find Brent Staker a new club in trade week after Staker told the Eagles he wanted to explore his options with other teams.

"We obviously don't have to trade him but we have to be clear that we believe we've got the depth here and therefore we can offer to Brent the opportunity to do what he wants to do, which is get the most out of his footy career. We're not going to curtail that," Worsfold said.

"One of Brent's things was he wanted to have a crack at becoming a midfielder. We'd played him as a forward a fair bit. We were supporting that with him and unfortunately the injuries this year prevented any progress in those roles."

Wednesday, 25 March 2009
Boxer Danny Green says he would be staggered if Barry Hall threw another knockout punch on the field like the one that felled Brent Staker.

Green yesterday described the lengths Hall is going to contain his aggression on the field, including being "cracked in the head" by the Australian boxing champion.

Sunday, 13 April 2008
Barry Hall stuns the football world after landing a savage left hook to Eagle Brent Staker's jaw that left Staker on the ground for almost three minutes.

After recovering from the hit, Staker spent the rest of the game on the bench in obvious distress and discomfort.

Hall will have to answer a charge of striking that is expected to keep him sidelined for an extended period of time given the severity of the report.

Sydney coach Paul Roos says the incident is out of character for Hall and admits that Hall will have to serve time for his on-field indisgression.

"It's pretty hard to justify anything like that. It'll go to the tribunal and he'll accept whatever penalty he's given," Roos said.

A remorseful Hall later says he regrets the incident.

"It was a spur-of-the-moment, split-second thing and it shouldn't have happened. It was a mind explosion. It looked really ordinary in the replay," Hall said.

"I'll cop that on the chin and whatever the tribunal comes up with, I've just got to cop.

"I'll take my medicine. Whatever they think is fair. It's pretty hard to defend my actions. It's there in black and white."

Hall's actions draws widespread criticism, most notably from Staker's parents who label Hall as a "weak mongrel" while former North Melbourne player Sam McFarlane, who was struck by Hall in a similar fashion 11 years ago, says that Hall has not learnt from his mistakes.

Rosemary Staker, Brent's mother, has urged the AFL to impose a season-long ban on Hall.

However, Amanda Hall, Barry's sister, defended her brother, saying, "He's a better role model for the kids than Ben Cousins. At least he's not a druggie."

Staker has ruled out pressing criminal charges or taking legal action against Hall.

Swans co-captain Leo Barry says that Hall let the team down.

"Everyone feels like he has let us down," Barry said.

"It is going to be something where he is going to have to earn the respect back from the playing group."

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