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Adam Treloar

Age: 26yr 2mth    Games: 149     Born: March 9, 1993    
Height: 182cm     Weight: 86kg     Position: Midfield
Supercoach Price: $567,000   Supercoach Profile
AFL Fantasy Price: $765,000   AFL Fantasy Profile
Contract Status: Out of contract at the end of 2021   AFL Player Contracts
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Adam Treloar Biography

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
Adam Treloar is set to be sidelined until late August after confirmed he has damage to both of his hamstrings.

Scans revealed tendon damage to his left hamstring, which will require surgery, and also a strain to the right hamstring.

Magpies football manager Geoff Walsh described the dual hamstring injuries as a "freakish occurrence".

"Adam stumbled, his left leg locked and before he tumbled to the ground his left leg stretched beyond its limit. It seems that he strained his right leg on the way down as he tried to compensate for the force pushing through his left," Walsh said.

"It is certainly highly unusual, to injure both hamstrings at once. No-one can recall it happening before in football."

Saturday, 31 March 2018
Adam Treloar says he needs to radically change his decision-making if he's to correct his kicking efficiency woes.

It comes after a 2017 campaign where he kicked at 48 per cent efficiency, ranked the worst of the competition's 203 players to average 10 kicks or more.

"I've been working on that my whole life, really. I think it's one of the things I need to improve on massively," Treloar said.

"A lot of the time it's decision-making, it's not fundamentally how I'm kicking. Fundamentally I kick the ball fine.

"A lot of the kicks are rushed kicks and rushed bomb kicks and that's my own problem and that's me generally making the wrong decision."

Friday, 7 October 2016
Scott Pendlebury lays claim to being among the all-time Collingwood greats after winning his fourth consecutive Copeland Trophy as the Magpies' best and fairest.

Pendlebury earned 19 more votes than runner-up Adam Treloar while Steele Sidebottom finished third.

Saturday, 13 August 2016
Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley says Adam Treloar will be a key part of the club's midfield over the next few years.

"He's got great wheels. He can win the ball inside, he can get outside. He can clean up his use and we can make more of his touches, but he just breaks the game up," Buckley said.

"He's going to be a very good midfielder in the competition and he'll be very important for us going forward."

Wednesday, 3 August 2016
As Collingwood prepares to face Richmond, Adam Treloar says he doesn’t regret the pre-season comments he made about the Magpies having a "better list" than the Tigers.

"I'm an honest person, I think people can notice that. I don't bullcrap, I don't try to lie about anything so whatever I think of something, I'll say," Treloar said.

"It's an eye opener when you come back to Melbourne and realise how big the footy bubble is.

"I wouldn't change a thing."

Saturday, 2 April 2016
Adam Treloar says he expected a hostile reception from Richmond supporters after comments he made during the pre-season that he had chosen to join the Magpies over the Tigers because they had a "better list".

"When the fans think someone's taking a shot at their footy club – which I don't believe I did, I reckon they're a great footy club – you're not going to be liked by the opposition team," Treloar said.

"I knew every time I got the ball I was going to be booed and I expect it next game as well.

"But that's footy, that's life and it doesn't matter. We won at the end of the day so I'm happy … it's my first win with the footy club and our first win of the season."

Thursday, 17 March 2016
Collingwood skipper Scott Pendlebury says the addition of Adam Treloar to Collingwood's midfield will help make the Magpies more unpredictable.

"We've got a lot of grunt inside the contest and he adds that pace and run and carry and finish that we need," Pendlebury said.

"He's just so classy and I'm looking forward to playing with him this year."

Tuesday, 22 December 2015
Adam Treloar's manager has been cleared of wrongdoing by an AFLPA investigation into off-season surgery the 23-year-old had before being traded to the Magpies.

The AFLPA found that Peter Blucher had "not acted improperly and sought to act in his client's best interests at all times".

Treloar's former club, Greater Western Sydney, requested the investigation claiming it had not been notified by Treloar's manager of the groin surgery that occurred while the Giants and the Magpies were negotiating his trade.

The surgery was carried out in Tasmania two weeks after Treloar formally requested a trade to Collingwood.

The AFLPA's acting head of player relations Brett Murphy said it became apparent during the investigation there were differing views as to whether the Giants had been notified.

"Blucher said that he notified the club prior to Adam’s surgery. The Giants maintain that at no time were they notified of Adam’s surgery until after it occurred. The investigation was not able to reach a definitive position on this issue," Murphy said.

The investigation found that although it would have been preferable if the Giants were aware of the surgery the manager "had no express obligation" to inform the club".

Thursday, 19 November 2015
Adam Treloar has taken to Twitter to justify his comments about Collingwood having, in his opinion, a better list than Richmond's.

"I never once had a dig at Richmond, I thanked them heaps for there (sic) interest and effort in me and I wish them nothing but the best," Treloar tweeted.

"I got asked the question why I choose (sic) to play for the pies (sic), and of course people are going to disagree with me because people have different opinions, it's human nature.

"But don't judge me as a person because of a game that only takes up such a small part of my life. ITS JUST A GAME (sic)."

Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Adam Treloar says he chose to be traded to Collingwood rather than fellow suitor Richmond because he sees the Magpies having a "better list" capable of winning a premiership in the coming years.

"A lot of people might think I'm silly because Richmond have a lot of good players but I think Collingwood have a better list, a younger list, who in a couple of years time can hopefully win a premiership," Treloar said.

"That's my ultimate goal and this team's goal. It's been clearly evident when I've come into this club that they're driven for success and that's to be a premiership team and that's what I want to be a part of."

However, Tigers great Kevin Bartlett says Treloar is "delusional" if he believes Collingwood has a better list than Richmond.

"I know Treloar has been in Sydney for the past four years and AFL doesn't get much media, and has missed the fact the Pies have been on a serious slide since 2011," Bartlett said on SEN.

"They've won two flags in 57 years.

"Adam, you'll have to be twice as good as I think you are for the Pies to win a flag before Richmond."

Thursday, 22 October 2015
The AFL Players' Association will investigate the conduct of Adam Treloar's manager regarding the circumstances that led to the former Giant’s hip operation.

Greater Western Sydney has written to the association, which is responsible for the conduct of player agents, asking it to examine the role played by Peter Blucher in arranging the secret operation.

"The players' association has received a formal request from GWS to investigate the conduct of Adam Treloar's agent in relation to a hip operation that was organised for Adam following advice that he received from an independent medical expert and Collingwood medicos," agent accreditation board chairman Ian Prendergast said.

"We will now look into the matter further, as we do with all matters involving allegations regarding the professional standards of agents."

Wednesday, 21 October 2015
Adam Treloar is finally a Magpie after Collingwood and Greater Western Sydney concluded their protracted trade negotiations for the young star.

As expected, Collingwood gave up its first-round picks this year (No.7 overall) and next year's first pick for Treloar, while it also gave No.65 to the Giants.

In addition to Treloar, the Giants also passed their second-round draft pick this year (No.28 overall) back to the Pies.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015
Giants footy operations boss Graeme Allan says Adam Treloar is no certainty to go to Collingwood, with multiple clubs having enquired about him.

Treloar nominated the Magpies as the club he wants to play for next year, but Allan said that he may not make it there.

"There's a lot of clubs speaking to us about him. They should, he's a great player," Allan said.

Treloar's manager Peter Blucher has previously said Treloar would have re-signed with GWS if the Giants had put forward an offer he and Treloar considered reasonable.

However, Allan insisted the Giants' contract offer was adequate.

"We put a very good offer on the table for Adam," he said.

"Unfortunately we couldn't come to terms."

Friday, 9 October 2015
Adam Treloar's manager Peter Blucher says the midfielder would still be at Greater Western Sydney beyond this year if the club had offered him a fair and reasonable new deal during the 2015 season.

"At the start of the year Adam (Treloar) was quite happy to stay at GWS, that was actually his preference," Blucher said.

"We had an offer on the table from GWS which we thought was inadequate, we told them we thought it was inadequate, we gave them another number which I think was more than fair and reasonable which he'd be happy to accept.

"(Adam) would have signed for two years on the spot (but) there was no movement (from the club) so when we realised there was going to be no movement we had an obligation to seek some alternatives."

Sunday, 13 September 2015
Departing Giants midfielder Adam Treloar expresses his love for the teammates he will face as an opponent from next season.

Just days after the 22 year-old told club officials of his wish to be traded back to his home state of Victoria, Treloar finished second in the Kevin Sheedy Medal for Greater Western Sydney's best and fairest player to defender Heath Shaw.

At the presentation in Sydney, he spoke of his affection for the club.

"I just want to thank everyone for my time here, I've loved every minute I've had here," Treloar said.

"The players, I love each and every one of you.

"The coaching staff, from Sheeds (former coach Kevin Sheedy) when he started here, Choco (former assistant coach Mark Williams), Leon Cameron you've been a massive influence on me … Lukey Power, I could go on and on."

Tuesday, 8 September 2015
Footy's worst kept trade secret has been confirmed with Greater Western Sydney midfielder Adam Treloar formally requesting a move in the off-season.

GWS footy manager Graeme Allan said that the club had done everything in its power to keep Treloar in Sydney.

“We put in place a player retention strategy some time ago and we’ve been delighted that so many players have re-signed with the club over the last 12 months,” Allan said.

“The majority of our players have re-signed to keep this playing group together as they understand we are building something special and they want to be a part of it.

"We've had an attractive offer in front of Adam's management all year, but ultimately we have been unable to meet his financial requirements."

Sunday, 6 September 2015
Greater Western Sydney expects to have an answer from Adam Treloar on his future within the next 14 days.

"He'd love to stay at our footy club, but he's got a big decision to make. There are some big clubs around Australia that are after his services and we are as well," GWS coach Leon Cameron said.

"Hopefully we can convince him to stay at our footy club, but these are big decisions when you're 22 years old."

Thursday, 3 September 2015
Greater Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron remains confident the Giants can hold onto out-of-contract midfielder Adam Treloar, saying he is entrenched in the club.

Despite almost daily media speculation in recent weeks that the Victorian is set to depart at the end of the season to accept a massive contract offer in his home state, Cameron said Treloar’s exit is by no means a foregone conclusion.

"Adam has been really hell bent on saying, 'Let’s talk after the season', whether it's a week or four or five days, we'll have a really good chat," Cameron said.

"We're not going to shy away from it, he's got massive decisions to make.

"One thing is for sure though, he loves this footy club."

Friday, 1 May 2015
Adam Treloar quashes rumours of a possible move from the Giants to Collingwood.

"That's just all speculation. That's just the media doing what media does best in making stories up," Treloar said.

"I am very happy here. I love the Giants. At the moment all I care about is playing footy. I've got a great management team who really look after me. They take care of all that stuff and I'm here to play footy."

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Adam Treloar says he has no intention of leaving the Giants despite coming out of contract at the end of 2015.

"I want to be here until we win a premiership," Treloar said.

"My contract's going to take care of itself, there's nothing to worry about.

"I see myself as a leader at this footy club because I've been here since the start. I'd like to help the other players coming along."

Monday, 24 February 2014
Adam Treloar says he has enjoyed having an injury-free pre-season for the first time in three years.

"The last two pre-seasons I've been injured, so I missed a fair chunk of both of them," Treloar said.

"But to finally do the whole pre-season, have no niggles touch-wood, has been massive for me.

"It's been great for my body. I've developed strength everywhere – my core strength, my legs, everything.

"Hopefully I'll have a really good year this year."

Monday, 6 January 2014
AFL great Dermott Brereton says Adam Treloar has the makings on an elite midfielder.

"He's a very rare breed. Not too many guys with his pace are inside players. They normally tend to be on the outside," Brereton said.

"But he has enormous pace, enormous courage and seeks out body contact, which is an absolute rare blend.

"He has the makings of being something extraordinary."

Thursday, 30 August 2012
Jeremy Cameron, Toby Greene, Steve Coniglio and Adam Treloar are among eight re-signings for Greater Western Sydney.

"It's a young club, plenty of run, and I just love the boys around the club and we're building something really big for the future," Cameron said.

"I'm really confident going forward that if we can all stay together, we'll be a very successful club," Coniglio added.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Adam Treloar becomes the Giants' record-breaking sixth NAB AFL Rising Star nominee after tallying 37 possessions in a loss to the Magpies.

"If you're not winning, you're not really thinking about individual awards. I never thought I was going to win it so it was a surprise for me this round," Treloar said.

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