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Simon Tunbridge

Last played for West Coast Eagles in 2016
Games: 10     Born: April 1, 1993     Origin: GWS
Playing Height: 191cm     Playing Weight: 98kg     Position: Forward
First Drafted: Round 3, Pick #51 2011 Rookie Draft by West Coast Eagles
Last Drafted: Round 4, Pick #61 2015 Rookie Draft by West Coast Eagles
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Simon Tunbridge Biography

Wednesday, 27 September 2017
Simon Tunbridge's bid to save his West Coast career has come up short, with the Eagles delisting the luckless forward after five seasons.

Tunbridge faced a make-or-break campaign in 2017 and underwent a revolutionary hybrid-LARS knee reconstruction in December after going down in an innocuous pre-season training incident.

The 24-year-old made it back to football in late July but his return was over after three WAFL games due a calf niggle and hamstring tendon injury.

"Simon gave himself every opportunity to succeed and was a respected member of the squad for the last five years, but unfortunately his body struggled with the demands of elite football," Eagles football manager Craig Vozzo said.

"We thank Simon for his contribution to the football club and wish him the best for whatever the future holds."

Monday, 13 February 2017
Simon Tunbridge runs for the first time after undergoing a hybrid LARS operation on his ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in December.

"It was a bit weird, I just didnít have confidence running and putting weight through the knee, but once I got going it felt good and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face," Tunbridge said.

Sunday, 18 December 2016
Simon Tunbridge will opt for LARS surgery in an attempt to save his career after rupturing the ACL in his left knee.

West Coast football operations manager Craig Vozzo told News Corp the club was wary of a straight LARS operation, despite the fact it can have players returning within three months.

He said a hybrid option would combine a synthetic fibre with a hamstring ligament and give Tunbridge a greater chance of success.

"We didn't have the same level of confidence in the straight LARS," Vozzo said.

"But our surgeons are quite confident in the outcomes they've had with the hybrid LARS scenario and the recurrence rate has been quite low. So from our point of view it's a good decision."

Monday, 12 December 2016
Simon Tunbridge suffers a cruel blow going into 2017, rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

Tunbridge suffered the injury in an innocuous training incident on Monday morning, his knee buckling when he changed direction.

Monday, 31 October 2016
West Coast rookies Simon Tunbridge, Jordan Snadden and Paddy Brophy sign one-year deals to remain at the club in 2017.

"Simon , Jordan and Paddy are all quality young men who are developing well and we look forward to them continuing to grow in 2017," West Coast general manager of football Craig Vozzo said.

Friday, 30 October 2015
Simon Tunbridge is delisted by the Eagles after playing seven games since being recruited via the rookie draft in 2012.
Thursday, 27 June 2013
Simon Tunbridge makes his AFL debut for West Coast with 2 disposals (2 kicks) in a 7-point loss to Essendon.
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