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Jamie Cripps

Age: 32yr 1mth    Games: 238     Born: April 23, 1992     Origin: East Fremantle
Height: 184cm     Weight: 83kg     Position: Forward
Drafted: Round 1, Pick #24 2010 National Draft by St Kilda Saints
Supercoach Price: $406,900   Supercoach Profile
AFL Fantasy Price: $626,000   AFL Fantasy Profile
Contract Status: UFA at the end of 2025   AFL Player Contracts
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Jamie Cripps Biography

Thursday, 13 February 2020
Jamie Cripps signs a new three-year deal to remain at West Coast until at least the end of 2023.

"I suppose the last couple of years my leadership on-field has probably changed a bit being one of the older half-forward players in the team," Cripps said.

"I do like that role I've been playing and I'll continue doing that over the next couple of years."

Thursday, 12 April 2018
Cameron Guthrie will be sidelined for up to two months following ankle surgery.

Guthrie underwent an operation on his right ankle after his right foot became trapped underneath Eagle Jamie Cripps' body in a tackle at Optus Stadium.

Thursday, 5 April 2018
Jamie Cripps signs a two-year contract extension with West Coast to remain at the club until the end of 2020.
Monday, 24 April 2017
West Coast is bracing for the loss of Jamie Cripps to a nasty ankle injury pending scans.

Cripps hobbled off the MCG after landing awkwardly on his left ankle in the dying minutes of the Eagles' loss to Hawthorn and was on crutches in the rooms post-match.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Alex Silvagni is handed a four-week ban for a high hit on West Coast's Jamie Cripps.

Silvagni - whose case was referred directly to the Tribunal by the Match Review Panel on Monday - pleaded guilty as charged, with his strike graded as high impact and high contact.

In his evidence, Silvagni said Cripps had moved into his path to stop him pursuing his opponent, and he had responded by attempting to "move him out of the way" with a "strong, forceful" bump.

"I didn't mean to strike him in the head," a contrite Silvagni said.

"It didn't sit with me well at the time, during the game or still now. As a footballer I don't like seeing it and I didn't mean to do it.

"I just want to publicly apologise to Jamie for the incident on the weekend. It's not something I stand for.

"I still feel a little ill from it from the weekend. It's definitely not something in my character. I'm deeply remorseful for the incident."

Jamie Cripps could be available for West Coast's clash with the Western Bulldogs after scans cleared him of a fractured jaw.

Cripps copped a nasty elbow from Dockers defender Alex Silvagni in last Sunday's Western Derby and the Eagles feared he might have suffered a fracture as a result.

But scans have cleared Cripps of any structural damage.

West Coast football manager Craig Vozzo told the club's website that Cripps was still suffering headaches from the incident and he would be monitored this week.

"Jamie obviously suffered that pretty nasty knock on the weekend, but going through the x-ray process, it's revealed no break which is terrific news for us and more particularly Jamie," Vozzo said.

"He was dazed a little and he's still having headaches, so he'll be a test later in the week."

Monday, 17 August 2015
Jamie Cripps has a suspected fractured jaw as a result of Docker Alex Silvagni's off-the-ball elbow, but Eagles coach Adam Simpson said he deliberately did not watch a replay of the incident to avoid making comment.

"Crippa's got probably a fractured jaw," Simpson said post-match.

"We wouldn't have put him back on if it was a broken jaw. But there might be a fracture there. He's pretty sore at the moment.

"I deliberately didn't watch it. But I've heard a lot about it."

Friday, 24 April 2015
Jamie Cripps signs a new three-year deal with West Coast that will keep him at the club until the end of 2018.

"I'm really looking forward to being a part of this group as we build towards something special," Cripps said.

"We have an exciting young list and are single-minded about where we want to go. I think we're the fourth or fifth youngest squad in the AFL and it's great to be part of it."

Friday, 26 October 2012
St Kilda has lost its fight to swap Jamie Cripps for Eagle Mitch Brown, losing Cripps to West Coast for an exchange of picks.

"He's a young guy we think can add some pace to our midfield and can play a few roles for us, so we're really pleased to get it done," West Coast's national recruiting manager Rohan O'Brien said.

"St Kilda were very fair all the way through with what they did, but we were keen to keep Mitch and hopefully he'll be with us for a number of years to come."

Thursday, 25 October 2012
Mitch Brown's manager says St Kilda has offered Jamie Cripps and a high draft pick to West Coast in exchange for his client.

"I would've thought Cripps and pick 25 for Mitch would probably be fair and reasonable," Brown's manager Liam Pickering said.

"But that what's on the table, and at the moment they're not going to take it."

Wednesday, 24 October 2012
Jamie Cripps may nominate for the draft if the Saints and Eagles can't agree to a trade.

"Jamie has made his mind up that he wants to go home to Western Australia. He's homesick and wants to be closer to his family and girlfriend," Cripps' manager Jason Dover said.

"So he's prepared to nominate for the draft if needs be, which would leave St Kilda with nothing. But we're hopeful it won't come to that."

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
The Eagles say the will not trade defender Mitch Brown despite interest from St Kilda.

The Saints have indicated to West Coast they would accept Brown in a trade for versatile 20-year-old Jamie Cripps, who wants to return to WA.

"We'd definitely look at recontracting him there's always risk in 12 months' time if we haven't done that and we recognise that," Eagles list manager Craig Vozzo said.

"I think he sees there's opportunity here. We certainly have identified that for him.

Monday, 1 October 2012
St Kilda has not given up hope of changing Jamie Cripps' mind about returning to Western Australia after reports emerged over Grand Final weekend that Cripps had walked out on the Saints and hoped to return home.
Wednesday, 30 May 2012
St Kilda's Jamie Cripps has learnt to deal with type 1 diabetes and is beginning to deliver on his promise.

"I was worried. I didn't really know what was going to happen. My dad has got type 1 diabetes as well and he has helped me out a lot. He's told me that's not going to stop me from doing anything," he said.

"I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I watched my dad have the needles four times a day when I was growing up so I knew what I had to do, I just had to toughen up and do it."

Saturday, 30 April 2011
Jamie Cripps makes his AFL debut for St Kilda at Football Park with 4 disposals (4 kicks), 2 marks, a tackle and 2 goals in a 19-point loss to Adelaide.
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