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Dayne Beams

Last played for Collingwood Magpies in 2019
Games: 177     Born: February 12, 1990     Origin: Southporth Sharks
Playing Height: 187cm     Playing Weight: 88kg     Position: Midfield
Last Drafted: Round 2, Pick #29 2008 National Draft by Collingwood Magpies
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Dayne Beams Biography

Wednesday, 25 November 2020
Collingwood parts ways with Dayne Beams after reaching a settlement on the final two years of his contract.

Beams, 30, has not played for the Magpies since round 11, 2019 after battling significant mental health issues.

"Some time ago it became apparent to me that the demands of the game, which for many years I thrived on, were not helping my recovery," Beams said.

"Once I understood this it was easier to put my wellbeing and that of my family first. I am a father to two lovely children and a husband to Kelly, who I owe so much to.

"Challenges remain. That's life. But with experience, understanding and the help of many people I am in a stronger position to deal with them."

Wednesday, 4 November 2020
Dayne Beams says his mental health is the best it has been in some years after sitting out the entire 2020 season.

"I'm in the best space I've been in since then. I run my own (art) business now and that keeps me really busy and occupied and it's what I draw my attention to outside my own family," Beams said.

"Footy was a big trigger for me. When my dad passed away, there was a lot of grief, there were a lot of different emotions that, as I've spoken about, I was masking with some pretty destructive behaviours."

His contract settlement, given there is two years still to run on the deal, is close to being finalised.

"It's not a common situation, so they've done the best they've been able to do, and vice versa in terms of communicating what I'm feeling," he said.

"At no stage has there ever been any angst or anything like that, it's always been pretty open, and we've been able to settle on something and we're in the final stages of ticking that off."

Tuesday, 7 July 2020
Dayne Beams opens up on one of the darkest chapters of his life as he was dealing with mental health issues.

"There was a moment where, I can't remember to be honest because I was concussed in the incident, but I crashed my car deliberately. I didn't want it to be fatal, I didn't want to die but it was a cry, it was a massive cry. I needed help," Beams said.

"I just didn't know how to get out of the s*** that I was in. I feel like you need to hit rock bottom to go back up and for me that was the lowest I got."

Saturday, 4 April 2020
Dayne Beams says art therapy has become his escape and passion while struggling with mental health, something he stumbled upon while in a mental health centre.

"I received a program for the weeks I was there and I looked at it and the two things that stood out to me on the page that I thought I wouldn't enjoy were actually yoga and art therapy," he said.

"I scoffed at those things, I felt 'those are two things I'm not gonna enjoy' and they actually turned out to be the two things I enjoyed the most.

"While the yoga's fallen off a bit, my art, it's my purpose in life - I love it."

Friday, 14 February 2020
Dayne Beams has been taken to hospital following a car crash. Collingwood confirmed that Beams stayed in hospital overnight for observation, but his injuries were minor.
Monday, 6 January 2020
Dayne Beams is auctioning his 2010 premiership medal to raise money in aid of the Australian bushfire appeal.

He joins several players and clubs across the competition pledging their commitment to the cause.

Essendon captain Dyson Heppell will shave his trademark dreadlocks in a bid to help raise over $50,000.

Geelong great Gary Ablett is auctioning off a signed jumper by him and his father.

Brisbane's Mitch Robinson teamed up with his brother Leigh to raise over $15,000 by hosting a 24-hour online gaming stream last weekend.

Friday, 13 December 2019
Following discussions with discussions with the Magpies, his family and medical professionals, Dayne Beams will extend his break from football indefinitely after having stepped away from the Magpies late in 2019.

The 29-year-old played only nine games in 2019 after dealing with physical and mental health issues, and was admitted to hospital in September after suffering an adverse reaction to medication.

"Trying to improve my quality of life and meet the demands of playing and training for football at the elite level continues to be a struggle," Beams said.

"My health and football have come to feel like competing priorities, which is not a position that is helping or enabling me to meet my responsibilities.

"I have been trying to meet this challenge for a number of years but, with a series of debilitating recent injuries and my mental health a work in progress, I have reached a point where I know that stepping away from football is necessary."

Thursday, 24 October 2019
Dayne Beams and teammate Nathan Murphy complete the Kokoda Trail as part of their off-season training.
Wednesday, 4 September 2019
Dayne Beams is hospitalised after experiencing an adverse reaction to pain medication.
Monday, 5 August 2019
Already indefinitely sidelined after a hip operation, Dayne Beams undergoes further surgery to his shoulder.

The procedure had been long planned, but was brought forward once it became apparent he was highly unlikely to regain the fitness required to return for the finals.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019
Dayne Beams will take indefinite leave from the Magpies to focus on his mental health.

The Magpies revealed earlier that Beams "intends to return to the game but will not do so until he has dealt with his mental health issues and is confident that he can once again dedicate himself to football".

"I am a broken man at the moment and this is very very real for myself and the people that I love at the moment," Beams posted on Instagram.

"I am posting this because this is an issue that I will continue to shine a light on because it is real and it can be so so debilitating if it’s not treated so I plead with anyone out there doing it tough just to tell someone because in doing that you are already taking the first steps towards recovery and living a happier and loving life."

Tuesday, 4 June 2019
Dayne Beams will miss up to three months after being booked in for arthroscopic hip surgery.

"Dayne has been battling with the injury for a number of weeks and it has reached the stage where it is affecting his ability to train, to run out games and his form generally," Collingwood head of football Geoff Walsh said.

"Dayne saw a surgeon a couple of weeks ago. It was agreed then to push on but it has since become clear that the situation isn't helping Dayne perform as he and we would like."

Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Dayne Beams insists he had fully intended to remain with Brisbane when he made his now-infamous speech at the Lions' best and fairest count last year.

At the club’s end-of-season function in September, Beams admitted he had considered returning to Melbourne after his father's death from cancer in Brisbane early in 2018, before reassuring the Lions faithful by emotionally pledging his loyalty to the club.

"At the time of that best and fairest speech, I was informed that I was going to be staying at the club. So when I got up and did that speech, I was a Brisbane Lions player and I was staying a Brisbane Lions player," Beams said.

"It really only unfolded late in the piece that I was going to potentially end up back here at Collingwood. Once it became a reality, I was really keen to pursue it and get it done."

Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Brisbane coach Chris Fagan says he has mixed emotions following the departure of former Lions skipper Dayne Beams during trade period.

"We all know internally how much we supported Dayne and Claye and his family through what was a really difficult time last year," Fagan said.

"Deep down you hope that genuine investment would be returned in terms of loyalty but I understand the situation Dayne was in.

"He was probably weighing up what's best, my loyalty to Brisbane or my mental health and wellbeing for my family, and he naturally chose that and so he's moved back to Melbourne."

Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Dayne Beams is a Magpie again after Brisbane agreed to release him from his contract just minutes before the trade deadline.

As time ticked by on the final day of the 2018 AFL Trade Period, it appeared Collingwood's bid to convince the Lions to release Beams from the final two years of his contract would fail.

However, with less than five minutes before the 8.30pm deadline, a deal was finalised in which Collingwood received Beams and picks No.41 and No.44 and sent Brisbane pick No. 18 and No.56 and its future first-round pick.

Dayne Beams says he is relieved to have finally been granted his wish to be traded back to Collingwood.

"My heart's always been with this footy club and I've got to thank the club for allowing me to go back to Brisbane four years ago and spend some time with my dad, but I'm super happy now," Beams said.

"For me, Collingwood are the club I started my career with and I've always had a real soft spot for. It's never felt right playing against them…

"I would've rather have stayed in Brisbane for 12 months and revisited the situation than play for any other Melbourne club."

Monday, 15 October 2018
Dayne Beams' manager Paul Connors says his client is open to staying at the Lions but would like to be traded back to Collingwood if a fair agreement can be reached.

"About three months ago, Dayne and the club sat down and Dayne spoke about the fact that after his contract expired in two years' time, that he would like to come back home. His wife's family is here and he would like to come back to Melbourne," Connors told NAB AFL Trade Radio.

"He just said if a trade came up that was unbelievable for the club and suited the club, he would be open to it."

Thursday, 11 October 2018
AFL Trade Radio breaks the news that Dayne Beams is set to announce his desire to return to Collingwood in 2019 despite being contracted to Brisbane until the end of 2020.

"He's not disgruntled with anyone at the club and he's not disgruntled with the club itself, but he does want to break the contract that he's got and return to Collingwood," Damian Barrett said on the show.

"It's only the Collingwood Football Club that he would explore the possibilities around returning to."

Lions coach Chris Fagan says he is bewildered by news that Dayne Beams is seeking to break his contract and return to Collingwood in 2019.

"I had a conversation with Dayne post-season, on our normal exit interviews with our players, and he was bright and bubbly about the future of our footy club, and looking forward to continuing with us," Fagan said.

"I've seen Dayne several times since. He's not mentioned that to me, so that news is a complete surprise."

Sunday, 2 September 2018
Dayne Beams has conceded he considered a return to Melbourne, but said he couldn't leave a Brisbane team he thought was on the verge of success.

"I've thought about going back to Melbourne and those discussions happened, and I'm not going to lie to you, I had those thoughts in my head," Beams told a packed Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre which hosted the Lions' 2018 best and fairest count.

"The one thing I kept coming back to is this group and you blokes - I bloody love you, I really do.

"The last six months have been unbelievable. I've been able to connect with you on such a deeper level."

Saturday, 1 September 2018
Dayne Zorko wins his fourth consecutive Merrett-Murray Medal, taking out Brisbane's best and fairest by a solitary vote from Dayne Beams.

Zorko polled 250 votes, edging out Beams (249) and ruckman Stefan Martin (242).

Thursday, 30 August 2018
Dayne Beams hoses down speculation around his playing future, confirming his intention to play out his contract with the Lions following his end-of-season exit meeting.

"I love the coach, the playing group, and am excited about where this footy club is headed," Beams said.

"I have never asked for a trade away from the Lions and would like to put an end to any speculation over my playing future.

"I will be seeing out my contract here."

Wednesday, 29 August 2018
Brisbane has declared it will not trade star midfielder Dayne Beams to a Victorian club at the end of the season despite speculation about his future.

However, the club has acknowledged that the former captain is likely to leave once he has served the final two years of his existing contract.

"We are not trading him. We've told him that, and that's where it sits," Lions chief executive Greg Swann said.

"When his two years are up he'll go home. That's a given.

"We're hoping he changes his mind, but he's always been pretty strong on that, even when he first came here."

Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Dayne Beams opens up on the moment he broke down in a hotel room prior to his 150th game, deciding to pull out of the match at the last moment.

"I had a buildup of emotion, I had my 150th, (it was) the night before and then just thinking about Dad … I just didn't feel like playing football," Beams said.

"That was the point where I started talking to the club a bit more seriously about getting some help.

"It was more of a sadness thing and now that I think about it, I was grieving."

Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Chris Fagan is adamant Dayne Beams will see out the final two years of his contract with Brisbane, saying he's puzzled at speculation linking the star onballer to a return to Victoria.

"He's a Lions player. It would take something extraordinary for him not to be," Fagan said.

"I see him on a daily basis, how he engages with the group and how he talks about our future and I'd be really puzzled if something different to that happened."

Thursday, 9 August 2018
Essendon denies suggestions it is chasing Dayne Beams, with list manager Adrian Dodoro releasing a statement rejecting speculation it is pursuing the Brisbane star.

"Dayne Beams is obviously a quality player and person, but he is not someone we are actively pursuing and we have not approached him or his management about returning to Melbourne," Dodoro said.

Sunday, 8 July 2018
Despite being in top form, Dayne Beams admits he still struggles emotionally with the death of his father before games.

"Game days are difficult for me, my dad was a big part of my footy career and I associated footy with him," Beams said.

"I still get quite emotional before games. But once I'm out there I feel really free and it's 2-3 hours of the week where I can just run around and play footy; whether we win or lose … footy's actually quite therapeutic at the moment."

Saturday, 7 July 2018
Dayne Beams led the way for Brisbane with 40 disposals in its 55-point win over Carlton, coming at the end of another tough personal week.

"My wife's been in hospital the last six nights with mastitis after giving birth to our second child (Carter) last week," Beams told ABC Radio post-match.

"So, I've had a fairly full-on week at home being a single mum of two.

"It's been a big week for me, but that's life, you deal with it. It's going to throw you different challenges at times, but it's the way you respond that builds character."

Friday, 25 May 2018
Dayne Zorko says he's never been better prepared to lead the Brisbane Lions following the announcement Dayne Beams would step down from the role indefinitely.

"I feel like I've certainly changed the way I look at things. I've been able to listen a lot more which I think is a really good leadership quality," Zorko said.

"I don't think much changes too much on the field, just play as hard as I always do, bring the boys along as much as I can."

Wednesday, 23 May 2018
Dayne Beams steps aside as Brisbane captain, indefinitely as he deals with the death of his father Phillip to cancer.

Dayne Zorko will replace Beams as captain, with Harris Andrews taking on the vice-captaincy role.

"The last three months for myself, I’m not going to lie, they’ve been bloody difficult, and I’ve experienced some really bad lows," Beams said.

"I think footy’s been hard for me because I associated football with my father. So it feels like a big chunk of my football life is missing at the moment.

"So, I just feel like I need some time to find where I belong in the game. And just find my feet again and find my love for the game again."

Saturday, 7 April 2018
Brisbane coach Chris Fagan says the influence of Dayne Beams since being handed the Brisbane captaincy goes far beyond his exceptional on-field talent.

"He's a quietly spoken bloke but the work he does amongst his teammates, one-on-one, encouraging young players to grow and develop and improve has been outstanding since my arrival," Fagan said.

"If you talk to our players about him that's the biggest thing they'll talk about, how much he cares for his teammates and how much he looks after them and what a great family man he is."

Thursday, 15 March 2018
Dayne Beams recently lost his father Philip to bowel cancer, missing both pre-season matches as the Lions gave their captain – and brother Claye Beams - all the time and space he needed.

Now just nine days before his season opener, Beams has spoken about what he expects to feel when he runs out against the Saints.

"We're wearing black armbands in honour of my dad," Beams said.

"I think it'll hit me at the end of the game - I've got a lot of family coming. There's no avoiding that it's going to be hard.

"Even the first home game (against Melbourne in round two) is going to be hard because I travelled to and from games with dad, so it's going to be a little different without him in the passenger's seat."

Wednesday, 14 March 2018
Dayne Beams reveals he spoke in front of his teammates about the pain and anguish he felt at the loss of his father Philip to cancer.

"I really feel that it is really good for younger players to see that someone senior, like the leader of their group, is vulnerable," Beams said.

"I feel that me being me, and expressing those emotions that I have, has really … I won't say helped the group, but allowed them to step back and think more about life."

Thursday, 22 February 2018
A record nine players earned more than $1 million in 2017 as the rich got richer under the new collective bargaining agreement.

Lance Franklin is understood to have been one of the competition's highest-paid players last season, with Tom Boyd, Scott Pendlebury, Nathan Fyfe and then Gold Coast teammates Gary Ablett and Tom Lynch widely believed within industry circles to have also earned seven-figure salaries.

It is likely some of 2017's millionaires are on contracts wherein their average yearly salary is less than $1 million, but their deals were front- or back-ended last season to top seven figures. Sources identified Dayne Beams and Michael Hurley as players in this category.

Richmond captain Trent Cotchin and teammate Dion Prestia would also have been among the AFL's top earners in 2017.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018
Dayne Beams will captain the Brisbane Lions for a second straight season in 2018.

Beams will be deputised by Dayne Zorko who takes the vice-captain role, while Harris Andrews has been promoted as deputy vice-captain.

Stefan Martin, Ryan Lester and Allen Christensen will remain as leaders for the club.

Monday, 8 January 2018
Dayne Beams took particular note of some advice from Neale Daniher upon taking over as skipper 12 months ago.

"I like to think I do what I say, lead by example," Beams said.

"There was a clip we watched a lot last year with Neale Daniher, and he said it's not about what you say, it's about what you do, and that stuck with me."

Wednesday, 30 August 2017
Dayne Beams and Tom Rockliff are booked in for shoulder surgery following the end of the season. Both are expected to be available for the start of pre-season training in November.

"Dayne needed a few injections over a few weeks to get on the paddock but both boys did a good job," Lions senior physio Clint Frazer said.

"They made a good recovery and they were playing well with their injuries.

"That's part of being an AFL footballer. It's part of what you sign up for."

Monday, 26 June 2017
Dayne Beams will miss up to a month after scans confirmed a AC joint in his left shoulder.

Beams suffered the injury in the opening minutes of the Lions' loss to Greater Western Sydney following a heavy hip-and-shoulder from Shane Mumford.

Saturday, 24 June 2017
The Brisbane Lions are confident captain Dayne Beams will play again this season after he was taken off with a shoulder injury in the opening minute of Saturday's loss to Greater Western Sydney.

Beams was collected heavily but fairly in a hip-and-shoulder by Giant ruckman Shane Mumford, and left the ground supporting his arm with his guernsey.

The midfielder's injured left shoulder isn't the same one he had reconstructed during 2015.

Thursday, 16 March 2017
New Lions skipper Dayne Beams says former club captain Tom Rockliff is still an integral part of the club despite recent controversies.

"Your actions speak louder than your words and I think that's what Tom's focussed on over the last four months," Beams said.

"What he has been able to do is earn back the respect of the group and it's a credit to him.

"Tom's one of the best on-field leaders I've seen in terms of his understanding of the game. The way he communicates to people out on the ground is first class.

"I need him in my corner and I need his help."

Tuesday, 28 February 2017
Dayne Beams will lead the Brisbane Lions in 2017 after being confirmed as the club's new captain, taking over from Tom Rockliff, who was named vice-captain.

Dayne Zorko is the deputy vice-captain, while Stefan Martin, Allen Christensen, Ryan Lester and Harris Andrews make up the rest of the seven-man leadership group.

"I like to think I'm an action-based leader, I lead by example," Beams said.

"I do what I say and I think the overriding thing is I'm really passionate about the football club and where it's heading.

"We've got some emerging young talent and I'm looking forward to seeing that blossom."

Sunday, 19 February 2017
Rhys Mathieson says he has made Dayne Beams his mentor at the Lions.

"He's an inside mid and I want to model my game off his," Mathieson said.

"I spent a bit of time in rehab with him last year when I broke my cheekbone and we built a good relationship.

"On the training track he came across as a mentor and I put it on him and said "mate, you're going to be my mentor, whether you like it or not, you're going to have to do it".

"He's just smart. Around the ball, he knows when to go, his running patterns are very good.

"In training I tend to go on the opposition side and try to follow his running patterns, he's quite good at that."

Wednesday, 21 December 2016
He will have to manage a troublesome knee for the rest of his career, but gun Lions midfielder Dayne Beams is confident he can return to his best in 2017.

Beams only played six quarters last season as his knee tendinitis flared midway through 2016 despite surgery in November.

Forced back to the operating table, the problem was resolved as well as it could be, given the injury.

"[I'm] still going to have battles [and] still have to be very diligent with it," Beams said.

"I'm going to have this problem for the rest of my career, but if managed it can be controlled."

Thursday, 26 May 2016
Dayne Beams all but concedes he will miss the remainder of the season after undergoing knee surgery in Melbourne.

"(I'm) disappointed I can't be out there playing footy but a bit relieved we can hopefully get it sorted out and move forward," Beams told Channel Nine.

"I'll know a bit more over the next couple of days but, yeah (with) 14 weeks left (in the season), I'll be pushing it (to return this season).

"It's hard to watch, you'd obviously like to be out there contributing.

"I've just got to be able to still contribute outside of playing footy around the club, help the young guys out so that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the season."

Friday, 20 May 2016
Dayne Beams will undergo knee surgery next week and could miss the rest of the season.

"His tendon looks OK, but there's still some pain in the area, so there's some unknown," Lions coach Justin Leppitsch said.

"That's been the frustration for Dayne, is that when you have an injury that even the medical profession is not sure about why there's bits of pain there and why the pain is so strong, that's where the frustration comes from.

"We'll get answers on that post-surgery."

Sunday, 15 May 2016
Dayne Beams may miss the rest of the season to nurse his left knee injury sustained after receiving a knock to his troublesome knee during the Lions' 78-point loss to Collingwood.

"We'll see what happens with it but if it's not right it might be ... you just put him out and make sure we get him right," Lions chief executive Greg Swann said.

"If it takes 10 weeks or the rest of the season, so be it."

Thursday, 24 March 2016
Dayne Beams could be out for at least half the season, with the Brisbane Lions reluctant to push along his recovery from knee tendinitis.

"You don't want to put any pressure on that rehab, particularly with a tendon," Brisbane coach Justin Leppitsch said of Beams' injury.

"Tendons are funny things. Sometimes it's two steps forward, one step back, which it has been over the last month-and-a-half.

"It can improve quickly and we can potentially have him back before that period, but we'll take a very conservative approach."

Monday, 14 March 2016
Dayne Beams will be out indefinitely with knee tendinitis.

Beams has recovered strongly from off-season shoulder surgery, but the tendinitis has restricted his training and could keep him out of the first month of the season or longer.

Monday, 25 January 2016
Dayne Beams says a shoulder reconstruction won't hold him back from a round one appearance.

"It was a fair reconstruction of my shoulder, so I'm just being cautious at the moment, but all things tracking well, hopefully I'll be right for round one," he said.

"I'm moving into a bit more contact stuff now, and once I'm into that I can enter the main group and start training again, but that'll probably be a few weeks off yet.

"I feel stronger in the gym, and all the contact stuff I've done to date has been pretty good."

Sunday, 24 January 2016
Dayne Beams and Daniel Merrett have been appointed vice-captains of the Brisbane Lions after the struggling club issued a virtual call to arms among its most experienced campaigners.

Ex-Magpie Beams, the joint club champion in his debut season with the Lions last year, and elder statesman Merrett join deputies Dayne Zorko, Pearce Hanley and Daniel Rich in an expanded leadership group under second-year captain Tom Rockliff.

Monday, 14 September 2015
Dayne Beams says his recovery from surgery to his right shoulder is going to plan.

"I have a rehab program I have to follow and a fitness regime," Beams said.

"I'll be monitored up until Christmas in terms of contact, but after Christmas it'll be full systems go and I'll be right for the first NAB game."

Saturday, 12 September 2015
Four players tie for the Merrett-Murray Medal as the Brisbane Lions' best and fairest in 2015.

Dayne Beams, Stefan Martin, Mitch Robinson and Dayne Zorko were named joint winners at the Club Champion awards dinner after polling 130 votes each.

Monday, 3 August 2015
Dayne Beams is set to have surgery to reconstruct his shoulder next Monday, which will rule him out for the rest of the season.
Saturday, 1 August 2015
Dayne Beams' season looks to be over after he re-injured his sore shoulder in Brisbane's loss to Geelong.

Beams has carried a shoulder problem for weeks and was facing with the prospect of surgery before the year's end.

"It's looking unlikely he'll continue to play on 'Beamsy', given the fact it's the second time he's fallen on it and hurt the shoulder," Brisbane coach Justin Leppitsch said.

"It's disappointing news but a bit par for course for us this year to have these things happen."

Wednesday, 22 July 2015
Dayne Beams' injured right shoulder is hanging by a thread, with the star Brisbane Lions' midfielder believed to be contemplating surgery before season's end.

"It's obviously a little bit sore at the moment," Beams said.

"I'm getting it strapped and it's staying in place.

"I think at this stage of the year, most AFL players are carrying something. For me it's no different.

"I'm still fronting up and going out there to play and it's not worrying me out there, I don't think about it."

Saturday, 27 June 2015
Despite moving from Collingwood to the struggling Lions this year, Dayne Beams says he has no regrets about his decision.

His primary reasons for heading north are well documented – wanting to spend more time with his ill father, Phillip, and wanting to play alongside younger brother Claye.

"I love being around the people I care about and love. It's been great for me this year," Beams said.

"I'm only 45 minutes down the road from my parents. It's something I haven't been able to do in previous years.

"There are times in footy seasons when you're low and feeling shit because things aren't going your way, or you're having a rough trot, but to have them around the corner or there for support is something I haven't had before.

"I'm not taking it for granted – it's been really good."

Thursday, 2 April 2015
Brisbane coach Justin Leppitsch has no idea how high-profile recruit Dayne Beams will perform against Collingwood in the Lions' 2015 season opener, but had no hesitation likening the midfielder to an iconic American actor.

"You wouldn't know with Dayne, seriously," Leppitsch said.

"He's the James Dean of the competition, he's cool, he's calm. There might be stuff going on inside him but you'd never tell with Beamsy, he's a very cool customer.

"If he has nerves you'll never know by looking at him."

Monday, 30 March 2015
Brisbane recruit Dayne Beams says he is looking forward to taking on his old Collingwood teammates when the Lions take on the Magpies at the Gabba.

"I spent six years there, I've got some really good friendships, not only within the playing group but the medical staff, these sorts of guys who I've got some really good relationships with," Beams said.

"It's going to be interesting, I'm really looking forward to it. It's exciting."

Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Dayne Beams joins the Brisbane Lions in a deal that sends picks 5, 25 and young midfielder Jack Crisp to the Magpies.

The Lions also acquired Collingwood's fourth-round draft pick (No.67) in the trade.

"It's a great result for the club. We're really happy for Dayne. It's a good day for us," Lions CEO Gregg Swann said.

"Especially with Dayne because he's a Queensland boy, so that's another benefit to us because he's coming home, he's a star of the competition."

Friday, 10 October 2014
Dayne Beams' request to be traded to the Brisbane Lions appears unlikely to be fulfilled with Collingwood calling off negotiations after being unsatisfied with the offer made.

As the Lions remained steadfast in their offer of a first and second round pick – which they said they were happy to use themselves at the NAB AFL Draft – the Magpies have stuck to their self-imposed deadline of 5pm Friday for a resolution.

The Pies want the Lions' No.5 pick plus a talented young player in exchange for Beams.

"Dayne requested a trade to Brisbane for personal reasons, something Collingwood agreed to consider as long as the outcome returned appropriate compensation," a statement from Collingwood said.

"Unfortunately, this was not forthcoming. Collingwood's position from the outset was that a good player and an early draft pick was a fair return, although the club did consider the possibility of a combination of draft picks. Even this failed to produce a solution.

"Now that negotiations with Brisbane have ceased, Collingwood is free to pursue other opportunities involving players and picks. The club remains open to offers from other clubs for Dayne, if that is his wish."

Wednesday, 8 October 2014
Lions chief executive Greg Swan says the club is prepared to offer Collingwood draft picks No.5 and No.25 in exchange for midfielder Dayne Beams.
Tuesday, 7 October 2014
Collingwood has confirmed its interest in Brisbane Lions midfielder Jack Redden as it seeks adequate compensation for the likely loss of Dayne Beams.

"If Dayne Beams does go we obviously want compensation for that, like for like, a dollar for a dollar," Magpies football manager Rodney Eade said.

"We've got a player who finished 15th in the Brownlow after missing three or four games so you'd think he's in the top 10 midfielders (in the competition).

"It's become public [that] what we've put on the table is a draft pick and one of five or six players."

Saturday, 4 October 2014
Scott Pendlebury wins back-to-back Copeland Trophies, securing his third Magpies best and fairest award at the Crown Palladium.

The Magpies skipper polled 165 votes, to finish 51 ahead of runner-up Steele Sidebottom (114) and third-placed Dayne Beams (112).

Collingwood CEO Gary Pert has given Brisbane a deadline of less than a week to table a suitable deal for Dayne Beams or he is off the table.

"Dayne is a highly-respected player at Collingwood, and we clearly value him as a player at a higher level than what Brisbane does," Pert told the Herald Sun.

"In my conversation with (Lions CEO) Greg Swann, I let him know that we have supplied several different alternatives that would work from our perspective in a trade.

"What I have said to Greg, and which he has agreed to and accepted, is that we will continue our discussions and they are open until 5pm next Friday.

"If the trade hasn't been completed or resolved by that time, then Collingwood will close down discussions and we will be in a position to move forward with other trades and other opportunities."

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Dayne Beams may need to wait until he falls out of contract at the end of 2015 before securing his move to the Brisbane Lions.

"There's no way in the world we're going to actually trade our young talent ... that's starting to mature and get us to where we need to be," Lions list manager Dean Warren said.

"We think pick four is very fair, but we do understand that Dayne is contracted. If we have to wait, we might have to wait until he's out of contract the following year."

Magpies list manager Derek Hine says the Brisbane Lions will have to give up more than just pick No.4 to secure Dayne Beams.

"From our side of things we clearly rate Dayne as a player that's just really moving into the prime of his career," Hine said.

"Clearly he's an elite player in the competition. It's going to take a little bit more than pick four, put it this way."

Thursday, 25 September 2014
Collingwood is hopeful it can retain star midfielder Dayne Beams next season, despite him telling the club he wants to return home to be closer to his father who is suffering from cancer.

"We're sympathetic to [Beams' situation]. It didn't come out of left field – we knew it was an issue for quite some time," Collingwood CEO Gary Pert told SEN radio.

"We believe the conversations we're having at the moment, which are for Beamsy to remain as a Collingwood player and to give him more opportunity during the pre-season and during the season to be home with his family, is a good compromise and in the best interests of everyone."

Wednesday, 24 September 2014
Dayne Beams has dropped a bombshell by requesting a trade to Queensland. However, the Magpies are determined to retain him.

"We want Dayne to stay," Collingwood director of football Rodney Eade said.

"We understand his personal situation and will be working with him and his management, as we do all our players, to find an outcome that may give him more time with his family and remain a Collingwood player for 2015 and beyond."

Thursday, 22 May 2014
As he approaches his 100th game, Dayne Beams reflects on the frustration of dealing with a serious quad injury last year.

"I certainly didn't expect to miss 16 weeks last year," Beams said.

"Once that third time came around, it was pretty dark for me.

"I didn't know when I was ever going to be back playing and they (physios) went the ultra conservative approach after the third time.

"They trained me like I had a mini-ACL (knee reconstruction).

"It definitely makes you stronger and I probably didn't have as much attention to detail, as I do now.

"So it's taught me to manage my body and understand how it works."

Sunday, 4 August 2013
Dayne Beams says going through rehab for a quadriceps injury in the early part of the season was one of most frustrating experiences of his career.

"It was probably the most frustrating time I've had. Rehab is just a crap place where no player wants to be," Beams said.

"I didn't know when I'd be back playing footy. I guess when you do an ACL you know you're going to be out for the season and you know what your rehab will look like for the rest of the season, but for me there would be some intense running, then more intense running and only then, if I got through that, then I could train."

Tuesday, 9 July 2013
Dayne Beams is expected back into the side to play his first senior game in 2013 against Adelaide at the MCG on Friday.

"He is a player who comes to hand quite quickly physically," Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley said.

"Depending on how he has pulled up. He got through training today. If he pulls up well from that he will be under strong consideration."

Sunday, 19 May 2013
Dayne Beams' return may be delayed with the midfielder set more scans on his injured quad.
Saturday, 4 May 2013
An incident involving St Kilda's Justin Koschitzke that left Magpie Jamie Elliott dazed during the second quarter of their round 6 clash at Etihad Stadium drew an angry response from sidelined Magpie Dayne Beams via Twitter.

"Fairly weak that by Justin Koschitzke," Beams tweeted before deleting his tweet.

Sunday, 28 April 2013
Dayne Beams hopes to return to football after a persistent quad injury within the next two to three weeks.

"I have just got back into training and things are looking positive again," Beams said.

"Obviously, with the little re-bleed that I had, they have gone the ultra-conservative path now. It's a long year, so I have got to look after it, and hopefully come back in the second half of the season bigger and better."

Wednesday, 17 April 2013
Collingwood will be without reigning best and fairest Dayne Beams for up to four more games after he aggravated a thigh injury.

"The last thing you want to do when you walk into a medical meeting is to hear that one of your better players is probably another three or four weeks longer than you anticipated before you walked in the door,'' Magpies coach Nathan Buckley said.

"Beamsy's incredibly frustrated by it. Our medicos are working hard to get him up to speed, but at the same time there's no use pushing a player up if he's 85 per cent fit.''

Tuesday, 5 February 2013
Nick Maxwell will captain the Pies in 2013, with Scott Pendlebury as vice captain. Luke Ball and Dayne Beams will serve as deputy vice-captains.

"They're all fantastic positive examples about how to go about your footy, they're great teammates, they're great footballers and we're looking forward to their influence throughout the group," Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley said of the leadership group.

"These four guys lead the way for their teammates and they'll be expected to drive this playing group to great things this season.

"[They] were clearly seen as the guys that the group looked up to and wanted to follow."

Saturday, 10 November 2012
The stocks of Collingwood midfielder Dayne Beams continue to rise with the young star in line for a leadership role at the club.

"I think everyone as a young person has their downfalls but I think it's the character of the person if you learn from those mistakes," Beams said about his past misdemeanours.

"I've tried to learn as best I can from the mistakes I've made and I've been able to learn off some great people at the footy club.

"At the end of the day, it's been pretty easy actually, trying to be the person I want to be and it's been something I've been happy with."

Saturday, 6 October 2012
Dayne Beams has capped off a brilliant season to win his first Copeland Trophy as Collingwood's best and fairest.

Beams polled 205 votes ahead of Scott Pendlebury with 170 and Dane Swan with 147.

Beams paid tribute to former teammate Jon McCarthy who tragically passed away during an off-season trip to Las Vegas.

"I wanted to thank someone who's no longer with us. 'J-Mac', he was someone who I was friends with from the get-go," Beams told the crowd of over 1500 people at Crown Palladium, after being named as the winner.

"Then, as you probably all know, I endured some tough times with Johnny and there wasn't a day for five months where I didn't talk to Johnny.

"My heart goes out to his family and his friends. A lot of the boys here were close to him."

Tuesday, 4 September 2012
Richmond midfielder Trent Cotchintakes out the AFL Coaches' Association best player award ahead of Collingwood's Dayne Beams and Gold Coast Sun Gary Ablett.
Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Dayne Beams and Jarryd Blair have been added to Collingwood's leadership group ahead of the finals.

"It's something I never thought about. I've never seen myself as a leader of a footy club," Beams said.

"It's something I'm enjoying and it's definitely different. If an opportunity arises next year, I'll most likely put my hand up."

Friday, 17 August 2012
Dayne Beams says the hurt of missing last year's Grand Final is the driving force behind his stunning season.

"It wasn't the greatest result for me last year but when I think about it now, it wasn't a hard decision at all; you always put the team first," Beams said.

"When I leave the game, that's what I'd like to see myself as - a team player.

"Really, it probably has given me a little bit of hunger this year that I want to get there again and play in another one because I know how special it feels."

Thursday, 16 August 2012
Dayne Beams has signed a three-year contract extension that will keep him at Collingwood until the end of the 2015 season.

"Dayne is rapidly becoming the player many suspected he could be," Collingwood's director of football Geoff Walsh said.

"He is clearly showing the benefits of dedicating himself to the game, and to Collingwood, and I think his new contract reflects not only this progress but where he and we believe he can take his career."

Collingwood's director of football Geoff Walsh and Dayne Beams made several subtle digs at Travis Cloke holding off on signing with the club when the Pies announced Beams' re-signing.

"He joins a number of players who this year have underlined their commitment to the footy club, and who have put the fact they want to be part of something that hopefully produces some great results in their careers over and above everything else, whether that be financial reward or anything else you'd like to talk about," Walsh said.

"Dayne's the latest example of our players committing to the club and to what they hope may be some success around the corner."

Beams added that signing early would ensure as few distractions as possible leading into September.

"It's out of my mind and I suppose that's a good thing going into finals. You want to have as little distractions as possible and it's good to get it done and get a good result," Beams said.

Sunday, 8 April 2012
Dayne Beams tells of his delight to be back after a mystery shin injury threatened his pre-season.

"I'm not too sure how it actually happened. It was a bit of a strange one because two weeks before it, I missed a couple of weeks so I came back and trained, and it sort of just came on," Beams said.

"They usually come on with just too much load but I really just stayed off my legs for two weeks before it happened. It was an interesting one but we're on top of it now."

Thursday, 8 March 2012
Pies midfielder Dayne Beams could play his first game of the year next weekend after recovering from a mystery shin complaint.

"It is below his knees, high up on his shins in both legs. We're not sure what it is but the doctors wanted to give him a bit of a spell," Collingwood director of football Geoff Walsh said.

"He's had a couple of cortisone injections to settle it down but it's more a muscular thing rather than a joint thing.

"He's made good progress the last couple of days and I think he'll be available to play in week four of the NAB series."

Friday, 30 September 2011
Dayne Beams, as Simon Prestigiacomo did the year before, makes the ultimate sacrifice for the team by declaring he is unfit to play in the 2011 Grand Final.

"He was in tears telling me he didn't think he could get through a match," Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse said.

"That's number one and I think that's a real rub off from Simon Prestigiacomo. That great number 35 is now going to be worn in a grand final and I think no one would be more pleased than Simon over that."

Thursday, 8 September 2011
Dayne Beams says he is hoping to repay the faith shown in him by the Collingwood coaching staff as he battled injury by playing a big hand in the finals.

"I'm hungrier than ever now, and I really want success," Beams said.

"I sat in the stands for seven weeks, you see where the boys are going and the quality of the blokes who come in, they can fill the places pretty easily.

"I guess footy became probably my main priority, whereas before I don't know if I was professional enough, doing all the right things."

Tuesday, 7 June 2011
Collingwood midfielder Dayne Beams will miss four weeks after sustaining a fracture in his fourth metatarsal in his right foot.
Saturday, 3 April 2010
Collingwood onballer Dayne Beams hopes to put a pre-season hiccup behind him now that he is back in the Magpies senior side after tallying 27 disposals and a goal against Melbourne.

"It is hard, it's hard watching any game," Beams said of his stint out of the senior side.

"We've got such a good list at the moment and it's hard to crack a spot. I had to earn my spot back and I was able to do that and hopefully I contributed to our win."

Tuesday, 18 August 2009
Dayne Beams signs a contact extension with Collingwood that will see him a Magpie to the end of 2012 while putting an end to speculation of him returning to his native Gold Coast.

"Obviously, I had options but it was not really tough a decision in the end because I wanted to stay at Collingwood. They gave me a chance to stay here. And I took it and I'm very grateful," he said.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Dayne Beams' performance against Carlton on Friday night has seen him nominated for the NAB AFL Rising Star.

"It's been a little bit of an adjustment in terms of the weather and traffic but I'm loving it here. I actually like it a lot better than the Gold Coast," Beams said.

"I've always loved my footy and in Melbourne that's all it is. Everyone talks about footy. I'm really enjoying my time here.

"All my teammates are fantastic and I really enjoy being around them. It's good and hopefully we can have some success towards the end of the year."

Wednesday, 15 April 2009
Gold Coaster Dayne Beams rejected a three-year deal from Collingwood in order to be out of contract when the AFL's 17th side enters the competition in 2011.
Saturday, 4 April 2009
Dayne Beams will play against Melbourne on Saturday after Dale Thomas was a late omission.
Thursday, 4 December 2008
Collingwood recruit Dayne Beams is 18, but boasts an array of tattoos that would impress the well-inked Spida Everitt.

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