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Campbell Brown

Last played for Gold Coast Suns in 2013
Games: 205     Born: August 28, 1983     Origin: Oakleigh Chargers
Playing Height: 179cm     Playing Weight: 85kg     Position: Forward
Drafted: Round 2, Pick #32 2001 National Draft by Hawthorn Hawks
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Campbell Brown Biography

Saturday, 12 December 2020
Campbell Brown will complete a bike ride of more than 1000km in a month to raise funds for a cause close to his heart.

Brown is the ambassador for the Silver Lining Ride, a month-long virtual event raising funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

"I was more than happy to put my hand up to raise awareness and raise funds," Brown said.

"This is a cause that touches so many: a grandma, a mother, a daughter, there's plenty of stories out there with healthy women one day that have never had an issue in their life and out of nowhere they have a test, and something is wrong.

"That's why they call it the silent killer."

Friday, 28 February 2020
Campbell Brown says he risked upsetting his father to play for Victoria in the State of Origin match of 2008.

Brown's dad, Mal, was a staunchly passionate West Australian. He enjoyed a distinguished WAFL career at East Perth, Claremont and South Fremantle, while he also represented the Sandgropers at State of Origin level 16 times as a player and eight times as a coach.

"My old man was disgusted that I put on the Big V. He was a previous captain and coach of Western Australia, so that was the first hurdle to get over," Brown explained.

"(But) I went to the Victoria v South Australia game where Teddy Whitten did that lap of honour. I just absolutely loved it. From that moment, I dreamt of playing footy and then eventually hoped to one day get the opportunity to represent the Big V.

"I didn't think it would happen, so when they floated the idea in 2008 I didn't have to think twice about it. If I was even in the mix, I was putting my hand up to play. It was a great privilege to get the opportunity."

Thursday, 24 November 2016
Campbell Brown takes to Twitter to suggest that Ablett's Suns teammates were annoyed their captain hadn't returned for day one of pre-season training.

After being married in January, Ablett was granted an extra week's leave to enjoy a delayed honeymoon and will return to training next week.

Upon reading Brown's tweet, Ablett's response was succinct: "Mate, you've got my number".

Thursday, 3 April 2014
Former Hawthorn and Gold Coast player Campbell Brown says recent suspensions to Nathan Fyfe and Taylor Hunt may mean it is time to remove the bump from the game.

"It was an accident and they got rubbed out for rough conduct," Brown said.

"It was anything but rough. I just think you have to eliminate the bump.

"They say it's a unique, fantastic part of our game, but we'll suspend any player that does it and accidentally makes head contact.

"That doesn't sit well with me."

Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Campbell Brown draws praise from Gold Coast coach Guy McKenna despite being sacked from the club and his history of on-field misdemeanors.

"Everything he did for us as a football club in its infancy was exactly what we've asked for," McKenna said.

"Clearly on-field suspensions hurt you, and the incident (with May) was disappointing, but what he's done is shown some players about that 50-50 ball - you've got to make that a 51-49 ball, and he did that.

"He crossed the line and got suspended ... but he showed the boys the way to be passionate about that contest.

"As coaches we can tell them, but (when) you've got a player living and breathing that, it's a great example for the team."

Friday, 6 December 2013
Dion Prestia says the club has moved on quickly from the sacking of teammate Campbell Brown.

"Obviously he's a big loss for us on and off field. Browny got on with a lot of players around the club and he's a pretty aggressive player which we needed, but we're back training the last few days and the club will move on pretty quickly," Prestia said.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013
Campbell Brown is sacked by the Gold Coast following a fraca in Los Angeles which led to teammate Steven May suffering a broken jaw.

"It's not the way that any player wants to finish his career, but I think the process the club went through was thorough and very fair," Brown said.

"I take full responsibility for my actions on the night. Actions have consequences, and clearly it has finished my career early."

Brown denied he had an anger problem.

"I'm the type of guy that has given everything I've got for two footy clubs," he said.

"I've left nothing in the tank. I trained as hard as I could and tried to play as hard as I could.

"I've crossed the line a few times, but I think I can walk away from the game with my head held high.

"I don't think I have a problem."

Sunday, 1 December 2013
Campbell Brown has been suspended from Gold Coast until the completion of the investigation into how his teammate Steven May ended up with a broken jaw.

"As you would expect, their brief has been to gather all the relevant facts, ensuring that any ruling the club makes will be made with accurate and substantiated information," Gold Coast chairman John Witheriff said about the investigation.

"This is being done in a timely manner, but I must stress that the board is committed to a fair and appropriate outcome. The integrity of the investigation is my dominant concern."

Friday, 29 November 2013
Steven May will undergo surgery to repair a broken jaw suffered in an altercation with teammate Campbell Brown in Los Angeles.
Thursday, 28 November 2013
Campbell Brown could be sent into early retirement after the 30-year-old allegedly left teammate Steven May with a suspected fractured jaw in an incident after the club's high altitude training camp in Arizona.

The Suns are reviewing the incident, which took place in Los Angeles at the completion of the club's 18-day high-altitude camp.

"The club is in the process of establishing exactly what happened and all other relevant facts, and is discussing the matter with the two players concerned who have since returned to the Gold Coast ahead of their teammates," the Suns said in a statement.

"The Gold Coast Suns are considering appropriate actions and will not make further comment at this stage in relation to the incident."

Friday, 23 August 2013
Sun Campbell Brown will play into a 13th season after signing a new deal with the Suns.

"I've just agreed with terms the Suns to play on again for next year," Brown said on Channel Nine's The Footy Show.

"I'm pretty excited."

Thursday, 22 August 2013
Gold Coast coach Guy McKenna says Suns veterans have all been offered contracts for 2014.

"Michael Rischitelli is a wanted player, he has a contract before him, like Campbell Brown and Nathan Bock," McKenna said.

"[From] what we understand, they're all very comfortable with those contracts and we're very confident they're all going to stay."

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Campbell Brown will not play again this season after unsuccessfully challenging his misconduct charge at the Tribunal.

Brown will miss four matches after being charged with a level three misconduct offence for making contact to the face of Melbourne midfielder James Strauss with his boot.

"It's merely a technique we've been using," Brown told the Tribunal.

"I would never make contact to someone's face with my boot. I'm pretty devastated to be reported for this. It's a blight on my character.

"I've been reported a few times, but my history would suggest that's not something I would do."

Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Campbell Brown will play his 200th game this week against Brisbane and says he feels fit enough to play on in 2014.

"The way I'm feeling at the moment, I'm feeling fantastic. If I can finish the year off really strongly the way I've been playing, I'll certainly look to play on next year," Brown said.

"It's a pretty big nine weeks for the footy club and myself and there's a few other guys in the same boat.

"I'm not going to rush the decision and just keep plugging along the way we're going because I think it's working."

Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Campbell Brown says he has a point to prove after Suns Coach Guy McKenna publicly questioned that Brown's position in the side.

"It was well publicised that 'Bluey' (coach Guy McKenna) came out and said I might not be playing," Brown said.

"I believed I should, because the way the side had been going, my forward pressure was something I could bring to the table. It made me motivated to come out, play good footy and prove a point."

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Veteran Sun Campbell Brown has now been earmarked as a forward by the Suns and has kicked six goals in two games since returning from suspension.

"I'm now a forward. I came here to re-establish myself as a backman and I thought I would finish there," Brown said.

"But the way the game has changed, with the high intensity efforts it now requires, I think I'm better suited as forward.

"You can have a rest and you can pick and choose when you go and when you don't."

Wednesday, 8 May 2013
Suns coach Guy McKenna has some reservations about whether to bring Campbell Brown back straight into the side after the veteran has finished serving his six-game suspension.

"We know he can compete, there's no issue with that can he sustain that for four quarters? That's the big coaching dilemma we've got this week," McKenna said.

"Would we be better off, as we have for the last six weeks, just punishing him after training?

"He says he's in the best physical shape of his life, and that's him probably telling me he wants to play this week in the seniors, but he does look good and he does look sharp."

Monday, 4 February 2013
Campbell Brown and Mav Weller are seen to face off in a heated exchange at training which included verbal taunts.

"As far as I'm concerned that's healthy feedback and we move on," Brown said.

"We've really worked this pre-season on communication to one another. While that probably didn't look great, the message certainly got across.

"There's no hard feelings. These things happen all the time, and you take it and move on."

Tuesday, 15 January 2013
Veteran Sun Campbell Brown says controlling his aggression will be difficult after being forced to sit out the first six weeks of 2013 due to suspension.

"I don't think it's something I can temper too much because I think if I do, I'll be useless out there, because it's one of my main attributes," Brown said.

"The coaches certainly haven't told me I've got to temper it. I've got to get the balance right because obviously I'm no good sitting on the sidelines.

"I've got to make sure that when I do [go to bump], I get it right, because when I don't, the ramification are quite high."

Tuesday, 4 October 2011
Campbell Brown says he wants to become a better leader after being stripped of his role as deputy vice-captain.

"I was extremely disappointed but at the end of the day you don't really need your title to be a leader. I'll still go about my business up there the way I always have," Brown said on Melbourne radio station Triple M.

"One of the reasons I went up there was to improve in the leadership department. I know I've got a lot of learning to do and this has probably been a case that has helped me even more."

Friday, 30 September 2011
Campbell Brown has been sacked from the Gold Coast leadership group for his part in a Thailand bar-room brawl.

"The club places a high emphasis on player behaviour and their responsibility to the community and on this occasion the players failed to meet the standards expected of them. In doing so, they have let themselves and the club down," Suns chief executive Travis Auld said.

"The players have breached the club's code of conduct by making some poor choices, not just in relation to getting involved in a verbal dispute, but by placing themselves at risk by being in such an environment."

Sunday, 7 August 2011
Gold Coast defender Campbell Brown's season is over after he fractures his pelvis against Geelong.

"Scans confirmed that Campbell suffered a clean fracture of his left pelvis," Suns general manager of football operations Marcus Ashcroft said.

"We will transfer him to Epworth Hospital this evening where he will receive further assessment and treatment."

Wednesday, 11 May 2011
Campbell Brown says missing the Sun's historic first win against Port Adelaide was the hardest part of his month-long ban.

"That was the disappointing part of it all, obviously the suspension and not being out there but missing the club's first ever win which was a pretty historic occasion and then the big derby against Brisbane which was another great win," Brown said.

"I was a bit frustrated sitting in the stands watching but absolutely rapt for the boys."

Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Gold Coast coach Guy McKenna says Campbell Brown crossed the line and now he has to earn back the trust of his teammates after he was suspended for four weeks following two incidents against the Bulldogs.

"One of the things when we recruited Brownie was because of his hardness and his attack on the football and he was part of a modern-day defence at Hawthorn, but we want to play hard and fair," McKenna said.

"The rules are quite clear and unfortunately he's crossed that line and he takes his medicine and we move on."

Monday, 11 April 2011
An unrepentant Campbell Brown says he is not changing the way he goes about his business after several controversial incidents against the Bulldogs.

"There probably is a fine line, but Gold Coast knew what they were going to get when they got me up there," Brown said.

"Whether you call it crossing the line, I've done it my whole career and sometimes I do it and I try not to. I think I've got a lot better over the years, but that's just the way I play and if I didn't play that way, I probably wouldn't be playing AFL footy."

Thursday, 17 February 2011
Campbell Brown will captain Gold Coast in its first official games at AFL level in the 2011 NAB Cup in the absence of of skipper Gary Ablett and vice-captain Nathan Bock.
Wednesday, 15 September 2010
New Goal Coast signing Campbell Brown said rumours that Hawthorn tried to trade him last year had no bearing on his leaving the club.

"There were those rumours circulating that my name got thrown up but I can categorically say that had no impact on my decision," he said.

"Those are the type of things that happen in AFL footy these days and we worked that out at the end of last year and that had no bearing at all on my decision."

Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Campbell Brown has declined the Hawks' contract offer and will join Gold Coast in 2011.

"While it is disappointing to lose such a quality player, all clubs know their lists are vulnerable over this period with the entry of two new clubs," Hawthorn chief executive Stuart Fox said.

"The club and our members have loved the way Campbell has gone about his footy while at Hawthorn and we feel we have invested heavily over the years in developing him into the respected footballer that he is today. We thank him for his contribution while at Hawthorn."

Friday, 27 August 2010
Hawthorn's Campbell Brown has confirmed that he has received a contract offer from Gold Coast.

"The club have contacted my management and put an offer forward, but we thought it would be better to just wait until the end of the year," Brown said.

"It's getting very close to finals ... the team and myself don't need any distractions at this time of year."

Thursday, 26 August 2010
Hawthorn's Campbell Brown says he will enter the finals series with a clear head despite speculation that he will join the Gold Coast Suns.

"I said a few weeks ago when Hawthorn made an offer that my management and I thought it would be the right decision to put it on hold and wait to make an educated decision at the end of the year," Brown said.

"That's about as far as that's going to go [for now], but in terms of a distraction? Absolutely not."

Sunday, 30 May 2010
Hawthorn's Campbell Brown is set to miss at least four weeks with a PCL injury.
Friday, 23 October 2009
Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson says his relationship with Campbell Brown has not soured over rumours he was trade bait.

"He was an unfortunate by-product of the whole kerfuffle around trade week," Clarkson said.

"When a player doesn't want to go and the coaching staff doesn't want him to go then I reckon you are running into disaster if you push players out of your footy club. Browny never wanted to leave and we never wanted him to leave."

Friday, 9 October 2009
Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson says Campbell Brown was never offered to Port Adelaide in the trade for Shaun Burgoyne despite claims by the Power to the contrary.

"Sending out players of that quality - it affects the culture of your club too much and we weren't going to do that with five quality players in our footy club, who are just so important to our culture," Clarkson said.

"Campbell Brown is certainly one of those and you saw the reaction of our supporters and everyone involved in the football industry when Campbell was being [talked about] as part of the trade, because Port was really interested in getting him to their club, and fair enough too."

Wednesday, 7 October 2009
Hawthorn's president says reports that the club has offered Campbell Brown as part of a trade deal for Port Adelaide's Shaun Burgoyne are not true.

"The story is wrong, wrong, wrong," Kennett said.

"Young Campbell is going nowhere - his future is with Hawthorn. His name wasn't offered up, so let's just get that absolutely factually clear."

Port Adelaide was interested in Campbell Brown as part of a deal for Shaun Burgoyne, but its approach has been denied after a lack of interest by Brown in moving to Alberton.

"Port Adelaide raised their interest in the versatile defender with Brown's management at Elite Sports Properties," a statement by Hawthorn read.

"However, Brown expressed his desire to stay at Hawthorn and he re-affirmed his commitment to the club in talks with club officials today."

Port Adelaide football operations manager Peter Rohde says Hawthorn hadn't put Campbell Brown on its untouchable list for a Shaun Burgoyne deal and was thus approached by them.

Speculation that Brown had been offered for trade sparked a furore among Hawks supporters leading Hawthorn president to declare on SEN radio that Campbell had not, at any stage, been offered for trade.

"There were a group of players that were untouchable and if you look at Hawthorn's list you can figure out the most obvious ones. Other than that they were prepared to trade anyone off their list," Rohde said.

"We probably had a preference for a couple of players that were on Hawthorn's untouchable list, but it got to the start of this week and they made it pretty clear they weren't willing to trade a couple of players we were chasing. So we turned our attention to Campbell Brown and made contact with him."

Tuesday, 1 September 2009
Essendon champion James Hird says that Bombers captain Matthew Lloyd should play again in 2010.

"Matthew Lloyd should play on at Essendon next year and the Bombers should be doing everything they can to convince him to do so," Hird wrote in his column for the Herald Sun.

"Those that say his best football is past him are right, but those that say he should retire are way off the mark."

Hird also defends Lloyd against accusations of being a sniper made by Hawk Campbell Brown.

"Every game I played in, except the past couple of years, our goal was to physically intimidate the Hawks, but on the other hand Essendon has every right to complain about the way Hawthorn has beaten up the Bombers in the past three years," Hird wrote.

"Calling people snipers and protesting through the media is off the mark and if Campbell Brown had an issue he should have dealt with it in the remaining 50 minutes of the game or the next time the two clubs played."

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says Bomber captain Matthew Lloyd is not a sniper following an outburst by Hawk Campbell Brown after a spiteful match between Essendon and Hawthorn.

"No I don't, I think Matthew Lloyd's one of the great players we've had to have played our game, one of the greatest full-forwards who have ever played the game," Demetriou said.

"I think Matthew Lloyd has been a wonderful player, a wonderful servant to the game, one of the greatest full-forwards that we've ever seen.

"I think he regrets what happened and you could even tell by his post match interview - I don't think he thought that was a good thing to see at all.".

Monday, 31 August 2009
Essendon's Andrew Welsh returns fire at Campbell Brown after the Hawk labeled Bomber captain Matthew Lloyd as being a "sniper" following his collision with Brad Sewell that left Sewell with a fractured cheekbone and eye socket.

"Hawthorn is a strong, aggressive side, they're no angels. So you've got to be careful that your own back yard is clean before you come out and question other people's attack on the ball," Welsh said.

Sunday, 30 August 2009
Hawthorn enforcer Campbell Brown calls Essendon skipper Matthew Lloyd "one of the biggest snipers in the game" says that Lloyd's "his time is coming".

Brown's comments come in the wake of a head-high hit by Lloyd on Brad Sewell that left the Hawk with severe facial injuries.

'We're not going to forget in a hurry what Matty Lloyd did, and we hope he plays on next year ... he's done that a fair few times to us,'' Brown said.

''I think he is one of the biggest snipers in the game, and his time is coming.''

Essendon defends Matthew Lloyd after their captain is accused by Hawthorn's Campbell Brown as being a "sniper" following Lloyd's head-high bump on Hawk Brad Sewell.

"We are very disappointed in the comments from the Hawthorn camp," Essendon football operations manager Paul Hamilton said.

"One, we are not happy with the attack on the character and integrity of our captain, two the veiled threats made again Matthew, three the comments that are prejudicial to a potential tribunal hearing this week and four, the appalling set of double standards on display by Campbell Brown.

"Matthew Lloyd has had such a long and wonderful career and a strong reputation as a ball player."

Sunday, 28 June 2009
Hawthorn's Campbell Brown says his team needs to rediscover its toughness or face missing out on the finals altogether with the Hawks' season on the edge after a loss to the Eagles at Subiaco.

"I think we've just got to go back to some of our trademarks that we had last year," Brown said.

"Our hardness at the footy has got to be non-negotiable, and then we've got to execute our game plan better.

"We probably rule out top four now and we just concentrate on making the top eight (but) we're not going to look any further ahead than the Doggies."

Sunday, 1 March 2009
Three fresh injuries to defenders Stephen Gilham (knee), Campbell Brown (ankle) and Grant Birchall (suspected hamstring) will force Hawthorn to begin their AFL premiership defence with a backline well short of a decent preparation.
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Kangaroos pair Daniel Pratt and Brady Rawlings question Hawthorn's hardness at the ball after Hawk Jordan Lewis is suspended for a match for punching Pratt in the stomach.

Pratt was called "extremely soft" and "pathetic" by Lewis' teammate Campbell Brown for collapsing to the ground after the alleged punch by Lewis.

"If you're going to be hard at the footy and put your head over the ball, that's what being tough is," Pratt said in response to Brown's comments.

Rawlings concurred with Pratt's assessment.

"Hardness is really about when the ball is in play and putting your head over the ball," Rawlings said.

"They probably had a couple of undisciplined things off the ball, so I don't think that's anything to do with toughness."

Wednesday, 27 February 2008
Campbell Brown accepts a 2 match suspension for charging Matthew Kreuzer in the Hawks' NAB Cup quarter-final win over Carlton.

Brown decided to accept the penalty rather than fight the charge and risk being banned for 3 weeks.

He will miss the start of the 2008 regular season unless his team defeats Adelaide in the NAB Cup semi-final.

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