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Daniel Bradshaw

Last played for Sydney Swans in 2010
Games: 231     Born: November 21, 1978     Origin: Wodonga
Playing Height: 190cm     Playing Weight: 92kg     Position: Forward
Last Drafted: Round 1, Pick #4 2009 Pre-Season Draft by Sydney Swans
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Daniel Bradshaw Biography

Monday, 18 March 2013
After leaving the Lions under difficult circumstances, Daniel Bradshaw and Jason Akermanis will take steps towards healing old wounds by attending the club's 10th anniversary of its Three-Peat Premiership era.
Friday, 17 June 2011
Injury has forced Sydney Swan and former Lion great Daniel Bradshaw to retire .

"Despite his knee problems, he made a real contribution to the Swans after coming to us in the pre-season draft," Sydney coach John Longmire said.

"Even at the end of his career, his enormous talent was evident in that semi-final against the Bulldogs when he took nine marks even though he had been on the sidelines for three months."

Brisbane Lions coach Michael Voss has paid tribute to former teammate Daniel Bradshaw who called an end to his career due to persistent injuries.

"Finishing with injury is disappointing for him, you never like to see that for anyone," Voss said.

"He's been a very serviceable player for us over a long period of time. So it's disappointing, but at the same time it's good to be able to offer congratulations for a great career."

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
Daniel Bradshaw is yet to make a decision on his career as he continues to battle knee and hamstring problems.

"He is genuinely unsure about his future and he is certainly considering giving it away," Sydney coach John Longmire said.

"We're giving him some time away and I had a brief chat with him today and he's still working through a couple of issues. He is considering retirement and that's just the reality of it."

Thursday, 2 June 2011
Swans forward and Lions premiership player Daniel Bradshaw has taken time off from the club to consider his playing future.

"He obviously is coming back from another knee operation and struggling to get his head around another rehab, so he's decided to take some time off," Sydney coach John Longmire said.

"He's had a couple of knee operations since he's been here and spent a lot of time doing the rehab and he's just questioning whether he wants to keep going and climb the mountain another time."

Thursday, 17 March 2011
Swans full-forward Daniel Bradshaw has been ruled out indefinitely with knee soreness.

"His knee is still sore. He has been put on ice for a little period to see if his knee settles down," Longmire said.

"We're going to unload him and give it a chance to rest. How long that takes I'm unsure. It's obviously disappointing for him in particular, but we just don't know when he will be right."

Thursday, 26 August 2010
Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos says Daniel Bradshaw's knee has to be pushed to gauge his availability for the club's finals campaign.

"Really now, we just have to push him anyway. If we pushed him and he got slightly injured, he wouldn't have played anyway," Roos said.

"We won't throw him in definitely next week if he feels he's not confident and we feel he's not confident as well. There's still a lot of things that have got to go right for him to play next week."

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Brisbane Lions coach Michael Voss says former teammate Daniel Bradshaw has lost respect for him after the key forward left the Lions for the Swans via the pre-season draft.

"I think Daniel's lost a fair bit of respect for me, which is disappointing," Voss said.

"I played in premierships with Daniel and it was unfortunate that he ended up moving on. In my limited experience as a coach that is absolutely the most difficult thing to be able to do, and how you do it is not always done exactly how you'd like to, but you also know it's part of the job."

Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Sydney Swans full-forward Daniel Bradshaw will miss at least three matches after surgery on his troublesome right knee.
Saturday, 1 May 2010
Six months after leaving the Brisbane Lions, Daniel Bradshaw fires the Sydney Swans to a win against his old club with six goals including a 60m torpedo punt after the three-quarter time siren.

"When Braddy pulled out the barrel, you think you're in for a pretty reasonable night when those go through. It's not often it happens on the siren so you're pretty relieved when those go through," Sydney coach Paul Roos said.

Daniel Bradshaw could not have written a better script than the one which unfolded against his old side on Saturday night but says a win was all that mattered.

"At the end of the day, [it didn't matter] if I didn't kick any, as long as we won. That's all I wanted to do," he said.

"To contribute six goals was good for myself but it was more important to get the win."

Wednesday, 28 April 2010
Lions captain Jonathan Brown says that he misses former teammate Daniel Bradshaw but that Brisbane's decision to recruit Brendan Fevola and Sydney acquiring Bradshaw has benefited both clubs.

"Braddy's a close mate of mine so at the end of the day, I'm just happy he's playing good footy," Brown said.

"It's always disappointing to see a great player go and a great mate go, but … the players play and management manages. We go along with the decisions that have been made and it's worked out well for both clubs… that's the business of football."

Saturday, 27 March 2010
Paul Roos says the decision to ignore pursuing Brendan Fevola helped deliver Daniel Bradshaw for free to the club.

"If we were to chase Fevola hard it would have deflected us from Seaby, Mumford, McGlynn and Kennedy," Roos said.

"What you end up doing is have so many balls in the air, you get nothing done by the end of trade week. Then at the end of the the week the fact we didn't go after Fevola helped us get Bradshaw.

"You can't waste effort on something you are 99 per cent sure won't happen."

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Sydney Swans forward Daniel Bradshaw believes he will be fit for selection against St Kilda in round 1 of 2010.

"In the last couple of weeks I've been doing heaps of agility work just to test out the movement sideways and I've done a lot of one-on-one stuff - wrestling and marking work," he said.

"I feel really confident and I'm not second-guessing myself at all."

Monday, 15 February 2010
Western Bulldog Jason Akermanis has his doubts as to whether Jonathan Brown and Brendan Fevola can work together in the Brisbane Lions' forward line saying that Daniel Bradshaw was a better complement for Brown.

"Bradshaw was a great sort of swingman for 'Browny' and 'Browny' was happy to play the lead role," Akermanis said.

"What will happen if two guys are playing the lead role? 'Hang on man, this is my show'. I know they are both very dominant guys, so they're both going to want their piece of the pie."

Thursday, 11 February 2010
Sydney Swans forward Daniel Bradshaw is expected to resume light duties on Friday despite last week's knee arthroscope.

"It was a bit frustrating when I found out, but we decided it was worth getting it done now because there's still plenty of time before the season starts," Bradshaw said.

"It's a pretty minor operation and it's all been going smoothly so I'll start bike riding and swimming tomorrow. I should be back running in a week or two."

Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Sydney Swans forward Daniel Bradshaw will miss the entire NAB Cup but he is expected to be fit for round one of the premiership season.

"Being an experienced player, Daniel should come around quickly and doing the operation now means his season won't be unduly interrupted," Swans coach Paul Roos said.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009
Former Lions forward Daniel Bradshaw has completed the formalities and can now begin life as a Sydney Swan after being selected in the pre-season draft.

"I was a bit nervous this morning because you never really know until your name gets called out," Bradshaw said.

"I felt like I was 17 again, waiting for the draft. It would have been a surprise if another team had picked me up but I'm just over the moon to be able to play footy with the Swans."

Tuesday, 17 November 2009
Sydney Swans assistant coach Peter Berbakov says prospective recruit Daniel Bradshaw has been put in cotton wool ahead of next month's NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft.

"Hopefully once he gets over the line in the pre-season draft, we can really ramp him up but being an older player, we can afford to take our time with him," he said.

"He's had a lot of pre-seasons to get some good conditioning and he won't take long to get up to speed. He's just being cotton-woolled at this stage."

Wednesday, 11 November 2009
Brisbane Lions coach Michael Voss says he has moved on from full forward Daniel Bradshaw leaving the club.

"As a coach you make decisions on what you think the best direction of the football club is and we've chosen this direction and Braddy has moved on," Voss said.

Thursday, 5 November 2009
Former Brisbane Lion Daniel Bradshaw reveals he did not anticipate being offered as trade bait to Carlton for Brendan Fevola.

"It's fair to say I wasn't over the moon about it. I didn't really see it coming," Bradshaw said.

"I probably thought two months ago that Brisbane was going to be the team where I was going to end my career but that's the way footy is now and I've sort of moved on."

Former Lion Daniel Bradshaw says he feels like a new draftee now he has started training with the Swans.

"It is a bit strange. It's hard to explain; it's a bit like being redrafted," he said.

"It will take a few weeks to get to know everyone's name but I'm really looking forward to it. It's a fresh start and it's really exciting."

Monday, 2 November 2009
Former Lion Daniel Bradshaw will begin training with the Swans this week despite uncertainty about his future.

"He's uncontracted now so we can put him on our training list and he can train with us," Sydney coach Paul Roos said.

"We'll get him down here, make sure he gets involved and meets the players and we'll move forward on that basis."

Monday, 26 October 2009
Sydney coach Paul Roos believes Daniel Bradshaw will fit in perfectly at the Swans next to young forward Jesse White after the departures of Barry Hall and Michael O'Loughlin.

"Bradshaw is just the perfect player who can play out of full-forward with Jesse White next to him, so being able to emulate what Mick's been able to do and kick goals and help Jesse and tackle and set up things," Roos said.

"In terms of the number of goals, who knows? But in terms of the amount of experience, we know he can be a quality player and person who can provide some experience that we've lost."

Sunday, 25 October 2009
Daniel Bradshaw's manager has informed the Swans that he wants to play in Sydney in 2010 and beyond.
Monday, 19 October 2009
Lions CEO Michael Bowers says the Lions tried to keep Daniel Bradshaw, but he wanted a longer, more lucrative deal.

"Through his manager, we understand that he is seeking a longer and more lucrative deal," Bowers said.

"It was not a situation where we wanted to get rid of Daniel. Not at all. We wanted to keep him. We offered him a contract and he made the decision to reject it."

Sunday, 18 October 2009
Ex-Lion Daniel Bradshaw is seen as a key target to fill the holes left in the Sydney Swans' forward line by the departures of Barry Hall and Michael O'Loughlin.

"We are certainly interested in Daniel Bradshaw, as we've had some discussions with his management and they will be ongoing," Swans CEO Andrew Ireland told the Herald Sun.

"We lost Barry Hall and Michael O'Loughlin - two key forwards over the past year - and we've got high hopes for Jesse White. We think he is going to be a player, but he's only a youngster, so we think Daniel would complement our set up well."

Friday, 16 October 2009
Daniel Bradshaw is looking for a new home after rejecting Brisbane's two-year deal.

"He's advised them he wouldn't accept any offer from the club and he was going to have a week off and look at the market place," Bradshaw's manager Colin Young told the Courier Mail.

Thursday, 8 October 2009
Brisbane Lions Daniel Bradshaw and Michael Rischitelli were given a tour of Carlton's headquarters at Visy Park after being linked to a trade involving Carlton spearhead Brendan Fevola.

Bradshaw will have to pass a medical examination before Carlton accepts the deal.

Michael Rischitelli's reluctance to join the Blues puts the trade involving a swap for Brendan Fevola with him and teammate Daniel Bradshaw in jeopardy.

''He's staying in Brisbane,'' Rischitelli's manager Rick Olarenshaw said.

''He's got a Queensland girl, long-term partner, and he's happy in Queensland. And he loves playing for Vossy.''

Tuesday, 1 September 2009
The Brisbane Lions will be missing five key players in their elimination final against Carlton.

Daniel Merrett (hamstring), Daniel Bradshaw (quad) and Jed Adcock (knee) will all be sidelined for at least another week, and are likely to be joined by Simon Black (hamstring) and Josh Drummond (quad) who were injured in their final regular season match against the Swans.

''All those players are probably registered down as 'test' but are fairly likely to be unlikely to play, so we've got to plan ahead without them there,'' Lions coach Michael Voss said.

''Normally I'd sit here and say they're 50:50 but they're probably less than that so there's no real point dragging out that process any longer than we need to. If they come up then good, but we're not expecting them to.''

Sunday, 17 May 2009
Daniel Bradshaw believes his record as the Lions all-time goalscorer will not last long.

Bradshaw broke Alastair Lynch's record but believes its only a matter of time before Jonathan Brown surpasses him.

"It's nice to pass the record, Lynchy was a bloke I looked up to, but I'm only baby-sitting it for Browny," he said.

Saturday, 16 May 2009
Daniel Bradshaw etched his name in the Brisbane Lions record book by becoming the club's all-time leading goalkicker after kicking 5 against the Crows.
Saturday, 18 April 2009
The Lions coach will seek clarity from the AFL about tactics used to quell Jonathan Brown and Daniel Bradshaw during Brisbane's loss to Collingwood.

"I'll seek that out with Jeff (Gieschen) during the week exactly what they can do for my own piece of mind and just to let Braddy and Browny know what can happen," he said.

"We'll pull the vision off and send it off and make contact with Jeff during the week."

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