Barry Hall is under scrutiny for after appearing to attempt to strike Magpie Shane Wakelin during the second quarter of the Swans' loss to Collingwood.

Wakelin was asked if Hall had made contact to his chin which he denied before saying that he had gone to ground to get a free kick.

"Not with my chin, no. Some of the boys told me they saw it on the scoreboard afterwards, but I didn't even see it, so I'm not sure what happened. We'll have to see what happens on Monday night," Wakelin said.

Hall accepts a one-match ban for attempted striking but is suspended indefinitely by the Swans following a recommendation by club psychologist Grant Brecht.

"I'm not sure how long before he'll play again," Swans coach Paul Roos said.

"He put it on the agenda that he was working on some personal issues during that first seven or eight weeks. The unfortunate side of it is that he hasn't beeen able to overcome those issues."