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Andrew Lovett

Last played for Essendon Bombers in 2009
Games: 88     Born: November 11, 1982     Origin: Northern Knights
Playing Height: 183cm     Playing Weight: 75kg     Position: Midfield
Last Drafted: Round 3, Pick #42 2003 Rookie Draft by Essendon Bombers
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Andrew Lovett Biography

Thursday, 9 April 2020
Ross Lyon admits that trading for Andrew Lovett during his tenure as coach of St Kilda in 2009 was an "unmitigated disaster".

"(Lovett) was a sublime talent, there's no doubt about that. And it's like, talk's cheap, isn't it? Everyone can sell themselves, and look, you get all their references, but the danger with some references is that they're biased or weighted," Lyon said in an interview with Damian Barrett.

"Maybe, as a club did we act too quickly - I don't know - and not see it out? But it was on the back of a lot of bills."

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Essendon say they will not be recruiting Andrew Lovett in the pre-season or rookie drafts.

"We are in the process of building a list and we are committed to the strategies we are employing. We are respectful of Andrew's contribution as a past player but unfortunately he doesn't fit our plans for the future," Bombers football manager Paul Hamilton said.

"We wish Andrew the best with his future endeavours including his ambitions to gain another opportunity within the AFL system."

Former Bomber and Saint Andrew Lovett has broken his silence, saying he has kept his pace and wants another chance.

"I haven't done anything, as proven in a court of law. I am not a bad person, I am not a risk. I would hate to think my footy career ends this way," Lovett said.

"I want to be able to get back to playing football and to end my career on a good note because I still have so much to give football and an AFL club prepared to take a punt on me."

Wednesday, 27 July 2011
Despite media speculation, GWS chief executive Dale Homes says recruiting Andrew Lovett is not a priority at the club right now.

"We haven't even thought about it," Holmes told the Herald Sun.

"Previously listed players is probably the second-last piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the rookies is the last part. [Lovett] will come up at the footy subcommittee when we next meet in about two weeks. It's not a CEO decision, it's a subcommittee vote on those sort of decisions."

Monday, 25 July 2011
Andrew Lovett is found not guilty of two counts of rape at the County Court.
Sunday, 20 June 2010
Nathan Lovett-Murray has thrown his support behind former Essendon teammate Andrew Lovett who has resumed playing football with East Perth in the WAFL.

"He was just happy to be back playing football and trying to forget about everything else that's going on," Lovett-Murray said.

"He just wants to concentrate on his football and let the lawyers handle that side of things."

Friday, 11 June 2010
Andrew Lovett will receive an undisclosed six-figure sum from the saints as settlement for his dismissal from the club following a rape charge.

"This now ends all matters between St Kilda Football Club and Andrew Lovett," a spokesman from St Kilda said.

"The settlement has been welcomed by the AFL and the AFL Players' Association, who both assisted the parties to reach this resolution."

Monday, 17 May 2010
Sacked Saint Andrew Lovett is recruited by East Perth which the WAFL club says was done as a favour to the former Royals junior.

"For us it's just about Andrew playing some football again, which is number one, and then to add a bit of quality for us and experience around the club," football manager Mark Winnett said.

"Getting him back to the thing that he does best and what he enjoys, and to a club where he has former friends and colleagues."

Thursday, 1 April 2010
St Kilda's application to stay the grievance tribunal hearing on the Andrew Lovett case pending a criminal proceeding has been granted.

A decision on the matter will not be handed down until criminal proceedings against Lovett have concluded.

Thursday, 25 March 2010
The media have been barred from a private grievance hearing between St Kilda, the AFLPA and Andrew Lovett's team.
Thursday, 18 March 2010
Saints skipper Nick Riewoldt says his club's ongoing legal battle with sacked player Andrew Lovett hasn't affected the rest of the playing group.

"All I can say is the playing group are not distracted at all. We're focused on round one at this stage and the rest of the season that follows," he said.

"Every time there is a perceived distraction when people are looking at a football club from the outside, we use that an opportunity to focus on things that we can control."

Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Sacked Saint Andrew Lovett is heading back to the AFL grievance tribunal after a mediation process with St Kilda failed to resolve his bid for a $1 million cash settlement.

Lovett's lawyers are due to lodge papers with the AFL to have the grievance tribunal hear the case next week.

Friday, 12 March 2010
A nine-hour mediation session on Friday failed to resolve the ongoing dispute between sacked Saint Andrew Lovett and his club.

"The claim made by Andrew Lovett's representatives was not something the club could reasonably agree to," St Kilda CEO Michael Nettlefold said.

"As our members, sponsors and other stakeholders would expect, we have obtained legal advice from independent expert employment law barristers who advised us that the club was legally entitled to terminate Andrew Lovett's employment contract."

Friday, 5 March 2010
St Kilda misses a meeting with Andrew Lovett's management saying that they are still waiting on the tribunal's written reasons for its decision to hear Lovett's grievance claim.

The Saints are understood to be keen to settle Lovett's claims in an independent mediation process instead.

"We think that last week's decision that Andrew Lovett was a player and he is subject to the grievance procedure was rock solid," AFLPA spokesman Jason Murnane said.

"We were surprised and we think [the grievance procedure] would be a more appropriate way to go forward than perhaps some of the other potential outcomes that are being talked about at the moment."

Thursday, 25 February 2010
St Kilda must now consider its options after sacked player Andrew Lovett claimed clearance by the AFL to pursue his grievance with the club.

"St Kilda finds itself in this position because of the acts and omissions of Andrew Lovett, which we believe gave us no choice other than to dismiss," St Kilda vice-president Ross Levin said after the hearing.

"Andrew says it was not lawful to dismiss and we maintain that it was."

Wednesday, 24 February 2010
A grievance tribunal will sit tonight to decide if it will hear Andrew Lovett's claims against St Kilda centred around his $1 million contract.

St Kilda will argue that the hearing should not proceed given that Lovett is no longer an AFL-listed player following his recent sacking.

Friday, 19 February 2010
Andrew Lovett has faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court over a rape charge in a 90-second filing hearing. Lovett is next due in court for a committal mention on May 7.
Carlton has released a statement explaining that its VFL affiliate, the Northern Bullants is not interested in recruiting Andrew Lovett.

"We have spoken to the Bullants in relation to a media report that there may be some interest in recruiting Lovett and the Bullants confirmed there is no interest," Carlton chief executive Greg Swann said.

Thursday, 18 February 2010
St Kilda midfielder Lenny Hayes says the players have been unaffected by Andrew Lovett's sacking as they prepare for their first competitive hitout in 2010 against the Magpies in the NAB Cup.

"The thing about football is we've got a game this week and that's what the guys have been concentrating on," Hayes said.

"All pre-season you're getting ready for that first game."

Wednesday, 17 February 2010
Andrew Lovett's legal team says St Kilda's reasons for sacking the wayward forward is flimsy.

"There is an internal process under the collective bargaining agreement between the AFL and players association and we think that's the appropriate forum at this stage to pursue remedies for Andrew but there are a range of legal avenues available to him," Lovett's lawyer and former AFL umpire Derek Humphrey-Smith said.

"There hasn't been any action with the Supreme Court but that is one of a range of remedies available to Andrew because we consider St Kilda's actions are unlawful."

Tuesday, 16 February 2010
The St Kilda career of Andrew Lovett is over before it began, with the club terminating his contract after he was charged with one count of rape.

"These failures related to his training commitments and a failure to contact club officials in a situation where he should have done so," Saints CEO Michael Nettlefold said.

"We simply could not ignore such breaches. Nor could we ignore the damage being done to St Kilda's reputation and decided unanimously as a club to terminate Andrew Lovett's employment with the Saints."

A senior St Kilda official says the club's reputation has been hurt by the Andrew Lovett affair.

"We've already had feedback that it has hurt our reputation. We'd like to think we could rise above it," St Kilda vice-president Ross Levine told a press conference at Moorabbin.

"If it had continued on beyond this I think it would have continued to get worse. We've got members, sponsors, players, our general brand in the market place. It's association with someone who has been charged. Innocent before proven guilty but charged unfortunately does damage our reputation.

"We think we've done as best as we can as a club in this situation for everyone, for us, Andrew and the woman involved."

St Kilda has sacked Andrew Lovett after his rape charge, but coach Ross Lyon says due diligence was done.

"It was a thorough process. There were a couple of sit downs with me and the list manager (Matthew Drain) and with our senior players and we referenced a great deal of people from his previous football club," Lyon said.

"We were satisfied we had enough information clearly to make the decision to do it. We don't stand away from that, but in the events that have continued since then it is an unfortunate outcome."

Monday, 15 February 2010
St Kilda recruit Andrew Lovett has officially been charged with one count of rape.

The Saints said in a statement on Monday afternoon that it was considering its position in light of the latest development, but would make no further comment.

"We're acutely aware and painfully aware there is an alleged female victim in this and clearly as a professional player that is under investigation for a serious sexual assault," Saints coach Ross Lyon said.

"For me to go anywhere near this, I could prejudice or really not show the correct sensitivity to either person. So I'm really happy to leave that alone and you (the media) will respect that we shouldn't go anywhere near that."

Tuesday, 2 February 2010
Suspended St Kilda recruit Andrew Lovett has lodged a notice of grievance with St Kilda.
Monday, 18 January 2010
Andrew Lovett finds support in the AFL Players' Association who are making enquiries into the nature of St Kilda's indefinite suspension of the former Bomber.

"The AFLPA is currently liaising with all the relevant parties to ascertain the precise nature of the suspension and its relationship with the collective instruments which regulate the employment of AFL players," AFLPA chief executive Matt Finnis said.

"The AFLPA will continue to provide our support to Andrew Lovett, as he is entitled being a current member of the association. This necessarily involves ongoing dialogue with the various individuals and organisations involved."

Wednesday, 30 December 2009
St Kilda has confirmed that new recruit Andrew Lovett was interviewed by police on Wednesday over allegations made by a woman.

"St Kilda Football Club is aware that Saints player, Andrew Lovett, has been interviewed by Victoria Police today following an investigation into allegations made by a woman," the Saints said in a statement.

"Andrew has been released, pending summons application.

"The Saints understand the interest from the public and media, however at this time the club is not in a position to make any further comment until the investigations have concluded, as to whether or not Andrew will be charged with an offence."

Saturday, 26 December 2009
The Herald Sun reports that Andrew Lovett has allegedly raped a woman while she slept in a teammate's room.
Thursday, 24 December 2009
Victoria Police is investigating allegations made by a woman against new Saint Andrew Lovett, who has been barred from any involvement with his club.

"As a club, we are currently gaining a better understanding of these allegations and are treating this matter very seriously," Saints chief executive officer Michael Nettlefold said.

"We have suspended Andrew Lovett indefinitely. Andrew will not be involved with the club in any shape or form until a further decision is made."

Wednesday, 25 November 2009
St Kilda coach Ross Lyon says he is disappointed in new Saint recruit Andrew Lovett's arrest for drunkenness.

"It's an inauspicious start and one we'd prefer not to be dealing with. We don't like any negative publicity around the Saints," Lyon said.

"From here he is under no illusions about the requirements and actions he needs to take to earn respect and more importantly earn trust here."

Tuesday, 17 November 2009
New St Kilda player Andrew Lovett was arrested for drunkeness on the weekend and must now wait while his club's decides his sanction.

"The St Kilda Football club is extremely disappointed that Andrew has put himself in this position," the Saints said in a statement.

"The club is fully investigating what has taken place and will take appropriate action if and when required."

Tuesday, 6 October 2009
Essendon midfielder Andrew Lovett has been traded to St Kilda for pick No. 16.

"He's a Melbourne boy and St Kilda's got opportunities in terms of on-field where they're at," Lovett's manager Alex McDonald said.

"You'd think they're pretty close to some success as well. They were the two key things."

Saturday, 19 September 2009
Andrew Lovett will not be wearing an Essendon jumper in 2010 with the Bomber midfielder looking to be traded to another club for a second time after a failed attempt to move in 2009.

"It is disappointing, obviously, because I love Essendon and the people there. I have got great friends there and will always love Essendon so it is sad from that point of view, but by the same token it is exciting for me to think of where I will now be next year," Lovett told The Age.

"I sat down with Knighter and he was really open and honest and so was I. At the end I thanked them for the opportunity, especially the opportunity to play in the midfield, and the chance to play at a great club."

Thursday, 10 September 2009
Essendon coach Matthew Knights says he hasn't discussed Andrew Lovett's future yet following media reports that the midfielder was seeking a trade from the Bombers.

"We're catching up with all our players in the next two days before they head off on their eight-week leave and I'm sure I'll speak to Andrew in the next 24-48 hours and see if there is any truth in that scenario," Knights said on SEN radio.

"There was some interest from the Sydney Swans but there wasn't a lot of interest in a two-way win-win scenario."

Wednesday, 8 July 2009
Essendon midfielder Andrew Lovett has faced court for driving without a licence.

Lovett was handed a $900 fine and an additional three-month licence suspension. He now cannot drive until mid-November this year.

"The court has dealt with it this morning and we're just going to move forward now," Essendon coach Matthew Knights said.

"Andrew understands he's made a mistake and wants to move forward as well."

Friday, 19 June 2009
Bomber Andrew Lovett's irresistible form will earn him a new contract, with talks under way between the club and his management.

"We have had a preliminary discussion. They are working through their list management and when the time is right they will approach us again about Andrew," Lovett's manager Alex McDonald said.

"Andrew is in the next bunch of players they are working though."

Sunday, 7 June 2009
Andrew Lovett's biggest challenges remain off-field, says Essendon coach Matthew Knights.

"Andrew has been a very consistent player for our club this year," Knights said.

"I didn't have a lot to say to Andrew other than to say he had to take responsibility for his own actions, and he's done that.

"His best footy is in front of him, but his challenge is to always stay consistent off the field, so we'll continue to work with Andrew on that."

Thursday, 4 June 2009
Essendon will support Andrew Lovett through his latest off-field indiscretion.

Lovett will face court later this month to answer charges of driving while unlicensed.

He lost his licence last year after a build-up of demerit points and it is understood Lovett was caught driving earlier this year.

"Andrew's actions are unacceptable and he will now face the consequences of the law," Bombers chief executive Peter Jackson said in a club statement.

"He needs to understand the community has standards and he like all of us has a responsibility to meet them."

Friday, 29 May 2009
Geelong coach Mark Thompson had a feeling Essendon speedster Andrew Lovett would have a spectacular season having attempted to secure Lovett in a trade prior to the start of season 2009.

"We were interested in Andrew and he was quite prepared to come," Thompson said.

"The trade was almost done but Essendon pulled out at the last minute. In the end, we lost Prismall for almost nothing and they kept Lovett.

"Now Lovett's paying fantastic footy and Prismall's back in so they're the big winners out of that deal."

Friday, 3 April 2009
The war of words between over Dean Brogan's suspension continued today, with Port Adelaide coach Mark Williams weighing in.

"My view is that two players walking - walking - and one bumps into the other one, yes he did it, he bumped him, but gee whizz, footy's getting a little precious," Williams said.

"It was pretty insignificant as far as I was concerned."

Thursday, 2 April 2009
Chad Cornes is disappointed with Essendon's Andrew Lovett's role in Power ruckman Dean Brogan suspension.

Lovett's evidence at the AFL Tribunal was pivotal in Brogan being suspended for one match for engaging in rough conduct against the Bomber midfielder at quarter-time of last Sunday's match.

Lovett told the tribunal he was shocked to be forcefully bumped from behind by Brogan during the break in play.

Cornes intimated that Lovett broke an unwritten players' code of not implicating an opponent at the tribunal.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009
Andrew Lovett must get used to the sort of physical aggression Port Adelaide dished out, according to his coach, Matthew Knights.

"It's a great experience for Andrew because there's been a chequered past, he's got his act together and he looks like he's going to have a good season. He's got to expect that," Knights said.

Port Adelaide ruckman Dean Brogan will miss Sunday's match against the Eagles after being found guilty of rough conduct.

The Power big man was staring at two weeks on the sidelines had he been found guilty, after deciding to challenge a charge of engaging in rough conduct against Essendon speedster Andrew Lovett.

Port Adelaide opted to fight the charge and, despite the AFL jury members downgrading the rough conduct charge from intentional to reckless, Brogan will still miss one match.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Essendon coach Matthew Knights has turned the blowtorch on wayward star Andrew Lovett.

The Bombers were forced to keep the gifted Lovett after unsuccessful attempts to offload him during last year's trade week, after tiring of his lack of off-field commitment.

Knights challenges Andrew Lovett to step up this year after nearly being traded from following 2008.

"The gun midfielders have the whole package. If you look at the gun midfielders, they win disposals, they win hard balls, they kick goals but they lay eight tackles a week and that's the whole package," Knights said.

''Andrew's challenge is to do that and if he applies himself I think he can slowly get towards being an elite midfielder. But that comes with time and it comes with consistency.''

Tuesday, 3 March 2009
Bombers coach Matthew Knights has confirmed Dustin Fletcher and Andrew Lovett won't face the Pies in the NAB Cup semi-final this weekend.
Saturday, 21 February 2009
Wayward Essendon forward Andrew Lovett is winning back the trust of his teammates after almost being traded last year, his cousin and teammate Nathan Lovett-Murray says.

"It came pretty close (to him leaving), but fortunately it didn't happen," Lovett-Murray said.

"Andrew worked really hard over the pre-season and that's something he needed to do.

"He needed to get that respect back from his teammates, and he is working hard at doing that by letting his football and his actions do the talking."

Monday, 21 April 2008
Leigh Montagna admits to delivering a personal insult to Bomber Andrew Lovett with words implying that Lovett was guilty of domestic violence.

Montagna, however, made light of his remarks which were heard during the game's broadcast saying that he and Lovett were close friends.

"Andy Lovett and I are actually good mates," Montagna said.

"We'd had a flat third quarter and Essendon were coming back and I thought a little bit of spark might just get the boys going again.

"So I just had a bit of a scuffle with Andy and I knew he wasn't going to hurt me cos we're mates. He might have just thrown a leg into me - given me a little corky or something like that - which got me a little bit agitated, especially coming from Andy, cos, as I said, we're mates."

Lovett is understood to not be looking to take the matter any further.

Later analysis of the video footage, however, reveal that it was Nick Riewoldt who verbalised the sledge at Lovett.

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