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AFL Players by Last Name
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 Ablett, Gary Jnr  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Acres, Blake  (St Kilda Saints)
 Adams, Leigh  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Adams, Taylor  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Adcock, Jed  (Brisbane Lions)
 Addison, Dylan  (GWS Giants)
 Ah Chee, Brendon  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Ahern, Paul  (GWS Giants)
 Aish, James  (Brisbane Lions)
 Aliir, Aliir  (Sydney Swans)
 Ambrose, Patrick  (Essendon Bombers)
 Amon, Karl  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Anderson, Jed  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Andrews, Harris  (Brisbane Lions)
 Apeness, Michael  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Armfield, Dennis  (Carlton Blues)
 Armitage, David  (St Kilda Saints)
 Ashby, Jason  (Essendon Bombers)
 Astbury, David  (Richmond Tigers)
 Atkins, Rory  (Adelaide Crows)
 Atley, Shaun  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Austin, Logan  (Port Adelaide Power)
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 Baguley, Mark  (Essendon Bombers)
 Bail, Rohan  (Melbourne Demons)
 Ballantyne, Hayden  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Ballard, Jacob  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Barlow, Michael  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Barrass, Tom  (West Coast Eagles)
 Barrett, Jake  (GWS Giants)
 Bartel, Jimmy  (Geelong Cats)
 Bastinac, Ryan  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Batchelor, Jake  (Richmond Tigers)
 Bates, Zachary  (Geelong Cats)
 Beams, Claye  (Brisbane Lions)
 Beams, Dayne  (Brisbane Lions)
 Bell, Tom  (Carlton Blues)
 Bellchambers, Tom  (Essendon Bombers)
 Bennell, Harley  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Bennell, Jamie  (West Coast Eagles)
 Betts, Eddie  (Adelaide Crows)
 Bewick, Rohan  (Brisbane Lions)
 Bews, Jed  (Geelong Cats)
 Biggs, Shane  (Western Bulldogs)
 Billings, Jack  (St Kilda Saints)
 Birchall, Grant  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Bird, Craig  (Sydney Swans)
 Black, Aaron  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Blair, Jarryd  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Blakely, Connor  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Blease, Sam  (Geelong Cats)
 Blicavs, Mark  (Geelong Cats)
 Boak, Travis  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Boekhorst, Blaine  (Carlton Blues)
 Bontempelli, Marcus  (Western Bulldogs)
 Boston, Andrew  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Bourke, Jordon  (Brisbane Lions)
 Boyd, Matthew  (Western Bulldogs)
 Boyd, Thomas  (Western Bulldogs)
 Brand, Kaiden  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Brayshaw, Angus  (Melbourne Demons)
 Brennan, Jacob  (West Coast Eagles)
 Breust, Luke  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Broadbent, Matthew  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Broomhead, Timothy  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Brown, Ben  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Brown, Luke  (Adelaide Crows)
 Brown, Mitchell  (West Coast Eagles)
 Brown, Nathan  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Browne, Alex  (Essendon Bombers)
 Bruce, Josh  (St Kilda Saints)
 Buckley, Dylan  (Carlton Blues)
 Bugg, Tomas  (GWS Giants)
 Buntine, Matthew  (GWS Giants)
 Burgoyne, Shaun  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Butcher, John  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Butler, Daniel  (Richmond Tigers)
 Butler, Sam  (West Coast Eagles)
 Byrne, Ciaran  (Carlton Blues)
 Byrne-Jones, Darcy  (Port Adelaide Power)
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 Caddy, Josh  (Geelong Cats)
 Cameron, Charlie  (Adelaide Crows)
 Cameron, Clay  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Cameron, Jeremy  (GWS Giants)
 Campbell, Tom  (Western Bulldogs)
 Carlile, Alipate  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Carlisle, Jake  (Essendon Bombers)
 Carrazzo, Andrew  (Carlton Blues)
 Carter, Adam  (West Coast Eagles)
 Casboult, Levi  (Carlton Blues)
 Cavka, Damien  (West Coast Eagles)
 Ceglar, Jonathon  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Chaplin, Troy  (Richmond Tigers)
 Chapman, Paul  (Essendon Bombers)
 Cheney, Kyle  (Adelaide Crows)
 Christensen, Allen  (Brisbane Lions)
 Clark, Mitchell  (Geelong Cats)
 Clarke, Justin  (Brisbane Lions)
 Clarke, Zachary  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Cloke, Travis  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Close, Michael  (Brisbane Lions)
 Clurey, Tom  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Cockatoo, Nakia  (Geelong Cats)
 Colledge, Brant  (West Coast Eagles)
 Colquhoun, Sam  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Colyer, Travis  (Essendon Bombers)
 Conca, Reece  (Richmond Tigers)
 Coniglio, Stephen  (GWS Giants)
 Cooney, Adam  (Essendon Bombers)
 Cordy, Ayce  (Western Bulldogs)
 Cordy, Zaine  (Western Bulldogs)
 Cornes, Kane  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Corr, Aidan  (GWS Giants)
 Cotchin, Trent  (Richmond Tigers)
 Cowan, Josh  (Geelong Cats)
 Crameri, Stewart  (Western Bulldogs)
 Cripps, Jamie  (West Coast Eagles)
 Cripps, Patrick  (Carlton Blues)
 Crisp, Jack  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Cross, Daniel  (Melbourne Demons)
 Crouch, Brad  (Adelaide Crows)
 Crouch, Matt  (Adelaide Crows)
 Crowley, Ryan  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Crozier, Hayden  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Cunico, Jordan  (Geelong Cats)
 Cunningham, Harry  (Sydney Swans)
 Cunnington, Ben  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Curnow, Edward  (Carlton Blues)
 Curren, Thomas  (St Kilda Saints)
 Currie, Daniel  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Cutler, Tom  (Brisbane Lions)
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 Dahlhaus, Luke  (Western Bulldogs)
 Dale, Bailey  (Western Bulldogs)
 Dalgleish, Lauchlan  (Essendon Bombers)
 Dal Santo, Nick  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Dangerfield, Patrick  (Adelaide Crows)
 Daniel, Caleb  (Western Bulldogs)
 Daniher, Joe  (Essendon Bombers)
 Darley, Sam  (Western Bulldogs)
 Darling, Jack  (West Coast Eagles)
 Davis, Abaina  (Sydney Swans)
 Davis, Phil  (GWS Giants)
 Daw, Majak  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Dawes, Chris  (Melbourne Demons)
 Dawson, Liam  (Brisbane Lions)
 Dawson, Zac  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Day, Sam  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Dea, Matthew  (Richmond Tigers)
 Dear, Harry  (Adelaide Crows)
 De Boer, Matthew  (Fremantle Dockers)
 De Goey, Jordan  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Delaney, Luke  (St Kilda Saints)
 Deledio, Brett  (Richmond Tigers)
 Dell'Olio, Corey  (Essendon Bombers)
 Deluca-Cardillo, Josh  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Dempsey, Courtenay  (Essendon Bombers)
 Dempster, Sean  (St Kilda Saints)
 Derickx, Tom  (Sydney Swans)
 Dick, Matthew  (Carlton Blues)
 Dickson, Tory  (Western Bulldogs)
 Dixon, Charlie  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Docherty, Sam  (Carlton Blues)
 Douglas, Richard  (Adelaide Crows)
 Downie, Tom  (GWS Giants)
 Drummond, Nathan  (Richmond Tigers)
 Duffield, Paul  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Duffy, Max  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Duggan, Liam  (West Coast Eagles)
 Dumont, Trent  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Duncan, Mitchell  (Geelong Cats)
 Dunn, Lynden  (Melbourne Demons)
 Dunstan, Luke  (St Kilda Saints)
 Durdin, Sam  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Duryea, Taylor  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Dwyer, Sam  (Collingwood Magpies)
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 Ebert, Brad  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Edwards, Shane  (Richmond Tigers)
 Edwards, Shaun  (Essendon Bombers)
 Ellard, David  (Carlton Blues)
 Elliott, Jamie  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Ellis, Brandon  (Richmond Tigers)
 Ellis, Corey  (Richmond Tigers)
 Ellis, Jarred  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Ellis, Xavier  (West Coast Eagles)
 Ellis-Yolmen, Cameron  (Adelaide Crows)
 Elton, Todd  (Richmond Tigers)
 Enright, Corey  (Geelong Cats)
 Everitt, Andrejs  (Carlton Blues)
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 Fantasia, Orazio  (Essendon Bombers)
 Fasolo, Alex  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Finlayson, Jeremy  (GWS Giants)
 Firrito, Michael  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Fisher, Sam  (St Kilda Saints)
 Fitzpatrick, Jack  (Melbourne Demons)
 Fletcher, Dustin  (Essendon Bombers)
 Flynn, Daniel  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Foley, Nathan  (Richmond Tigers)
 Foster, Jayden  (Carlton Blues)
 Frampton, Billy  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Franklin, Lance  (Sydney Swans)
 Frawley, James  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Freeman, Jonathan  (Brisbane Lions)
 Freeman, Nathan  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Frost, Jack  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Frost, Sam  (Melbourne Demons)
 Fuller, Matthew  (Western Bulldogs)
 Fyfe, Nathan  (Fremantle Dockers)
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 Gaff, Andrew  (West Coast Eagles)
 Gardiner, Darcy  (Brisbane Lions)
 Garland, Colin  (Melbourne Demons)
 Garlett, Dayle  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Garlett, Jarrod  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Garlett, Jeff  (Melbourne Demons)
 Garner, Taylor  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Gault, Corey  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Gawn, Max  (Melbourne Demons)
 Geary, Jarryn  (St Kilda Saints)
 Gibbs, Bryce  (Carlton Blues)
 Gibson, Josh  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Gibson, Sam  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Gilbert, Sam  (St Kilda Saints)
 Giles, Cameron  (Carlton Blues)
 Giles, Jonathan  (Essendon Bombers)
 Gleeson, Martin  (Essendon Bombers)
 Goddard, Brendon  (Essendon Bombers)
 Goddard, Hugh  (St Kilda Saints)
 Golby, Mitchell  (Brisbane Lions)
 Golds, Tim  (GWS Giants)
 Goldsack, Tyson  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Goldstein, Todd  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Goodes, Adam  (Sydney Swans)
 Goodyear, Matthew  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Gordon, Nathan  (Richmond Tigers)
 Gore, Dean  (Geelong Cats)
 Gorringe, Daniel  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Graham, Nicholas  (Carlton Blues)
 Grant, Jarrad  (Western Bulldogs)
 Gray, Robbie  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Gray, Sam  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Green, Joshua  (Brisbane Lions)
 Greene, Toby  (GWS Giants)
 Greenwood, Levi  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Gregory, Sean  (Essendon Bombers)
 Gregson, Cory  (Geelong Cats)
 Grey, Brady  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Griffen, Ryan  (GWS Giants)
 Griffin, Jonathon  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Griffiths, Benjamin  (Richmond Tigers)
 Grigg, Mitchell  (Adelaide Crows)
 Grigg, Shaun  (Richmond Tigers)
 Grima, Nathan  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Grimes, Dylan  (Richmond Tigers)
 Grimes, Jack  (Melbourne Demons)
 Grimley, Sam  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Grundy, Brodie  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Grundy, Heath  (Sydney Swans)
 Gunston, Jack  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Guthrie, Cameron  (Geelong Cats)
 Gwilt, James  (Essendon Bombers)
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 Hale, David  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Hall, Aaron  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Hall, Josh  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Hallahan, Mitchell  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Hamilton, Declan  (Western Bulldogs)
 Hamling, Joel  (Western Bulldogs)
 Hampson, Shaun  (Richmond Tigers)
 Hampton, Curtly  (GWS Giants)
 Hams, Will  (Essendon Bombers)
 Hanley, Pearce  (Brisbane Lions)
 Hannath, Jack  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Hannebery, Daniel  (Sydney Swans)
 Hansen, Lachlan  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Harbrow, Jarrod  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Hardingham, Kyle  (Essendon Bombers)
 Harmes, James  (Melbourne Demons)
 Harper, Kieran  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Hartigan, Kyle  (Adelaide Crows)
 Hartlett, Hamish  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Hartman, Bradley  (Geelong Cats)
 Hartung, Billy  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Harvey, Brent  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Harvey, Mitchell  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Harwood, Ryan  (Brisbane Lions)
 Hawkins, Tom  (Geelong Cats)
 Haynes, Nick  (GWS Giants)
 Heatherley, Kurt  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Heeney, Isaac  (Sydney Swans)
 Henderson, Lachlan  (Carlton Blues)
 Henderson, Ricky  (Adelaide Crows)
 Heppell, Dyson  (Essendon Bombers)
 Herbert, Louis  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Hewett, George  (Sydney Swans)
 Hibberd, Michael  (Essendon Bombers)
 Hickey, Tom  (St Kilda Saints)
 Higgins, Shaun  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Hill, Bradley  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Hill, Josh  (West Coast Eagles)
 Hill, Stephen  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Hiscox, Jack  (Sydney Swans)
 Hocking, Heath  (Essendon Bombers)
 Hodge, Luke  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Hogan, Jesse  (Melbourne Demons)
 Holman, Nick  (Carlton Blues)
 Holmes, Jason  (St Kilda Saints)
 Hombsch, Jack  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Honeychurch, Mitch  (Western Bulldogs)
 Hooker, Cale  (Essendon Bombers)
 Horlin-Smith, George  (Geelong Cats)
 Hoskin-Elliott, Will  (GWS Giants)
 Houli, Bachar  (Richmond Tigers)
 Howard, Dougal  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Howe, Daniel  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Howe, Jeremy  (Melbourne Demons)
 Howlett, Ben  (Essendon Bombers)
 Hrovat, Nathan  (Western Bulldogs)
 Hunt, Jayden  (Melbourne Demons)
 Hunt, Taylor  (Richmond Tigers)
 Hunter, Lachlan  (Western Bulldogs)
 Hurley, Michael  (Essendon Bombers)
 Hurley, Sean  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Hurn, Shannon  (West Coast Eagles)
 Hutchings, Mark  (West Coast Eagles)
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 Ibbotson, Garrick  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Impey, Jarman  (Port Adelaide Power)
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 Jack, Brandon  (Sydney Swans)
 Jack, Kieren  (Sydney Swans)
 Jacobs, Ben  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Jacobs, Sam  (Adelaide Crows)
 Jaensch, Matthew  (Adelaide Crows)
 Jaksch, Kristian  (Carlton Blues)
 Jamar, Mark  (Melbourne Demons)
 Jamison, Michael  (Carlton Blues)
 Jansen, Jarrad  (Geelong Cats)
 Jenkins, Josh  (Adelaide Crows)
 Jetta, Lewis  (Sydney Swans)
 Jetta, Neville  (Melbourne Demons)
 Johannisen, Jason  (Western Bulldogs)
 Johnson, Alex  (Sydney Swans)
 Johnson, Blaine  (Carlton Blues)
 Johnson, Michael  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Johnson, Steve  (Geelong Cats)
 Jonas, Thomas  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Jones, Liam  (Carlton Blues)
 Jones, Matt  (Melbourne Demons)
 Jones, Nathan  (Melbourne Demons)
 Jones, Zak  (Sydney Swans)
 Jong, Lin  (Western Bulldogs)
 Judd, Chris  (Carlton Blues)
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 Karnezis, Patrick  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Karpany, Malcolm  (West Coast Eagles)
 Kavanagh, Elliott  (Essendon Bombers)
 Keeffe, Lachlan  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Kelly, Jake  (Adelaide Crows)
 Kelly, James  (Geelong Cats)
 Kelly, Joshua  (GWS Giants)
 Kennedy, Adam  (GWS Giants)
 Kennedy, Ben  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Kennedy, Josh P.  (Sydney Swans)
 Kennedy, Joshua  (West Coast Eagles)
 Kennedy-Harris, Jay  (Melbourne Demons)
 Kent, Dean  (Melbourne Demons)
 Kerridge, Sam  (Adelaide Crows)
 Kersten, Shane  (Geelong Cats)
 King, Max  (Melbourne Demons)
 Knight, Riley  (Adelaide Crows)
 Knights, Chris  (Richmond Tigers)
 Kolodjashnij, Jake  (Geelong Cats)
 Kolodjashnij, Kade  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Kommer, Nicholas  (Essendon Bombers)
 Kreuzer, Matthew  (Carlton Blues)
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 Laidler, Jeremy  (Sydney Swans)
 Laird, Rory  (Adelaide Crows)
 Lake, Brian  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Lamb, Jed  (GWS Giants)
 Lamb, Tom  (West Coast Eagles)
 Lang, Darcy  (Geelong Cats)
 Langdon, Ed  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Langdon, Tom  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Langford, Kyle  (Essendon Bombers)
 Langford, William  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Laverde, Jayden  (Essendon Bombers)
 Lecras, Mark  (West Coast Eagles)
 Lee, Thomas  (St Kilda Saints)
 Lemmens, Sean  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Lennon, Ben  (Richmond Tigers)
 Leslie, Jack  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Lester, Ryan  (Brisbane Lions)
 Leuenberger, Matthew  (Brisbane Lions)
 Lever, Jake  (Adelaide Crows)
 Lewis, Jordan  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Liberatore, Thomas  (Western Bulldogs)
 Litherland, Angus  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Lloyd, Jake  (Sydney Swans)
 Lloyd, Sam  (Richmond Tigers)
 Lobb, Rory  (GWS Giants)
 Lobbe, Matthew  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Lonergan, Jesse  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Lonergan, Tom  (Geelong Cats)
 Longer, Billy  (St Kilda Saints)
 Lonie, Jack  (St Kilda Saints)
 Lowden, Luke  (Adelaide Crows)
 Lumumba, Heritier  (Melbourne Demons)
 Luxford, Michael  (Geelong Cats)
 Lycett, Scott  (West Coast Eagles)
 Lynch, Thomas  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Lynch, Tom  (Adelaide Crows)
 Lyons, Jarryd  (Adelaide Crows)
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 Macaffer, Brent  (Collingwood Magpies)
 MacKay, David  (Adelaide Crows)
 MacKenzie, Eric  (West Coast Eagles)
 Mackie, Andrew  (Geelong Cats)
 MacMillan, Jamie  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Macrae, Jackson  (Western Bulldogs)
 Maginness, Will  (West Coast Eagles)
 Maguire, Matthew  (Brisbane Lions)
 Main, Dylan  (West Coast Eagles)
 Malceski, Nick  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Marchbank, Caleb  (GWS Giants)
 Maric, Ivan  (Richmond Tigers)
 Markworth, Daniel  (St Kilda Saints)
 Marsh, Harrison  (Sydney Swans)
 Marsh, Jonathon  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Martin, Brodie  (Adelaide Crows)
 Martin, Dustin  (Richmond Tigers)
 Martin, Jack  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Martin, Stefan  (Brisbane Lions)
 Masten, Chris  (West Coast Eagles)
 Matera, Brandon  (Gold Coast Suns)
 May, Steven  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Mayes, Sam  (Brisbane Lions)
 Maynard, Brayden  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Mayne, Christopher  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Mcbean, Liam  (Richmond Tigers)
 McCarthy, Cameron  (GWS Giants)
 McCarthy, Lincoln  (Geelong Cats)
 McCartin, Patrick  (St Kilda Saints)
 McDonald, Luke  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 McDonald, Oscar  (Melbourne Demons)
 McDonald, Tom  (Melbourne Demons)
 Mcdonough, Matthew  (Richmond Tigers)
 McEvoy, Ben  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 McGinnity, Patrick  (West Coast Eagles)
 McGlynn, Ben  (Sydney Swans)
 McGovern, Jeremy  (West Coast Eagles)
 McGovern, Mitch  (Adelaide Crows)
 McGrath, Jaden  (Brisbane Lions)
 McGuane, Luke  (Brisbane Lions)
 McGuinness, Josh  (Brisbane Lions)
 McInnes, Fraser  (West Coast Eagles)
 Mcintosh, Kamdyn  (Richmond Tigers)
 McIntosh, Hamish  (Geelong Cats)
 McKenna, Patrick  (GWS Giants)
 McKenzie, Bradley  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 McKenzie, Daniel  (St Kilda Saints)
 McKenzie, Jordie  (Melbourne Demons)
 McKenzie, Reece  (Richmond Tigers)
 McKenzie, Trent  (Gold Coast Suns)
 McLean, Toby  (Western Bulldogs)
 McMahon, Scott  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 McPharlin, Luke  (Fremantle Dockers)
 McStay, Daniel  (Brisbane Lions)
 McVeigh, Jarrad  (Sydney Swans)
 Melksham, Jake  (Essendon Bombers)
 Membrey, Tim  (St Kilda Saints)
 Menadue, Connor  (Richmond Tigers)
 Menzel, Daniel  (Geelong Cats)
 Menzel, Troy  (Carlton Blues)
 Merrett, Daniel  (Brisbane Lions)
 Merrett, Jackson  (Essendon Bombers)
 Merrett, Zachary  (Essendon Bombers)
 Michie, Viv  (Melbourne Demons)
 Milera, Terry  (St Kilda Saints)
 Miles, Anthony  (Richmond Tigers)
 Miles, Teia  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Miller, Touk  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Minchington, Darren  (St Kilda Saints)
 Minson, Will  (Western Bulldogs)
 Mitchell, Kane  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Mitchell, Sam  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Mitchell, Tom  (Sydney Swans)
 Mohr, Tim  (GWS Giants)
 Moller, Craig  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Monfries, Angus  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Montagna, Leigh  (St Kilda Saints)
 Moore, Andrew  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Moore, Darcy  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Morabito, Anthony  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Morris, Dale  (Western Bulldogs)
 Morris, Steven  (Richmond Tigers)
 Motlop, Steven  (Geelong Cats)
 Mullett, Aaron  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Mumford, Shane  (GWS Giants)
 Mundy, David  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Murdoch, Brodie  (St Kilda Saints)
 Murdoch, Jordan  (Geelong Cats)
 Murphy, Marc  (Carlton Blues)
 Murphy, Robert  (Western Bulldogs)
 Myers, David  (Essendon Bombers)
 Mzungu, Tendai  (Fremantle Dockers)
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 Naismith, Sam  (Sydney Swans)
 Naitanui, Nicholas  (West Coast Eagles)
 Nankervis, Toby  (Sydney Swans)
 Neade, Jake  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Neal-Bullen, Alex  (Melbourne Demons)
 Neale, Lachie  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Nelson, Jackson  (West Coast Eagles)
 Newman, Chris  (Richmond Tigers)
 Newman, Murray  (West Coast Eagles)
 Newnes, Jack  (St Kilda Saints)
 Newton, Ben  (Melbourne Demons)
 Nicholls, Tom  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Nielson, Daniel  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
Back to Top
 O'Brien, Nicholas  (Essendon Bombers)
 O'Brien, Tim  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 O'Brien, Zac  (Brisbane Lions)
 O'Meara, Jaeger  (Gold Coast Suns)
 O'Rourke, Jonathan  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Osborn, Jack  (Adelaide Crows)
 O'Shea, Cameron  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Otten, Andy  (Adelaide Crows)
 Oxley, Adam  (Collingwood Magpies)
Back to Top
 Paine, Jackson  (Brisbane Lions)
 Palmer, Jesse  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Palmer, Rhys  (GWS Giants)
 Paparone, Marco  (Brisbane Lions)
 Parker, Luke  (Sydney Swans)
 Patfull, Joel  (GWS Giants)
 Patton, Jonathon  (GWS Giants)
 Pavlich, Matthew  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Pearce, Alex  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Pearce, Clancee  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Pearce, Danyle  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Pears, Tayte  (Essendon Bombers)
 Pedersen, Cameron  (Melbourne Demons)
 Pendlebury, Scott  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Perris, Lloyd  (Sydney Swans)
 Petracca, Christian  (Melbourne Demons)
 Petrie, Drew  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Petterd, Ricky  (Richmond Tigers)
 Phillips, Andrew  (GWS Giants)
 Picken, Liam  (Western Bulldogs)
 Pickett, Jarrod  (GWS Giants)
 Pierce, Lewis  (St Kilda Saints)
 Pittard, Jasper  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Pittonet, Marc  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Plowman, Lachlan  (GWS Giants)
 Podsiadly, James  (Adelaide Crows)
 Polec, Jared  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Powell, Rowen  (West Coast Eagles)
 Prestia, Dion  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Priddis, Matthew  (West Coast Eagles)
 Prudden, Joshua  (Western Bulldogs)
 Puopolo, Paul  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Pyke, Mike  (Sydney Swans)
Back to Top
 Rampe, Dane  (Sydney Swans)
 Ramsay, Jackson  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Rance, Alex  (Richmond Tigers)
 Ray, Farren  (St Kilda Saints)
 Rayner, Johnny  (Essendon Bombers)
 Redden, Jack  (Brisbane Lions)
 Redden, Jarrad  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Redpath, Jack  (Western Bulldogs)
 Reid, Ben  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Reid, Sam  (Sydney Swans)
 Reilly, Brent  (Adelaide Crows)
 Rich, Daniel  (Brisbane Lions)
 Richards, Ted  (Sydney Swans)
 Richards, Xavier  (Sydney Swans)
 Riewoldt, Jack  (Richmond Tigers)
 Riewoldt, Nick  (St Kilda Saints)
 Riley, Aidan  (Melbourne Demons)
 Rioli, Cyril  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Rischitelli, Michael  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Rivers, Jared  (Geelong Cats)
 Roberton, Dylan  (St Kilda Saints)
 Roberts, Fletcher  (Western Bulldogs)
 Robertson, Nicholas  (Brisbane Lions)
 Robinson, Daniel  (Sydney Swans)
 Robinson, Mitch  (Brisbane Lions)
 Rockliff, Tom  (Brisbane Lions)
 Rohan, Gary  (Sydney Swans)
 Rosa, Matthew  (West Coast Eagles)
 Rose, James  (Sydney Swans)
 Ross, Sebastian  (St Kilda Saints)
 Roughead, Jarryd  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Roughead, Jordan  (Western Bulldogs)
 Rowe, Sam  (Carlton Blues)
 Russell, Luke  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Russell, Sam  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Ryder, Patrick  (Port Adelaide Power)
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 Salem, Christian  (Melbourne Demons)
 Sandilands, Aaron  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Saunders, Josh  (St Kilda Saints)
 Savage, Shane  (St Kilda Saints)
 Schade, Henry  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Scharenberg, Matthew  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Schoenmakers, Ryan  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Schofield, Will  (West Coast Eagles)
 Schulz, Jay  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Schulz, Sam  (GWS Giants)
 Scully, Tom  (GWS Giants)
 Seedsman, Paul  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Selwood, Joel  (Geelong Cats)
 Selwood, Scott  (West Coast Eagles)
 Sexton, Alex  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Shaw, Heath  (GWS Giants)
 Shaw, Mason  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Shaw, Matt  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Shaw, Rhyce  (Sydney Swans)
 Shaw, Sam  (Adelaide Crows)
 Sheed, Dominic  (West Coast Eagles)
 Sheehan, Ciaran  (Carlton Blues)
 Shenton, Cameron  (St Kilda Saints)
 Sheppard, Bradley  (West Coast Eagles)
 Sheridan, Thomas  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Shiel, Dylan  (GWS Giants)
 Shiels, Liam  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Shuey, Luke  (West Coast Eagles)
 Sicily, James  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Sidebottom, Steele  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Siggins, Sam  (Adelaide Crows)
 Silvagni, Alex  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Simpkin, Jonathan  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Simpkin, Tom  (St Kilda Saints)
 Simpson, Dawson  (Geelong Cats)
 Simpson, Kade  (Carlton Blues)
 Sinclair, Ben  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Sinclair, Callum  (West Coast Eagles)
 Siposs, Arryn  (St Kilda Saints)
 Sloane, Rory  (Adelaide Crows)
 Smedts, Billie  (Geelong Cats)
 Smith, Archie  (Brisbane Lions)
 Smith, Ashley  (West Coast Eagles)
 Smith, Brodie  (Adelaide Crows)
 Smith, Clay  (Western Bulldogs)
 Smith, Clem  (Carlton Blues)
 Smith, Devon  (GWS Giants)
 Smith, Isaac  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Smith, Nick  (Sydney Swans)
 Smith, Zac  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Spangher, Matthew  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Spencer, Jake  (Melbourne Demons)
 Spurr, Lee  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Staker, Brent  (Brisbane Lions)
 Stanley, Danny  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Stanley, Rhys  (Geelong Cats)
 Stanton, Brent  (Essendon Bombers)
 Steele, Jack  (GWS Giants)
 Steinberg, Ariel  (Essendon Bombers)
 Steven, Jack  (St Kilda Saints)
 Stevens, Koby  (Western Bulldogs)
 Stewart, James  (GWS Giants)
 Stewart, Paul  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Stokes, Mathew  (Geelong Cats)
 Stratton, Benjamin  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Stretch, Billy  (Melbourne Demons)
 Stringer, Jake  (Western Bulldogs)
 Suban, Nicholas  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Suckling, Matthew  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Sumner, Liam  (GWS Giants)
 Sumner, Tim  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Sutcliffe, Cameron  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Swallow, Andrew  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Swallow, David  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Swan, Dane  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Sylvia, Colin  (Fremantle Dockers)
Back to Top
 Taberner, Matthew  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Talia, Daniel  (Adelaide Crows)
 Talia, Michael  (Western Bulldogs)
 Tape, Sebastian  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Tarrant, Robbie  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Tatupu, Shem  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Taylor, Harry  (Geelong Cats)
 Taylor, Lewis  (Brisbane Lions)
 Templeton, Eli  (St Kilda Saints)
 Terlich, Dean  (Melbourne Demons)
 Thomas, Dale  (Carlton Blues)
 Thomas, Josh  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Thomas, Lindsay  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Thomas, Matt  (Richmond Tigers)
 Thompson, Rory  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Thompson, Scott  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Thompson, Scott  (Adelaide Crows)
 Thurlow, Fraser  (Essendon Bombers)
 Thurlow, Jackson  (Geelong Cats)
 Tippett, Joel  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Tippett, Kurt  (Sydney Swans)
 Tomlinson, Adam  (GWS Giants)
 Toohey, James  (Geelong Cats)
 Toovey, Alan  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Toumpas, Jimmy  (Melbourne Demons)
 Towers, Dean  (Sydney Swans)
 Townsend, Jacob  (GWS Giants)
 Treloar, Adam  (GWS Giants)
 Trengove, Jack  (Melbourne Demons)
 Trengove, Jackson  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Tunbridge, Simon  (West Coast Eagles)
 Tuohy, Zach  (Carlton Blues)
 Turner, Kayne  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Tyson, Dom  (Melbourne Demons)
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 Unknown, Unknown  (Unknown )
Back to Top
 Van Berlo, Nathan  (Adelaide Crows)
 Vandeleur, Thomas  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Van Unen, Dylan  (Essendon Bombers)
 Varcoe, Travis  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Vardy, Nathan  (Geelong Cats)
 Vickers-Willis, Ed  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Vickery, Tyrone  (Richmond Tigers)
 Vince, Bernie  (Melbourne Demons)
 Viney, Jack  (Melbourne Demons)
 Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon  (Carlton Blues)
 Vlastuin, Nick  (Richmond Tigers)
Back to Top
 Waite, Jarrad  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Walker, Andrew  (Carlton Blues)
 Walker, Joshua  (Geelong Cats)
 Walker, Taylor  (Adelaide Crows)
 Wallace, Eric  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Wallis, Mitchell  (Western Bulldogs)
 Walters, Michael  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Ward, Callan  (GWS Giants)
 Warnock, Robert  (Carlton Blues)
 Waterman, Alec  (West Coast Eagles)
 Waters, Beau  (West Coast Eagles)
 Watson, Jobe  (Essendon Bombers)
 Watson, Matthew  (Carlton Blues)
 Watts, Jack  (Melbourne Demons)
 Watts, Josh  (Brisbane Lions)
 Webb, Lukas  (Western Bulldogs)
 Webster, Jimmy  (St Kilda Saints)
 Webster, Zac  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Weller, Lachlan  (Fremantle Dockers)
 Weller, Maverick  (St Kilda Saints)
 Wellingham, Sharrod  (West Coast Eagles)
 Wells, Daniel  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 West, Trent  (Brisbane Lions)
 Westhoff, Justin  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Whiley, Mark  (Carlton Blues)
 White, Jesse  (Collingwood Magpies)
 White, Matthew  (Port Adelaide Power)
 White, Simon  (Carlton Blues)
 White, Spencer  (St Kilda Saints)
 Whitecross, Brendan  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Whitfield, Lachie  (GWS Giants)
 Wigg, Harrison  (Adelaide Crows)
 Williams, Marley  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Williams, Zachary  (GWS Giants)
 Willsmore, Dallas  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Wilson, Blayne  (West Coast Eagles)
 Wilson, Nathan  (GWS Giants)
 Winderlich, Jason  (Essendon Bombers)
 Wines, Oliver  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Wingard, Chad  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Witts, Jarrod  (Collingwood Magpies)
 Wood, Cameron  (Carlton Blues)
 Wood, Easton  (Western Bulldogs)
 Wood, Mason  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Woodward, Alex  (Hawthorn Hawks)
 Wright, Matthew  (Adelaide Crows)
 Wright, Nathan  (St Kilda Saints)
 Wright, Peter  (Gold Coast Suns)
 Wright, Samuel  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
Back to Top
 Yarran, Christopher  (Carlton Blues)
 Yeo, Elliot  (West Coast Eagles)
 Young, Aaron  (Port Adelaide Power)
 Young, Clinton  (Collingwood Magpies)
Back to Top
 Zaharakis, David  (Essendon Bombers)
 Ziebell, Jack  (North Melbourne Kangaroos)
 Zorko, Dayne  (Brisbane Lions)
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